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Polly Gamble Obituary

Polly Gamble passed away on April 15. Polly was active in not only Community UCC but also its predecessor the United Church of Raleigh. Here is an excerpt from Polly's obituary ...

In 1959, Erling, Polly, and their daughters moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, where Polly made a dear friend in Lizzie W. Jobe (Mrs. Levi H. Jobe). To this day, Mrs. Jobe's granddaughter, Melissa Michos, is considered to be one of "the Gamble girls." Polly soon became active in the United Church of Christ (now Community United Church of Christ), the NCSU Graduate Student Wives organization which sponsored English classes for newly arrived wives of foreign graduate students, and the Girl Scouts. In the 1960's Polly was one of a group of ladies from the United Church who collaborated with ladies from other churches to help integrate Umstead/Reedy Creek Park by co-sponsoring a multi-racial Vacation Bible School in the park.

Lizzie Jobe and the events described in this excerpt play prominent…

Snacks for Habitat Build-a-Thon, a gathering, and a play

Adrienne Little shares these messages from Congregations for Social Justice.  She represents CUCC's Social Justice Ministry at their meetings.

1 -  Supplies Needed for Habitat Wake Build-a-Thon  from Margaret Albert   < >

Habitat Wake is hosting nearly 150 AmeriCorps volunteers the week of May 23-27 to build 4 homes in Wake County. We are asking area organizations if they can participate by providing needed supplies. Would your faith group be willing to have a drive to collect any of the following donations?
Supply List and where to deliver

2 - CSJ JustBeer from Al Reberg
        Thursday, April 28 - 5:00 PM
             My Way Tavern
             522  St. Mary's St.
My Way Tavern is one block south of Peace St, south from Broughton High School.  The staff is very welcoming.  Their food is good.

3 -  Join Adrienne and John Little at the Thursday evening performance.  They will be leaving from CUCC so contact them if you…

Habitat Build-a-thon supply list

The adjacent post mentions supplies needed for the Habitat for Humanity Build-a-thon.  Here is the list of items needed.

Dear CSJ members,
Habitat Wake is hosting nearly 150 AmeriCorps volunteers the week of May 23-­27 to build 4 homes in Wake County. We are asking area organizations if they can participate by providing needed supplies. Would your faith group be willing to have a drive to collect any of the following donations?

Bottled water, Gatorade (small bottles or dry mix packets)
Granola bars
Mini bags of cookies and chips
Small sized trail mix
Small packages of cheese crackers and peanut butter crackers
Fruit gushers
No perishable snacks (other than apples & dried fruit)

Cool packs
Cheap sunglasses & sweat bands
Rain ponchos

** Please drop off donations to the Fellowship Hall of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church at 2723 Clark Avenue,
Raleigh between 9 am -­ noon on May 23 -­ 25.

Thank you so much for considering these requests, and we appreciate …

Do churches have ethnicity?

At least since the 1920s there have been references to CUCC (or its predecessor the United Church of Raleigh) as a "liberal" church. While that has no doubt been an accurate characterization from a descriptive standpoint, is it a useful characterization from a strategic standpoint in the present era? David Brooks on April 12 offered a NY Times op-ed piece that tackles head-on the brokenness and general belligerence that characterizes the current political environment in which nobody appears to be very happy.

Americans have become worse at public deliberation ... They report being optimistic or pessimistic depending on whether their team is in power ...

We’re good at bonding with people like ourselves but worse at bridging with people unlike ourselves ...  With fewer sources of ethnic and local identity, people ask politics to fill the void. Being a Democrat or a Republican becomes their ethnicity. People put politics at the center of their psychological, emotional and even spi…

4th Annual Church-Wide Outdoor Event and Camp-Out

Saturday, April 30, 2016 at 3PM - Sunday, May 1 at 11:30AM
Umstead Park
Come one, come all for some or all of our time. If you don't want to camp, come for the evening! Or bring a side dish and come for activities and dinner!
SIGN-UP THIS WEEK on the board in the narthex, or by emailing Santi at

WHEN: Saturday April 30 at 3PM — Sunday May 1 at 11:30AM
WHERE: Camp CRABTREE in Umstead Park
experiential prayer stations
creative expression
camping in cabins
morning prayers in the park

Questions? Contact Santi Matthews (919) 961-8814 or

Camp Crabtree at William B. Umstead State Park is located 10 miles northwest of Raleigh off US 70. Take US 70 to the Umstead Park entrance. You will follow paved roads for 1 mile and then a dirt road for 2 miles (it feels longer than that). Take Umstead Parkway past the Visitor’s Center. Take a Left onto Maintenance Road and a Right onto Group Camp Road, follow Group Camp Road unti…

Children bag mounds of sweet potatoes

Many thanks to the 15 volunteers who were at The Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC on Saturday. Together with other walk-in volunteers, we bagged 7,500 pounds of sweet potatoes.  With an average meal weighing 1.19 pounds, we bagged enough food for 6,316 meals!  The potatoes will be delivered to families within two business days, so hungry families will benefit from our work this week.

The Food Bank has Kids' Days every second and forth Saturday from 2:00-4:00 and kids as young as five are welcome to volunteer with an adult.  For more information, check out their website at

-- submitted by Gray Woodard

Join Adrienne at the CSJ meeting

For months you've been reading Adrienne Little's posts from the Congregations for Social Justice listserv highlighting ways the faith community is coming together to work for justice.  Here's your chance to join Adrienne at the next CSJ meeting.

Congregations for Social Justice meeting announcement...
         Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - 8:30 AM
       St Mark’s Episcopal
       1725 N New Hope Rd
       Raleigh 27604
…Next to the Credit Union on the corner of New Hope Road and Corporation Parkway.

Click HERE for directions to St. Mark's.
Enter off New Hope Road between the Church and the Credit Union.
Enter off New Hope Road – drive past the Sanctuary and turn right.
We’ll meet in the Community Life Center.  Look for CSJ signs.

Our Speaker will be Shana Overdorf, the Executive Director at Partnership to Prevent and End Homelessness.

CSJ Mission Statement
“Congregations for Social Justice is a coalition of faith communities committed to advocating for public policies that create a…

Two places to show up where you can make a difference

Adrienne Little represents CUCC's Social Justice Ministry at Congregations for Social Justice.  These two community events could use your support.

1 -  Police Accountability Community Taskforce from Barbara Smalley-McMahan
        Tuesday, April 5th at 6:00 pm
         Raleigh City Hall
         222 W Hargett St.
The Police Accountability Community Taskforce will hold a public rally & press conference to ask Raleigh City Council members to hold public hearings on straightforward recommendations for an accountable, transparent & equitable Raleigh Police Department.  At 7 pm PACT will speak before the City Council during the time made available for comments from Raleigh residents.  Please click HERE and use the link to sign the petition asking for accountability, transparency and equality in Raleigh policing. Then turnout with friends & members of your congregation on Tuesday night for the 6 pm rally.  At 7 pm we’ll join PACT to deliver the petition to Raleigh City Council.