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In this week's eNews...

New opportunities keep popping up every day, so keep checking the CUCC Online Calendar .   December 6, 2020 edition Thursday, December 3 Website Team Deacons Ministry Advent Book Study Friday, December 4 Retirees’ Café Saturday, December 5 Conversation and Meditation Sunday, December 6 Taizé worship , then fellowship Sunday Morning Adult Bible study –  Acting on Faith 10:30 Worship with communion , then fellowship Caring Committee Monday, December 7 Monday Lunch Group Tuesday, December 8 Advent Tuesday:  Gingerbread Open House Wednesday, December 9 Compost emptied Tai Chi Lectionary Lunch with Lacey Choir Thursday, December10 Farm to Church CSA Advent Book Study Friday, December 11 Retirees’ Café    Other important news in this edition Bring bread and wine for Advent 2 (Peace) - December 6, 10:30 worship This week’s Advent gift recommendation is… Advent Tuesday this week is… What does it mean to explore the Bible in community? Come to farm to church CSA next steps    December 10 Wear
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Advent Book Study Starts Thursday, Dec. 3 at 7:00pm!

Join us on Zoom Thursday, Dec. 3 from 7-8pm for the first session of our Advent book study. We are reading The First Christmas: What the Gospels Really Teach About Jesus's Birth by Marcus J. Borg, John Dominic Crossan. Our study will last for three weeks: December 3, 10, and 17. Email Pastor Lacey for the Zoom information, All are welcome!

Bring bread and wine for Advent 2 (Peace) - December 6, 10:30 worship

We light the second candle (purple) on our at-home Advent candles. At 10:30 worship we will take communion together.  Bring something to eat and drink, whether orange juice or Merlot, a slice of whole-grain or a gluten-free cracker.   At Community UCC we practice an "open table," meaning that you do not have to be a member of our church to participate. You don't have to be baptized or have gone through a confirmation process. People of all ages are welcome, even our young children! The only pre-requisite is an open heart. We believe that all people of faith are invited to join Christ at Christ's table for the sacrament of Communion. Just as many grains of wheat are gathered to make one loaf of bread and many grapes are gathered to make one cup of wine, we, the many people of God, are made one in the body of Christ, the church.

This week's Advent gift recommendation is...

For Advent Week 2 (Peace) we invite you to donate to InterAct of Wake County For more information, talk to Charles Coble or Dawn Koonce who co-chair CUCC's Community Outreach Ministry,

Advent Tuesday this week is...

Gingerbread Open House Sharing our gingerbread houses December 8, 5-6PM All ages (definitely) Zoom information will be in your Saturday Zoom email or contact the office (M-TH) at Read more about Advent Tuesdays here

What does it mean to explore the Bible in community?

There is collective wisdom among us. We can learn so much about God, life, and faith through listening to one another's perspectives on the Bible. Every Wednesday, a small group of us, along with Pastor Lacey, gather on Zoom at 1:00pm to look at the lectionary scriptures ahead of Sunday. Our conversations are open and full of questions. We challenge each other to think critically about the text and consider various perspectives. We always leave with a deeper understanding of God and our fellow church members. This meeting is open to anyone who wants to join.  Look for the link in the Saturday email or email Pastor Lacey for more information,

Come to farm to church CSA next steps - December 10

In her sermon on Sunday, Pastor Lacey mentioned our new exploration of whether CUCC might be part of a CSA (a kind of buying group) connecting black farmers to local congregations. If this sounded interesting to you, come to the meeting Thursday, December 10th at 5pm. The 10 congregations who have committed so far will meet with staff at RAFI-USA and a farmer from the RAFI network.  We will move forward in creating the Wake County Farm-to-Church CSA! Here, we'll focus on several things: Offering a brief overview of what the Farm-to-Church Project is and how it's currently shaping up Introducing and connecting all churches involved with one another, as well as with our farmer and RAFI-USA staff Answering questions and clarifying some key details Establishing a timeline for: full commitment, drafting the CSA purchase agreement(s), payment schedules, planting timeline, and share delivery logistics Join us if you are interested. Register here for the Zoom meeting . For more informa

Wear a costume for the Christmas Pageant December 13

Guess what? A series of miracles happened and we still get to enjoy our treasured tradition of a CUCC Christmas pageant this year, but in a special new way! And YOU get to join in the fun! Come to worship on December 13, ready to enjoy a new version of the Christmas Story Everyone is invited to wear a costume (come as one of the Holy Family, an angel,  innkeeper, shepherd, sheep, cow, camel, sloth, owl, wise person, or lobster) and be ready to introduce yourself and your character during our Children’s Message. Then as the video recording of the youth led pageant rolls, join in from home in whatever way you want.  Contact Śānti Matthews with any questions you have at     A big giant thank you goes out especially to Josephine Thomas, Chelsea Huber, Carson Roach-Howell, Heather Burkhardt, and the 17 youth who made our pageant filming day a miraculous success! Another extra thank you goes out to Chelsea for all the post production and editing work she did on the

Did a new child or teen come into your family in 2020? Let's celebrate!

Fill out form , then email photo Each year CUCC celebrates the new children who have come into our lives by birth, adoption and marriage.  Whether the new child/teen is your child, sibling, grandchild, cousin, niece/nephew or godchild, we want to thank God for the new person in your family. The 2020 "Children We Love" celebration will be held January 10 during 10:30 Zoom worship when we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus.   To include your 2020 children/teens in the celebration, fill out this form AND submit a photo to Amanda Jost.  Deadline is January 2.   Because this year we are worshiping on Zoom and not in the sanctuary, we are asking you to confirm with the child's parents that sharing the photo and information during worship is okay with them.  We do not record the services to share them later online.   You are welcome to invite the entire family to join you for worship January 10; let me know if you have invited anyone so I recognize them in the Zoom Waiting Room. -

Helping those at CUCC in difficult financial times

Joan McAllister still has some masks available for those who donate at least $50 to CUCC's Pastor's Discretionary Fund.  The fund assists people within and beyond CUCC in times of financial crisis. Joan's masks are handmade, cloth face mask - form fitting, comfortable, washable, unique. Make your donation by mailing a check to "CUCC" with "mask" in the memo line. 814 Dixie Trail, Raleigh, NC  27607 Order your mask by emailing me at

We're still collecting blankets

You can still drop off a new or gently used blanket at Community UCC.  Our Community Outreach ministry will deliver them to The Women's Center for those women who are sleeping outside this winter.  If your blanket is gently used, please wash it first. After November 29 until December 11, drop off your blanket:  Under the overhang at the courtyard door to the narthex. In the Vaughan Fellowship Hall just inside the Dixie Trail door. (Follow all safety guidelines, even if you are only peeking your head in the VFH.  Wear a mask, use the hand sanitizer, wipe off the doorknob.)

In this week's eNews...

New opportunities keep popping up every day, so keep checking the CUCC Online Calendar .   November 26, 2020 edition Thursday, November 26 Thanksgiving Day Friday, November 27 Final day to order gingerbread house kit Retirees’ Café Saturday, November 28 Conversation and Meditation Sunday, November 29 Taizé worship , then fellowship Sunday Morning Adult Bible study –  Acting on Faith 10:30 worship , then fellowship Advent Pop Up Event Monday, November 30 Monday Lunch Group Tuesday, December 1 Advent Tuesday:  Baby’s First Christmas Pastoral Relations Committee Life & Faith Wednesday, December 2 Compost bin emptied Tai Chi Staff meeting Hand and Foot Lectionary Lunch with Lacey Wednesday Evening Bible Study Thursday, December 3 Deacons Ministry Advent Book Study Friday, December 4 Retirees’ Café Other important news in this edition Advent at Community UCC Bring your Advent candles to worship November 29 Last day to request your gingerbread house kit   November 27 Retirees’ Café is m

Advent at Community UCC

We wait together for the coming and coming again of the Christ. Printable version of calendar of events for Advent here   Printable version of Advent event descriptions here Printable version of Advent candle liturgy here

Bring your Advent candles to worship November 29

Printable Advent Candle liturgy here for your use during the week  

Last day to request your gingerbread house kit is November 27

Building your gingerbread house for the tour Gingerbread House Tour - an Advent event December 8, 5:15-6:00pm on Zoom Gingerbread House Kit order and tour entry deadline November 27 Gingerbread House Kit pick up date November 29, 5-6PM at the Advent Pop Up CUCC grounds ( Drop off your blanket donation , put your turkey carcass in the compost, and bring an outside-safe ornament for the CUCC Christmas tree.  Wear your mask.) Our Zoom tour of candy/cookie homes is December 8, so gingerbread house building runs now thru December 8. Would you like to be on the tour of homes? Contact Susan Atkinson.   Would you like a gingerbread house starter kit? Contact Susan A  Deadline to get a kit and/or enter the tour to show off your creation is Nov 27.  Pick up your kit at our in person Advent Pop Up on church grounds Nov 29 from 5-6pm. (More info on this special start to the advent season coming soon in the eNews AND check your actual mailbox!) Gingerbread house FAQ with long answers for your inspi