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Benefit concert - flood relief in WV and eastern NC, Nov. 19

Long-time friends of CUCC, Bill and Rosemary Pate (ASP team leaders), sent me this invitation to a concert to raise funds for those harmed by the flooding in West Virginia this summer and in eastern NC this month.

You are cordially invited to attend a special ASP event at First United Methodist Church, Cary the evening of Saturday, November 19th.  We are excited be hosting the musical group Alathea, who will be performing a concert for us that evening as we celebrate the great work of ASP and raise funds for flood relief in Rainelle, WV and in eastern North Carolina.  

If you have any questions or need additional information, feel call Dennis Hilton at 919.772.6950.

Alathea, "I'll Carry You"
Official ASP video

If you would prefer to get your hands busy making a difference, Bill and Rosemary are leading an adults-only working ASP weekend to WV December 4-9 and will be looking into possible ASP projects in eastern NC.  Here is their letter:

Dear Friends
We hope you are all well.  Here is information on the December ASP trip .  Please let us know if you would like to join us.  The group # for online registration is #5711. The volunteer fee is $80.  Scholarships are available.

                                    FLOOD RELIEF IN RAINELLE, WV

A group of volunteers traveled to WV to work on flood relief with The Appalachia Service Project October 20-23.  Sixteen inches of rain fell June 23 with the worst of the flooding happening at night.  Some residents had enough warning to move their cars.  The electricity in the town was soon gone and they waited in the pitch dark listening to fellow trapped residents cry for help.  A local kayaker struggled to evacuate to high ground people caught on roofs.  That night 26 people died and  many lost everything they owned .  Hundreds of homes were no longer habitable, roads were damaged, the library was decimated, the post office was made unusable.  Since then work has begun to repair homes that could be and to build new homes for families whose homes were destroyed. 
The level of hardship is hard to grasp.  It can be overwhelming even for a  volunteer/ visitor.  Four teams of volunteers from Christ The King were able to make significant repairs but more importantly they brought hope.  They let the people of Rainelle know that they are not forgotten even as the nightly news moves on to other stories.  CTK will send another team back to Rainelle December 4-9. For information contact Rosemary and Bill Pate 919 215 7426 or
 Soon our neighbors in Eastern North Carolina will need this same kind of sustained effort to rebuild .  Christ The King is now exploring options to help with this.

We look forward to serving with you.
Bill and Rosemary Pate
919 215 7426

- submitted by Jane Smith