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An imagined dialog between Christians and Muslims

Did you ever wonder what an honest dialog between Christians and Muslims might sound like? Walter Russell Mead (who does have considerable expertise on the matter) constructed one recently. Below is a one paragraph excerpt which explains why he constructed the dialog, followed by a link to the hypothetical dialog. (Be prepared to laugh. When I take off my political correctness blinders, I find this a very amusing and informative exchange.)

Excerpt: Many and quite possibly most interfaith conversations are pretty mealy-mouthed and essentially useless. People engaged in these conversations often represent the more liberal wing of their respective religious traditions and they walk on eggshells in these conversations, working so hard not to say anything offensive that sometimes they don’t succeed in saying anything at all.

Bio of Walter Russell Mead (from Wikipedia):
Walter Russell Mead (bor…


This is a notice of a Special Meeting of theCongregation called by the Church Council to decide upon the use of a temporary lawn sign(s) to encourage voters to "Vote Against" Amendment One to our State Constitution on May 8, 2012. This brief meeting will be held after worship on Sunday, March 18. - posted for the Church Council

For newcomers & longtimers alike

"Christianity from a world religions point of view" - a three week soup & discussion series.
Read one section of Huston Smith’s The Soul of Christianity each week before coming. We’ll eat soup & bread, then talk about the section. RSVP to the church office or sign up on A Gathering of Friends bulletin board.

Night for State of Wonder discussion changes

We're still going to meet to talk about this excellent book by Ann Patchett, but our night has changed.  The new night is Monday, March 19.  Still 6pm.  Still soup provided.  Still bring bread, cheese, fruit or dessert to share.  Questions?  Call Jane Smith.