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CUCC Weekly eNews

In this week's eNews...

New opportunities keep popping up every day, so keep checking the CUCC Online Calendar.

Thursday, July 2
Deacons ministry
“Inspired” book study

Friday, July 3
Retirees’ Café  - Bill hosts

Saturday, July 4
Faithfully Uncomfortable begins
Conversation & Meditation
BYC kickoff

Sunday, July 5
Taizé worship and fellowship
Sunday Morning Bible Study - parables
All-ages, traditional worship & communion and fellowship
Caring Committee
BYC summer camp

Monday, July 6
BYC summer camp
Monday Lunch Group

Tuesday, July 7  
BYC summer camp
Office staff meeting
Website Team

Wednesday, July 8
BYC summer camp
Lectionary Lunch with Lacey
Choir practice
Carbon Neutral CUCC

Thursday, July 9
BYC summer camp
“Inspired” book study

Friday, July 10
Retirees’ Café – Bill hosts

Current COVID-19 needs in the community What you can do to help now
Other important news in this edition
Faithfully Uncomfortable 21-day journey starts July 4 – sign up today
Retirees’ Café every Friday in July
Back by popular demand:  two more weeks of Convers…
Recent posts

Faithfully Uncomfortable 21-day journey begins July 4 - sign up today

We are inviting you during this 21-day journey to choose one thing to watch, listen to, read or do each day from the resources found on this LINK. Faithfully Uncomfortable is an opportunity to learn about racial injustice and imagine racial equity by focusing on reading, watching, and listening to a variety of sources.  You choose the resources that interest you.

How to sign up
Once you have looked at these resources and decided to participate, please
fill out the contact info on the Faithfully Uncomfortable site andfill out this Google Form or send a message to Megan Fackler Bretz at by July 4, 2020. While you journey - Two opportunities to discuss
After worship on July 12 and July 26 you may join others at CUCC who are taking this challenge to discuss what you are learning during your 21 days.  We will send you the Zoom meeting information after you sign up on CUCC's form.

Westminster Presbyterian Church in Greensboro has designed this excellent opportunit…

Retirees' Cafe every Friday in July

Join host Bill Lamb for a drop in every Friday during July from 1-2PM. This is a continuation of the CUCC Cafes we have been having on Fridays for the past several months.  Let's laugh together, talk about your week, and catch up on news.

Contact Bill if you need the Zoom meeting ID (the same one we have been using for the Cafes).

Back by popular demand: 2 more weeks of Conversation and Meditation

In a Time of Uncertainty
July 4 and 11
on Zoom

Are you new to meditation and want some gentle support and resources?
Do you already practice meditation and want to share your experiences?
Would you enjoy a small group meditation for a few weeks?

Come once to try it, or plan to come each week.

Daniel Day, Buddhist and meditation practitioner will facilitate our Zoom gatherings as we explore together the Spiritual Practice of mindful meditation.

Contact Santi Matthews with questions or to receive the Zoom meeting information. Śānti will provide the Zoom meeting information.

Bring bread and wine* for communion at 10:30 worship

At Community UCC we practice an "open table," meaning that you do not have to be a member of our church to participate. You don't have to be baptized or have gone through a confirmation process. People of all ages are welcome, even our young children! The only pre-requisite is an open heart.
We believe that all people of faith are invited to join Christ at Christ's table for the sacrament of Communion. Just as many grains of wheat are gathered to make one loaf of bread and many grapes are gathered to make one cup of wine, we, the many people of God, are made one in the body of Christ, the church.

On July 5, at 10:30 worship, we will celebrate communion.  Bring wine and bread* - whether orange juice or Merlot, a slice of whole-grain or a gluten-free cracker - to worship services.  We will join in Christ's meal together.

Email the office to get the Zoom meeting information for worship.

Opportunity still open: Offer your story At Home with CUCC

May we “visit” your home via Zoom and learn about what you are doing to thrive in this time of exile? If your household would host a 15 minute slot on one of our three VBS Wednesday nights please contact Santi Matthews at by Sunday, July 5.
How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?  During this time of exile, of COVID, and of racial justice, how have you managed to “sing the Lord’s song?”
Have you planted gardens and eaten what they produce? Have you tried a new recipe?Are you seeking the welfare of the city where you are in exile? Have you sewn masks? Have you protested against racism?What are you doing for fun? Are you playing a new game or practicing an artform?How are you nurturing your spiritual growth?Are there lessons or new patterns of living that you want to hold onto and could share with others in our faith community?
Please indicate whether your sharing falls most naturally under the category of:
Fellowship (games, storytelling, etc.)Educa…

Pray for our youth "at" summer camp starting Sunday

Summer brings the annual joy of BYC, the multi-church youth camp which CUCC's youth attend.  This year's camp brings the challenge of virtual gathering, but our youth are undaunted and will attend BYC virtually.

Please pray daily for the BYC youth and adult leaders that this be a time of spiritual richness and renewal, of friendship and fun.   Sunday, July 5 through Thursday, July 9

This Sunday, July 5, we will commission the youth and adults from CUCC.  This is what we will pray together; you might use this prayer for them during the week.

Gracious God, we pray that in their BYC camp experience, these 12 youth and adults will create a community of inclusion, hospitality, and hope for all participants to grow in their identity as beloved people of God. We pray that they will have opportunities to open themselves to your presence, to experience you, and to deepen their knowledge of you in their lives. And we pray that they may bring their transformative experiences back t…

Drawn to cups of cold water?

Did Pastor Lacey's invitation to "give a cup of cold water" make you wonder how you could do this for folks at CUCC having difficult and joyful times?

CUCC's Caring Committee mobilizes us to respond in practical ways to the needs and milestones of CUCCers.  With COVID-19 keeping us physically apart, their work is especially welcome.  If you would like to explore how you might help, come to the Caring Committee Zoom meeting Sunday, July 5, 1-2PM.

Contact Robert Parrish to ask questions or to get the Zoom meeting information.

Help provide groceries or meals for a friend in sanctuary in Raleigh

Eliseo Jimenez has been in sanctuary at Umstead Park UCC since October 2017!  CUCC members have helped host Eliseo almost since the beginning.  He is a wonderful man in a horrible situation.

We now have opportunities to help in two new ways.  Both are in rotations with other committed group:

Shop for his weekly groceries.  CUCC can have a slot in the 7 week rotation starting after July 27 to purchase groceries for Eliseo and bring them to him.Drop off a meal or take-out on Saturdays.  This is just starting.  Eliseo’s two children are usually with him on the weekends, so this would provide a lovely meal for the family together.
If you are interested in being part of either of these opportunities (or other ways to help Eliseo), please contact Gary Smith (

From CUCC's Do Justice Ministry

Life & Faith takes a vacation

With so many wonderful things happening at CUCC in July -

the 21-day Faithfully Uncomfortable challenge
At Home with CUCC (VBS for all ages)
Lectionary Lunches with Lacey
the Co-Bid 19 Auction
Conversation & Meditation
Sunday Bible study of the parables

- let's take July off and get back together August 4.

Jane Smith, Life & Faith time keeper,

Carbon Neutral CUCC - July 8

We're still figuring out what to include in our carbon neutral goal, how to calculate things, and how to take practical short term steps while aiming big .. which means this is a great time for you to be part of the discussion.

July 8, 7:30PM, on Zoom

To get the Zoom meeting information, contact Gary Smith

Free resources for you in COVID-time from the UCC

The Southern Conference of the UCC has been offering free, weekly webinars, a prayer line, and spiritual practice ideas on a wide variety of topics, many addressing racial justice and the stresses of living during COVID-19.

To find out what is coming up, subscribe to the Southern Conference e-News.

For example, free opportunities in this week's email:
Celebration of Stonewall and LGBT+Pride:  Monday night, June 29th, at 6:30 PM, Life's Journey UCC will host a special celebration of LGBT+ Pride and of the significance of Stonewall at our Social Justice meeting on Zoom.

Conference Call-in Prayer Line is available to ALL weekly:   Beginning April 27, persons can call any of three chaplains anytime on Mondays through Thursdays between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm.

America on Fire! A racial equity conversation:  A three-part series led by Rev. LaShauna Austria, Southern Conference Minister for Racial Equity and Justice (available as a recording).

Spiritual Practice and Self-Care Corner:  A diff…

Supporting CUCC's work financially moves online in a big way

Now that COVID-19 has challenged us to explore all aspects of being the church while being out of the building, our tools for handling donations and payments have blossomed.  Here's a quick review.

You can still mail checks to the office toward your pledge, for special service projects, and to pay for things we order for you. Remember to put the purpose of your gift in the memo line.  Mail to:  Assistant Treasurer, CUCC, 814 Dixie Trail, Raleigh, NC  27607

Grab your phone and text to give.  How do we know the purpose of your gift?  You add one of the key words.  Text the amount and a key word to 919-888-4541.  (Example:  Texting 50 pastor begins the process of donating $50 toward the pastor's discretionary fund to assist people experiencing financial hardship. The first time you text to give you will then be asked to add your credit card or bank information.  After that, the processor remembers your information.)  Current key words are:

Key words for donations
  _______- no key…

In this week's eNews...

New opportunities keep popping up every day, so keep checking the CUCC Online Calendar.

Thursday, June 25
CUCC Café –Śānti hosts
“Inspired” book study

Friday, June 26
CUCC Café  - Bill hosts

Saturday, June 27
Braver Angels workshop

Sunday, June 28
Taizé worship and fellowship
Sunday Morning Bible Study - parables
All-ages, traditional worship and fellowship
Do Justice ministry with guest Jordyne Krumroy
Youth Sunday School

Monday, June 29
Monday Lunch Group

Tuesday, June 30
Office staff meeting
CUCC Café – Bill hosts

Wednesday, July 1
Lectionary Lunch with Lacey

Thursday, July 2
Deacons Ministry
“Inspired” book study

Friday, July 3
Retirees’ Café – Bill hosts

Current COVID needs in the community What you can do to help now
Other important news in this edition
What’s up with the parables?
What Makes a Sustainable Community and Why It Matters?
Faithfully Uncomfortable 21-day journey starts July 4 – sign up today
Makeover for CUCC Cafes
A special thank you from Pastor Lacey
Do you have something to don…

What's up with the parables?

Jesus’s parables are both familiar and strange.  If you have ever felt puzzled—even disturbed—by the lectionary reading, take heart:  scholars Amy-Jill Levine and John Dominic Crossan think that Jesus intended his teaching stories to have that effect.  Up for the challenge of engaging these enigmatic stories?  Please join us in the 9:30 Sunday Morning Bible Study Zoom sessions.

June 28  Robert Parrish will lead a study on the Parable of the Sower.  The scripture text is Matthew 13:1-23.

Here is the outline for the discussion from Robert.

I. Description of the Farming Regions of Israel
II. Our Formation From Dust (Gen 2:7)
III.Reading of Parable (Matthew 13:1-23)
IV.Insights and Questions About Parable
A. Those who don’t Hear- teachers of the law and religious leaders of Jesus’ time Matthew 13:19)-(Matthew 12:35-42)  (Isaiah 44:18)
*Where in our society are the ethics of God not heard or understood?
                B.  Rocky soil-There is no spiritual Growth
                       1.  …