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Holy Week Worship

Maundy Thursday, March 20
6:30pm 100,000 Lights for Peace Vigil remembering 5th anniversary of the war in Iraq
Where: front lawn and patio, CUCC
Bring: a bell or other joyful noisemaker
7pm Maundy Thursday worship: Tennebrae, handwashing, communion
Where: CUCC sanctuary

Good Friday, March 21
9am-1pm Personal Devotions
Where: CUCC sanctuary

Easter Sunday, March 23
7am Community Sunrise worship
Where: West Raleigh Presbyterian Church, 27 Horne Street, outside
9am Taize' worship
Where: CUCC sanctuary
No Forum or Sunday Morning Bible Study today!
10:30am Main worship
Where: CUCC sanctuary
Bring: a flower for the Resurrection cross on the CUCC front lawn