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Movie Night Resumes - Secrets and Lies, Jan. 22

Following a brief interruption, movie night returns with the acclaimed British Film (1996) "Secrets and Lies" which was nominated for 5 Oscars. There may be disagreement as to whether this film is accurately classed as a comedy, but it is uproariously funny at times. Others might claim, however, that its poignant insights into race and class issues put it on a different level from a movie that's simply funny.

This is the film that was cancelled in October because of the unexpected waxing of the floor in the fellowship hall. I had promised popcorn for the movie, so the showing on Jan. 22 provides an opportunity to deliver on that promise. So put the date on your calendar: 7:30 PM, January 22, in the fellowship hall for "Secrets and Lies." You're bound to enjoy it. Even though the film is entirely in English, the blue collar Cockney accents are pretty tough to follow in places. So we'll probably choose to show the English subtitles during the movie.