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Save the Congo

Here's a story of interest about the Congo:

Mining for minerals fuels Congo conflict.

And a message forwarded by Kambale Musavuli, our speaker on October 19:


Dear friends,

Congo is once again at war: a militia group loyal to Laurent Nkunda who is wanted by the UN for war crimes and crimes against humanity but supported by the Kigali government; and the Congolese Army, have been raining heavy artilleries on each other for 2 months; and, as usual, senior citizen, women and children have been caught in between.

Thus far 200 000 have been displaced; schools, hospitals and churches looted and blown up and civilian death is estimated at around 180 000 (since August 28th alone).

The World Superpowers remain unwilling to act; the existing domestic mechanisms for the protection of civilians have totally collapsed; and the UN forces on the ground are ill equipped to decisively deter perpetrators.

But in-spite of this, we can still effect the situation positively, for, as history has shown us: the most heroic deeds that have thrilled humanity through generations have been deeds championed by small and often powerless people of the world.

And as redeemers and benefactors of humanity, we implore to you, on humanitarian ground, not to turn a blind eye to campaigns of sexual atrocities against women and young girls; violations of humanitarian law and basic human rights; the speed at which disease and conditions such as HIV AIDS and Fistula are spreading and the indiscriminate raining of artilleries that the people of the Congo have once again been indulged to.

Save the Congo has launched an online petition ­Save Our Souls: Stand For Peace, to gather signatures and present them to Prime Minister Gordon Brown on November 22nd in an effort to bring an end to the on-going military escalation.
We are aiming to gather a minimum of 5 000 signatures; and we implore you not to sit by: because evil only triumph when good men and women do nothing. Please do not allow evil to triumph in the Congo -- sign the petition on: and spread the word.

Thank you for your support,

Save The Congo Team