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One-time volunteer opportunity and progress report

Dear friends:

Hurricane Florence has me in the house thinking about climate change and what we as a church are doing and need to do more.   First of all, I have been very thankful that there have been few deaths thus far, though the devastation in our state appears great.

Next, an update on some of our projects:

1.       We have had solar panels for almost three years now. They continue to do well, are generating 47% of our main building electricity, and saving us over $1000 per year for other CUCC ministries!
2.       We have been composting at CUCC for three months now, and many of you are making use of the bin for your home compost too.  Great!!  During that time, we have diverted ~1000 pounds of waste from landfills, and so have kept ~ 500 pounds of CO2 equivalents from the air!
3.       Pre-weatherization is a project where we enable low income families to have their homes weatherized by doing small repairs and removing debris from the house.  To date ~ 25 families have more efficient homes due to this work!!  We are scheduling another pre-weatherization for a date in October and are in need of help.  If you are interested, please contact Gary Smith (

Thanks to God for enabling these blessings.

Gary Smith, for the Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force