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Volunteers needed to help clean up in Lumberton after Hurricane Florence

The Reverend Mac Legerton in Lumberton is a UCC pastor and long time friend. He ministers to the people of the Lumberton area and especially to the native American population there.  Mac says things are 100 times worse there than after Hurricane Matthew. At present he said people are pulling anything out of the houses they can that they are trying to salvage from the rampant mildew and storing the items at relatives homes, or storage buildings, etc.

Mac would welcome anyone anytime to help with house gutting.

Though there are still three major roads into Lumberton that are under water, you can get there and there is PLENTY to do.
At the moment, a CUCC effort to help is not organized, but if you are interested in going to help or in organizing an effort, please contact Pastor Jenny or Gary Smith.