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Bridge Pastor Search Committee

The Bridge Pastor Search Committee is hard at work.  Please be in prayer for them as they receive candidate profiles, interview, and discern who will serve as our bridge pastor.

Autumn Cobeland
Tim Jensen
Joanna Woodrum
Morgan Singletary
Betty Anne Ford
Beth Allison-Moon, chair
Recent posts

June 22 is Love Your Search Committee Day

Rev. Mandy Mizelle to preach June 23 and 30

We welcome Rev. Mandy Mizelle to the pulpit the next three Sundays, June 23rd, 30th, and July 7th, during 10:30AM all-ages worship.  Rev. Mizelle is a Chaplain at UNC Healthcare and served previously as Associate Pastor at Pilgrim UCC in Durham.

Saying farewell to Pastor Jenny

Our last Sunday with Pastor Jenny Shultz-Thomas was a day for celebration of our ministry together and a time to show our love to Jenny, Shannon, and their children.

Enjoy a photo story of the celebration
Sing along with the Ode to Jenny
Read the Dedication of the Jenny Tree

Update on Śānti

Śānti is recovering well from her surgery on Saturday.  She says that she is feeling the prayers of the church and welcomes your continued prayers and cards (her mailing address is in Breeze, our online directory).  At this point, no visits or phone calls, please; she needs to rest.  Śānti promises to let us know if, in a few weeks, she and Matt need meals or other more tangible signs of our love for her.
Being Śānti, she also wanted to let everyone know that the Oaxaca team is doing well.  God provided an abundance of adults for the team and they are stepping up so that things roll smoothly. The youth are, of course, wonderful!  Daily curriculum and events were planned down to the smallest detail, and Śānti's bag of surprises and resources made it on the plane. The Witness for Peace team in Oaxaca has contacted Śānti to reassure her that the group is doing really well.
Jane Smith is serving as contact person for Śānti.  If you have any questions, contact Jane (smithjeg@mindspring.c…

Where is Joan?

The Oaxaca Team arrived safely.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Look below for the first Joan McAllister's "travels" with the team.  She won this "trip" in the Oaxaca silent auction.

Yard sale raises money for youth room carpet

The recent church yard sale netted $1,200 towards the $1,700 cost of installing carpet in the youth room. 

The yard sale team will be looking for ways to raise the final $500 so that our youth room is attractive and welcoming!

Thank you to all who donated items and worked at the sale.

Independence, Interdependence - Life & Faith June 18

Work, family, friendships, church - are you drawn more to independence or interdependence?  What makes it possible for you to put aside your own interests for the sake of the group?  To define healthy boundaries?  Examples in church life abound:  pledging money, committing to serve in a regular role, showing up for worship when you'd rather sleep in, becoming a sign-on-the-dotted-line member.  Where in your life are you wrestling between the freedom of independence and the community of interdependence?

Drop in for questions, conversation, laughter and friendship at Life & Faith.  We'll riff on these questions inspired by David Brooks' new book "The Second Mountain: The Quest for the Moral Life."  [Ironic note:  "Drop in" - wow, that is a choice of words on the side of independence.]

Where:  table with the red Life & Faith comma at Wilson's Eatery, 1053 E Whitaker Mill Rd, Raleigh
When:  Tuesday, June 18, 6:30pm to order your dinner or beverage…

Comments on our shared ministry with Pastor Jenny

Read how Ellen Beidler and Śānti Matthews described our shared ministry with Pastor Jenny (see links below).  These eloquent and from-the-heart comments were part of our farewell worship service with Pastor Jenny, June 9.  Our worship included the ritual of release from covenant ministry, sending Pastor Jenny with our love to where God is calling her and affirming our continued ministry together at CUCC.

Worship Bulletin for June 9, 2019
Ellen's reflection
Śānti's reflection

Share Your Memories with Jenny

Share Your Memories with Jenny As Jenny leaves for the next step on her journey, please join fellow CUCCers in sharing past memories with her.Sign the scrapbook, share a picture, a drawing, a poem, etc., that reminds you of the time we spent with Jenny.The scrapbook is on a table in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall.Please sign it by June 16, as that will be Jenny’s last Sunday with us.

Prayers Requested for the Upcoming Oaxaca Mission Trip

Upcoming Oaxaca Mission Trip

The Youth and their sponsors will soon be leaving for their mission trip to Oaxaca, Mexico.Please pray for them as they prepare for their trip and continue to pray for them as they represent our church to the villagers of Oaxaca.We have an awesome group of youth and they will represent us well. The team will be gone from June 15 - June 25.

Flower Power Shower

On June 8 or 9 bring your temporarily potted blooms to dress up our courtyard with a precipitation of periwinkle, a tsunami of celosia, or any bounty of blossoms you’d like to tuck into the pine straw. (Drop them off straight from the store if you like). The courtyard will be all dressed up for our special June 9 and 16 Sundays. We’ll water them during the week. Take yours home June 16.

Questions?  Contact Susan Atkinson.

Robert Parrish in musical Pippin

Robert Parrish has been cast to participate in the musical Pippin. It will be performed at the Raleigh Little Theatre, 301 Pogue St, Raleigh, from May 31 through June 16. Buy them online or from the box office at 919-821-3111. Group sales are also available from the box office. 
Pippin is part of the RLT Sutton Series.
Show Times:
Thursdays-Saturdays at 8:00pm
Sundays at 3:00pm
Ticket prices (including taxes):
Adults: $28
Students/Seniors: $24
First Sunday: $15 for all
Seniors are age 62 and up. Students are through college.


Vandy is downsizing and moving to Durham to be closer to her family.  So: "My chaos is your chance for great stuff! Everything from floral design items (of course) to midcentury modern 3-cushion sofa and Danish teak wall system to early 20th c umbrella stand w/ coat hooks and mirror, lots of BOOKS and A BUNCH of vinyl LPs; kitchenware, bedding...much more!" 8:30am - 1:30pm ALL INSIDE - RAIN OR SHINE Vandy Bradow: 4233 Laurel Ridge Drive, Raleigh, NC  27612 If you come after 1:30, I may be crazy but will not shut the door!😊