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Conversations on Critical Issues

Sundays, September 30
9:15-10:15 a.m.
CUCC Hoffmann Room
Facilitated by Shirley Birt

Life is not always easy and the challenges keep coming; let’s join together for conversation and mutual support on three consecutive Sunday mornings. We’ll share our views and perspectives on critical issues in our common lives. This series is sponsored by the CUCC Economic Justice Task Force (EJTF) and Religious Education Ministry.

Sunday, September 23: Communicating in an Environment of Uncivil Discourse, Untruths and Separate Bubbles
Can we find common ground and a shared purpose in a divided country?

Sunday, September 30: How Democracies Die
There are no guarantees democratic governments will not fail. Some have. Is our democracy threatened? What do we want for our future?