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Church School and Youth Activities for August

The youth will have church school August 2, 16, 23, and 30. No YOUTH church school on August 9.
In September, we will be back to our regular school year pattern pattern of youth church school meetings every Sunday except 1st Sundays, when youth are encouraged to remain in worship with their families. (There will be some exceptions to this pattern, advance notice is always given).

The CUCC Youth Group (7-12 graders) will meet from 12-2 for lunch and activities after church on August 2 and August 23. In September, we will return to our regular school year pattern of Youth Group meetings every 2nd and 3rd
Sunday from 12-2. On 5th Sundays, the youth group invites 5th and 6th graders to join in and share lunch and activities from 12-2.

August 14-15 is a creativity retreat for our rising seniors (Anna and Abby) at Cedar Cross Retreat Center, led by Santi Matthews and Margaret Hilpert.

Rising 7th and 8th and 9th grade youth (Carson, Jackson, R…

Good news from DRC

Remember Rev. Sandra Gourdet who visited our congregation on Palm Sunday as part of our All Things Congo series? She is the Disciples of Christ minister who works with Global Ministries on our behalf in the DRC. I just received this update (including photos) on progress in the construction of Bolenge Hospital, a pediatric hospital in the DRC. I believe Bolenge is near the large city of Mbandaka in the northwest wetlands area of the DRC. With so much sad news from our friends in the DRC, I wanted to share this bit of hope with you.

Community Connections: A quick survey

The Board of Deacons would like to hear your ideas about how we as a church can provide opportunities for members and guests to get to know each other outside of church. Please fill out this survey, adding your ideas as well! If you think you or other members of your family would be interested in one or more of these types of activities, please send your survey to the church office.

Church School Kickoff

Mark your calendar for August 23 when our children and youth start a new year in church school. If you have any questions about your child's class, talk to Anne Bailey (pre-, elementary, and middle schools) or Santi (high school). There is always something fun planned for the first day, so don't miss it! General church school information.

Campfire, singalong, & smores

Come to the CUCC patio at 8:00 pm on Saturday night, Aug. 15, to enjoy the evening and the glow of a campfire. Steve will lead us in camp songs and Jennifer is bringing the fixings for smores. If you have a favorite roasting stick, bring it along. Better yet, bring a friend or two or three!

Twitter is now being tested for church use

Want to share with EVERYBODY what you're doing or planning for CUCC? Try out the Twitter Chat that now appears on the front page of the CUCC website. Not for private info (obviously), but a good choice for a simple news blurb or comment about what you're doing or thinking that's church related.

Now you see them, now you don't

Great post on clothelines by Jane. My approach in MacGregor Downs (Cary) is a "now you see them, now you don't" one. I have ropes on an unused portion of our back deck at a level where they can't be seen when not in use. I also make heavy use of a trick suggested by Betsy Towler, i.e. a rod over the washer and dryer on which I use coat hangers to dry shirts and other things that easily fit on a hanger. Together with a small collapsible rack by the laundry room, I actually dry most loads indoors. This requires very little handling, and the heat in winter and AC in summer speeds the process. These tricks enable us to limit dryer use to maybe half a dozen times per year. (For 25 years at our previous house we didn't own a dryer.) I really enjoy drying clothes "the natural way".

Barb Pfaff, the friend who ran the lodge in Pindale WY where Jo and I always stayed (and who used clothelines for all the laundry for the lodge) once said, "Where do people thin…

Clotheslines, great neighbors, and humidity

Rep. Pricey Harrison sponsored a bill which would preclude municipalities for enacting ordinances against using an outdoor clothesline (neighborhood associations could still covenant against them). Unfortunately, the NC Senate Commerce Committee shot down her bill (see News and Observer editorial, "Hang ‘em high").

WRITE TO YOUR SENATOR TO MAKE YOUR OPINION HEARD. SEND A NOTE TO THE NEWS AND OBSERVER (click on "comments" at the editorial on the N&O webpage). Bans on clotheslines punish those who need to count their pennies and hurt the environment. Shouldn’t people be allowed to choose?

A few helpful hints after two years of experimenting
Which style? Umbrella style works well for us. I can fit three large loads on it and could hide undergarments in the center if our power goes out. We spent a bit more for a very sturdy pole (wet jeans and sheets are heavy) and haven’t regretted it. Another great feature: the pole can be removed from its soil-level base which has …

Coalition for Peace With Justice

(Posted at the request of Peggy Rafferty by way of Pastor Steve)
I have reconnected with the Coalition for Peace With Justice Chapel Hill and am happy to announce that UK free lance Journalist, Ben White will be speaking at Quail Ridge Books on Monday July 27th. He covers Palestine/Israel and the Near East. He is in America on a book tour. He has written a Primer on Apartheid and will Present that at Quail Ridge. Please join us on Monday, July 27, at 7:30 pm.

We greatly appeciate your support and your tremendous leadership in peace with justice issues.

Peggy Rafferty

Economic Justice resolution passes at General Synod

The following is excerpted from an email written by Rebecca Bowman Woods, June 30, 2009
Synod adopts economic justice covenant resolution General Synod delegates adopted the measure Tuesday morning....
Introducing the Economic Justice resolution was Seth Carey of First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn, Ill., who chaired Committee 2. He noted that the committee deleted specific examples of sustainable practices and instead asked that a task force, called for in the resolution, provide a list of those practices.