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Palm Sunday Virtual Worship at CUCC

Both Taizé  and All-ages Worship will be livestreamed for Palm Sunday.   See below for Order of Worship, directions to make your palm leaf, and First Sunday Food Bag $.
UPDATE (Saturday, April 4, 11AM):  Zoom is now requiring that all "meetings" have a password for entry.  CUCCers will receive the new entry information (ID, url, password) late Saturday by email. The email includes a few important directions, so do not skim, please.  If you are a visitor and are interested in joining us for worship, please email the church office
Taizé Worship
Print a copy of the Order of Worship

All-ages Worship
Followed by fellowship in the Zoom worship space until noon
Print a copy of the Order of Worship with hymns   small print large print

Bring your palm - homemade or a leaf from your garden to Virtual Worship: How to make a palm leaf.
Bring rhythm instruments (especially for children and children-at-heart) to play and sing with Anne Moorman-…
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This week at CUCC...

New opportunities keep popping up every day, so keep checking the CUCC Online Calendar.  Everything you need to know about joining these events is found in the description on the calendar.  If you like to have a printed calendar, print this post (after you click READ MORE).

A letter from Megan and the CUCC Council:  CUCC building closure extended, your role at Virtual CUCC 

Thursday, April 2
CUCC Café  6:30PM
Deacons Ministry

Friday, April 3
Worship practice
CUCC Café 

Saturday, April 4
Table for 6 

Sunday, April 5 Palm Sunday
Taizé worship
Do Justice Ministry
Entering the Passion
All-ages worship and fellowship
Caring Committee
Youth Group

Monday, April 6
Monday Lunch Group
CUCC Café 
Table for 6

Tuesday, April 7
Office staff meeting
CUCC Café   
Life & Faith

Wednesday, April 8
Moderating team check-in

Thursday, April 9
Table for 6

Other important news in this edition
Make your palm for Palm Sunday worship
Idea from Amanda:  Try a worship journal
First …

CUCC building closure extended, your role at Virtual CUCC - a letter from Megan & Council

March 30, 2020

Dear Friends,

In the interest of caring for ourselves and our community, at our meeting on March 26. 2020, CUCC Council voted to continue our building closure through May 15, 2020. As the situation with COVID-19 unfolds, we have the flexibility to change this date as needed. Council feels that the best course of action is to follow the public school closure timeline. Our facilities will remain closed to both congregants and community until further notice. We will continue our ministry in our virtual space and through a new definition of community in the coming days and weeks.

Council discussed multiple opportunities for all of us to “be the church.”  Consider the following  suggestions:

Care for the building: Merrilee is spearheading  “cabin fever” worktimes She has a list of projects that can be conquered by individuals or families and can be a great break from being home while helping your church family in a safe way.

Be a financial steward: We still have bills to pay a…

European CUCCers drop into first CUCC Cafe

What a delight to see Deb and Todd Lipman who appeared in Zoom for our first CUCC Cafe! We were able to catch up on their Alpine adventures and exchange family news.  They inspired us to reach out to distant CUCC folks to invite them to join us, too.

Why don't you drop in at the CUCC Cafe to say hello?  Each weekday from 1-2PM, a genial host will greet you.  No agenda.

(Remember to check for what is behind you before you turn on your camera!)

This is a public gathering and anyone is welcome who comes in a spirit of friendship.

For more information, contact Bill Lamb, host scheduler and all-around CUCC Cafe fount of knowledge.

Find the Zoom Meeting information for that day on the CUCC Online Calendar.

Need help with Zoom?

The CUCC ZOOM Help Desk is ready to take your calls so you can join us at worship this Sunday morning.

Use Breeze to look up the phone numbers of these delightful ZOOM wizards.

Thursday, April 2, 7-8 PM     Lei Covington
Thursday, April 2, 8-10 PM     Bill Gretsch
By appointment   Bill Lamb
By appointment  Lavon Page

Palm Sunday Virtual Worship April 5

Both Taizé  and All-ages Worship will be livestreamed for Palm Sunday.  The Zoom Meeting IDs will be posted on our website and emailed to you on Saturday so you can print your Order of Worship (with hymns) in advance.

Taizé Worship

All-ages Worship
Followed by fellowship in the Zoom worship space

Bring your palm - homemade or a leaf from your garden to Virtual Worship. (See Santi's video below on how to make your palm leaf.) Pastor Carol is preaching.   (Instead of sharing communion today, we will celebrate it on Easter Sunday, April 12.)

First Sunday Food Bag is today.  Why not make your financial gift to Urban Ministries Food Pantry AND to CUCC during the offering?

Need help with Zoom?
Talk to the CUCC Zoom Help Desk.

FAQs about privacy
At CUCC we welcome everyone to worship, whether in a sanctuary or online. We will not be recording the service and putting it online for later viewing.You decide whether to turn on your camera (camera icon, bottom le…

Do Justice working on ways to serve during pandemic

If you would like to participate in this conference call, contact Gary Smith

Anyone can bring their ideas and energy to this monthly advocacy planning meeting. Do Justice Ministry researches injustice and provides ways for CUCC's people to be involved in systems change.  Do Justice enfolds our commitment to economic justice.  Current projects are a central location for CUCCers to post ways to help in the community and bail bond reform and immigration (especially sanctuary).  If there is an injustice about which you are passionate, bring it to this group and work on it together.

For more information about Do Justice Ministry, contact co-chairs Gary Smith or Mike Soboeiro

Life & Faith - Lenten Check In

What we believe and how we live day-to-day are intersecting in totally new ways these days.  Who knew a major spiritual practice for Lent would end up being staying connected during social distancing?

We’ll gather via ZOOM on Tuesday, April 7, from 7-8PM.  I’ll be there to be time keeper and keep the conversation rolling.  As always, friends are welcome.

If you have not yet used Zoom, allow yourself some time before the meeting to either follow the instructions if you use the url to join,  or get the Zoom Cloud Meetings app for your phone. 

Join Zoom Meeting
Zoom Meeting ID  568-713-636
Telephone  1-646-558-8656

Helpful hint… if you are eating while we meet, put your computer or phone at least 2 feet from your mouth or we will hear every crunch and yum.

Bring a sense of humor and forgiveness as I fumble along with technology that is new to me.  It will be wonderful to see your smiling faces!

Jane Smith

What is Life & Faith?

Make your palm for Palm Sunday worship

On Sunday during 10:30 worship, Śānti  showed us how to make our own palms to bring to this week's Palm Sunday service.

Here are quick instructions.

Draw a large oval leaf from a piece of paper - construction or any paper.  You get a bigger leaf if you draw it diagonally across the paper.

Cut out the leaf.

Fold the leaf in half along the stem line.

Make small accordion folds diagonally across the leaf, beginning at the stem and working toward the tip.

Unfold the leaf.  If you want, you may also cut between the crinkle fold lines to make a shaggy leafed palm.

Idea from Amanda: Try a worship journal

Does anyone else write notes during the worship service?  I have done this for many years.  My notes help me remember to look up a song I want to hear again, look up a book or author that was mentioned during the service, remember something I want to think about from the sermon, or just lets me express a thought or feeling.  I used to write these on pew bulletins but now that we are in a phase of virtual church, I’ve decided to keep a notebook for this purpose.  Last Sunday I wrote a note to remember to make a palm for next week (demonstrated by Śānti during the Children’s Talk) and to remember to go outside today (prompted by Tony’s Six Questions).  I would love to know if anyone else keeps notes like this or intends to try it out. Rather than pulling me away from the service, taking brief notes makes me feel more present.

Amanda Jost, a member of the CUCC Virtual Worship team

First Sunday Food Bag $

The Urban Ministries food pantry is continuing to serve our neighbors with food bags.  However, they request we make online ($) donations instead of bringing a bag of food - for the safety of the recipients, the UM staff, and the donors.

Donate here
For more information, contact Joe Retzer.

RSVP by April 2 for Tables for 6


Last week's intimate dinners for 6 via Zoom were a success so, by popular demand, we are scheduling another round.

We have two "Tables" planned for next week -  both dinners - spread throughout the week.  Sign up for one that suits you before Thursday night, April 2.  By email we'll send you directions for how you can "join" your table using Zoom.  Bring your food to your computer and settle in for an hour of friendship and conversation with five others from CUCC.  Please sign up with a spirit of adventure - you know how technology can be....

Sign up for a Table for 6 here  (reservations are now closed) There are TWO pages to the sign up process - don't forget to go to the bottom to submit the second one.

Here's a repeat of the previous description:
When my dad lived in Maryland, Gary and I would join him for dinner every so often, him in Maryland and us in Raleigh.  We'd fill our plates, pour a glass of wine (sometim…

6 ?s from Pastor Tony's sermon

During his sermon on Sunday, Pastor Tony offered us time to consider some of the Six Daily Questions to Ask Yourself in Quarantine by Brooke Anderson.  Thanks to the magic of the Chat box and your requests, the CUCC Virtual Worship team shares the link with you for your use this week.

Here is the text of Pastor Tony's sermon, "A Place to Stand."

Holy Saturday Meditation April 11

Religious Education Ministry is working with Daniel Day to provide a Holy Saturday meditation experience. This may be a collaborative conversation and group meditation as a Zoom meeting, it may be a pre-recorded meditation, or it may be a conference call format. Either way, next week's CUCC Weekly eNews will give you all the details you’ll need in order to practice the spiritual discipline of meditation on Holy Saturday, April 11.

How to join Taizé and all-ages worship March 29

Both our Taizé and all–ages worship services will be livestreamed using Zoom.  We invite you to join us wherever you are. Bring a spirit of flexibility and curiosity as we learn together to worship live yet not in person.

Taizé Worship 9:00-9:30AM Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID  472877526
All-ages Worship 10:30-11:30AM followed by fellowship on Facebook 11:30-noon
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID  129468798
PRINT Order of Worship
PRINT CUCC Virtual Hymnal
Invite your friends and far-flung family Think about people with whom you would enjoy worshipping, and invite them to join you.  Do you know people who might be reluctant to walk into a church building, but are spiritual seekers?  This is a low-risk opportunity for them to worship with us.  Forward this invitation to them with your personal invitation.

Some notes for those attending Taizé Worship When you arrive at worship, your video and audio will be on, and you can greet others as…