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In this week’s CUCC Weekly eNews

Welcome!  The people of CUCC invite you to participate in our life together.

CUCC Calendar of Events      See details in each event

A letter from Pastor Carol and Pastor Tony
Dreaming Dreams and Seeing Visions
Add your pronouns as a sign of welcome
Pray for our confirmands on retreat this weekend

Upcoming events at CUCC
CUCC at St. Paul's for Ash Wednesday Worship & Supper  Tonight, February 26
SIS gathers February 27
Yep, March 1 is food bag Sunday!
Entering the Passion discussion begins March 1
Bring your questions to Newcomers’ Coffee March 1
Instead of Life & Faith, try a Lenten spiritual practice
Donate blood at CUCC March 7
Parent meeting for Connect and BYC March 8
Spiritual Practices for Strengthening Our Core

Celebrating with each other
Jello Salad Competition photo essay

Deadline to submit information for the eNews or Sunday Announcements is Tuesday, 9AM.  Send to and to (yes, both places), including the name and contact infor…

A letter from Pastor Carol and Pastor Tony

Dear Friends,

What an exciting time in the life of CUCC! We join you in welcoming the call of Lacey Brown as your new pastor.  When we arrived last August, we had just met each other. In addition to bridging this time between your settled pastors, we would be building bridges across our individual pastoral styles and experiences. We have been grateful for this opportunity to grown in ministry together with you. And we acknowledge that with the excitement we feel for you, there is also sadness for us in saying our goodbyes. On April 19th, we will end our time as your bridge pastors. This is also the date that Pastor Lacey and the Central Congregational UCC will say farewell to one another. She will be in the office May 5th and lead worship May 10th. Our deacons will take responsibility for worship on the two Sundays in between. We have the season of Lent and Holy Week to be intentional about this important transition in the life of CUCC.  Among the variety of Lenten offerings for Stren…

Dreaming Dreams and Seeing Visions

On Saturday February 8, our fellowship hall was chocked full of CUCC parents, children, and youth – 45 total. How glorious to concentrate all that beautiful energy! Surely our walls are still quivering with delight.

After a blessing, 18 children and youth had pizza in the Bridge Room. Then we moved to the sanctuary where the children and youth all hid under the pews, and jumped up with welcome signs to surprise our new pastor and her partner.  Games, conversation, and an art project followed. The parents enjoyed a lovely dinner with the pastoral candidate, followed by a lively parent conversation. The discussions for both groups invited individuals to explore their sense of the children’s and youth programs, and their dreams and visions for them here at Community UCC.

Add your pronouns as a sign of welcome

Add a pronoun sticker to your CUCC nametag. 
Stickers are at the nametag table in the narthex.  
Imagine if someone introduced you this way:  "I'd like you to meet my friend.  It and I have known each other for years."  That "it" wouldn't feel very loving, would it?  For people who are not male or female, using "he" or "she" can be just as incorrect and excluding.
Thank you to the Deacons Ministry for helping us speak with respect and welcome.

Pray for our confirmands on retreat this weekend

Put a note in your calendar reminding you to pray for our confirmands who are on retreat this weekend. 

Confirmands:  Afton, Ian, Josephine, Samuel, and Tess
Facilitators:  Bill and Śānti

May this time bring them closer to God and to one another, and strengthen their core.

Tonight (Feb. 26): CUCC at St. Paul's for Ash Wednesday Worship & Supper

Following our Lenten tradition, we gather with St. Paul's Christian Church for supper and worship on both Ash Wednesday (February 26) and Maundy Thursday (April 9).  These are all ages events.  Worship includes the symbolic acts of each day (the ash cross and washing of hands/feet), making the service approachable for children.  The choirs of both congregations combine, practicing after quickly eating their meal.  You don't have to be a member of either congregation; drop ins are very welcome!

Ash Wednesday, February 26
At St. Paul's Christian Church, 3331 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612
6:30PM Soup & Bread Supper
7:30PM Worship

Maundy Thursday, April 9
At Community UCC, 814 Dixie Trail, Raleigh, NC  27608
6:00PM Soup & Bread Supper
7:00PM Worship

SIS gathers February 27

A small but vital group of us met at Peg Hulslander's home in January to eat together and read out loud the poetry of Hafiz from the 1300's that Peg introduced to us. Such touching work, words guiding to the heart, alive with imagery and poignancy. We left with souls enriched beyond words.

For February, Sisters in Spirit (SIS) are meeting for potluck and adventure at Ann Retzer's home on Thursday, February 27th, the last Thursday of the month, at 6:30 PM.  Do come and relax in the aura of her overarching indoor tree.

SIS is open to all women of the church.

Entering the Passion discussion begins March 1

How do you face risk?  The events of Holy Week brought one risk after another for Jesus.  How might his choices provide insight as you face risks in your life?

Join this discussion of Amy-Jill Levine's book Entering the Passion of Jesus: A Beginner's Guide to Holy WeekLevine is Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School.  We will listen to a short segment of the DVD to set up the discussion; our conversation will draw from what each of us have discovered in the book.  While it is not required that one read the chapter before coming, reading ahead will assist our conversation.

Each of the six weeks focuses on a different event that we recall through readings, ritual and worship in the week before Easter ("Holy Week").

Jerusalem: Risking Reputation
The Temple: Risking Righteous Anger
Teachings: Risking Challenge
The First Dinner: Risking Rejection
The Last Supper: Risking the Loss of Friends
Gethsemane: Risking Temptation

Join the di…

Bring your questions to Newcomers' Coffee March 1

New to CUCC?  Grab a snack and cup of coffee in the fellowship hall, then join a few long-time CUCCers for getting-to-know-you conversation.  Whether you have been visiting with us for a while or this is your first time we invite you to get to know us and to share a bit about yourself. This is an opportunity to ask questions about CUCC and to learn how you might become more engaged.

We'll see you at noon in CUCC's Library on Sunday, March 1.

Questions?  Contact Susan Atkinson at

Instead of Life & Faith, try a Lenten spiritual practice

We are skipping March Life & Faith to give us room to take advantage of the dozen Lenten Spiritual Practice opportunities that Śānti & Co. dreamed up for us throughout Lent.

At our April 7 Life & Faith we'll compare notes.

JRVC registration due April 2

We will have a parent and youth lunch and informational meeting about both camps on March 8 after worship in the Bradow Room. We will also brainstorm BYC t-shirt designs.

CUCC's youth will participate in two camp and retreat experiences.  Forms for both are now available here.

JRVC -  Connect: Earth Care Youth Retreat (May 15-17) Registration due April 2.

BYC - Summer Youth Camp 2020 (July 5-10) Registration due by May 10.

If you are interested in chaperoning or driving to either camp, please let me know.

Camps requires that forms be completed in their entirety. You may need to get health info from your youth's doctor so start now!

PLEASE mail completed forms to:
Śānti Matthews
CUCC, 814 Dixie Trail, Raleigh, NC 27607
Give them directly to me at church.

Questions?  Contact Śānti Matthews, Youth and Adult Education Coordinator,

Jello Salad Competition photo essay

Don't you scoff... those jello salad creations were delicious! See more photos and competition results here
Mark your calendar for the next Tuesday Night Supper. March 17 6PM Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

In this week's CUCC Weekly eNews...

Welcome!  The people of CUCC invite you to participate in our life together.

CUCC Calendar of Events      See details in each event

Senior Pastor called by CUCC
Candidates respond to your questions
New:  CUCC Climate Communication Google Group forming

Online conversations
Sermon+ reflects on Pastor Tony’s February 16 sermon

Upcoming events at CUCC
Spiritual Practices for Strengthening Our Core Lent 2020
Info Extravaganza after worship  February  23
CUCC at St. Paul’s for Ash Wednesday Worship & Supper  February 26
Entering the Passion discussion begins March 1
RSVP for Retirees’ Luncheon by March 2
Movie Night March 6
Sign up for 2nd Saturday Soup Circles

Celebrating with each other
Photo essay from candidating weekend
Our gardens – home for God’s birds

Deadline to submit information for the eNews or Sunday Announcements is Tuesday, 9AM.  Send to and to (yes, both places), including the name and contact information of someone at CUCC who can an…

Senior Pastor called by CUCC

With thanks to God the congregation has called Reverend Lacey Renee Brown to be our senior pastor.

Pastor Lacey has returned to her congregation (Central Congregational UCC) for a few months to be with them as they move into their pastoral transition.  We will continue to pray for Pastor Lacey, for Jordyne, and for Central Congregational UCC in this time of farewells and possibilities.  Pastor Lacey's first day at CUCC will be May 5, and her first Sunday with us May 10.

About Pastor Lacey (Pastor Lacey provided this self-description for the bulletin on February 9, her candidating Sunday.)
Reverend Lacey Renee Brown grew up in Ft. Myers, Florida, where she frolicked on the beach and played with starfish. As a child, she loved the sun and waves.  One summer while lobstering in the Florida Keys with her family, she met a mermaid who told her that she would one day become a pastor.  Lacey has one older brother, Matt, who she can still beat in Mario Cart.  Matt is married to Molly, and…

Candidates respond to your questions

In January members of CUCC members addressed letters to candidates for office asking their opinions about cash bail bond reform, climate change, schools, gerrymandering, and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  Letters were sent to all candidates seeking those offices.  We have begun to receive responses.  As you prayerfully consider how you will vote, please take into consideration their responses.

We will add additional responses as they are received.  If you return to this article, you will see new responses as they are sent by the candidates.

Wake County Commissioner District 1
Jeremiah Frank Lee Pierce
Sigmon Lawrence Hutchinson

District Court Judge 10-B Seat 03
Julie L. Bell
Tiffanie Charise Meyers

NC House of Representatives District 36
Gilberto Pagan
Kim Coley

Lt. Governor
Thomas, Allen Melvin, Jr.
Toole, William Walter
Van Duyn, Teresa Quaid
Beasley, Chaz Michael
Holley, Yvonne Lewis
Newton, Ronald Lewis
Ritter, John Lucian
Robinson, Mark Keith
Stone, Scott David
Wells, Wilfred Andrew

New: CUCC Climate Communication Google Group forming

I'll kick off this new CUCC Climate Communication Google group by introducing myself and introducing you to Google Groups. This group is for any members of CUCC in Raleigh, NC, who are interested in having low-key, relevant conversations about climate change. This could include sharing of climate related links, information, upcoming events, and more.

I'm Jenn Fawcett, and have been a part of CUCC for almost a year now. I just joined the CUCC Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force recently. I work in the Forestry Department at NCSU in Cooperative Extension. I enjoy teaching others about the environment, including climate change. I think this Google Group will be a fun way for all of us to share information, links, articles, upcoming events, etc.

If you're not familiar with Google Groups, you can learn more here.  Basically, if you send an email to then everyone on this list will get the e-mail. You can opt out or change your fre…

Sermon+ reflects on Pastor Tony’s February 16 sermon

When are you of two brains? Who or what helps you focus on the brain that knows you belong to God and everything/everyone (because they belong to God, too)?

Listen again to Pastor Tony's sermon.

Sermon+ is an occasional series in which we pose a follow-up question to the sermon for your consideration.  You can join in community conversation via our Facebook page, Community United Church of Christ.  Or you can ponder on your own.

Info Extravaganza after worship February 23

Info on the nuts and bolts of life at CUCC During fellowship Sundays, February 16 and 23 Grab a nosh and browse the info stations
Drop by these info stations CUCC's new online donation optionsTrack your giving & pledge onlineAll Things Breeze - update your contact info or picture, log in troubleshooting, using Breeze to work with your CUCC groupConnect your interests & talents to CUCC's workRSVP for Chili JubileeRSVP for Ash Wednesday supperRSVP for the Retirees lunchRequest your CUCC nametagSubmit your event/item donation for the CUCC auctionPick up your Lenten guideDrop off your gloves and socks for Love Wins Ministry, Inc.Celebrate OaxacaBuy a bag of Nicaraguan coffee Would your CUCC group like to have an info station?  Contact Jane Smith

RSVP for Retirees' Luncheon by March 2

Guest Speaker, CUCC member, Bernie Brown will share how she came to write her book, I Never Told You, and the experiences she had along the way followed by a reading from the book.

Please RSVP to Jeanne Ledbetter at as soon as possible and no later than March 2 if you join us.

Retirees' Luncheon
March 10
10:30 - 12:30

Sign up for 2nd Saturday Soup Circles

It’s time to go around again! Our next Soup cycle runs from March through September on the 2nd Saturday evening of each month.

For 3 cycles now, we’ve circled up in small-ish groups to host and attend casual pot luck style dinner parties in our homes. Each circle makes their own plans as to the host rotation. Each month the designated host will make a pot of soup (or other make ahead staple for the meal) and name the time and any other details for the evening. Attendees decide what appetizers, side dishes or desserts to bring.

For the March-September cycle, we are staying in our current circles and will add anyone who would like to sign up to participate. If you would like to join a circle, please contact Susan Atkinson

Look for an email soon from Susan to check in on your circle’s progress with making plans for the first date: March 14.

Hope you will be in the mix to circle up with your church family for more feasting, fellowship and fun!

Photo essay from candidating weekend

I snapped these photos from a distance during worship, and then during the potluck following our decision to call Pastor Lacey.  I hope they bring a smile to you as they did to me.  - Jane Smith

Our gardens - home for God's birds

Avid birder and NC Audubon Society member Lena Gallitano talked with CUCC's children about birds in North Carolina and how we can care for them by what we plant in our gardens.  The children made play binoculars and took a walk outside to look for birds. After the lesson with  Ms. Lena, the children completed a giant bird floor puzzle.

You can plant bird-friendly native plants in your garden.  Here is information specific to North Carolina.

In this week’s CUCC Weekly eNews

Welcome!  The people of CUCC invite you to participate in our life together.

CUCC Calendar of Events      See details in each event

We’re certified!
Is Gmail eating your CUCC Weekly eNews?

Upcoming events at CUCC
Info Extravaganza after worship  February 16 and 23
RSVP by February 16 for Chili Jubilee
Voting info for this week
Warm Hearts, Warm Hands, Warm Feet
Day-timers Outing to C-MAC Gallery February 19
SIS gathers February 27

A CUCC group recommends these community events
Rev. Ben Chavis to preach in Durham February 16
Triangle Interfaith Alliance annual dinner
“Dirt:  The Movie”  February 25

Deadline to submit information for the eNews or Sunday Announcements is Tuesday, 9AM.  Send to and to (yes, both places), including the name and contact information of someone at CUCC who can answer questions about your event.

We're certified!

CUCC was recently certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a “Certified Wildlife Habitat.”  To achieve that certification, CUCC had to demonstrate that our church grounds provide multiple food sources for wildlife as well as water, places for cover and areas to raise young.  CUCC also had to document our sustainable gardening practices, which include collecting rain water in three rain barrels, eliminating chemical fertilizers and creating a composting process. 

The certification process was led by Vandy Bradow and is proudly proclaimed via a sign on the light pole in the Dixie Trail parking lot.

Is Gmail eating your CUCC Weekly eNews?

Do you have a Gmail email address?  We have learned that for some of you the CUCC Weekly eNews is going into your "promotions" inbox.   

Tony says you can fix this by following these instructions:
Go to eNews email, right click on it.
Go to Labels
Remove selection of promotions (do not select any thing else)
And that took it to my in box.

So it seems to be label management issue.
going to promotions, clicking the email, and opting to move it to your primary box.

Not sure how to do this?  Bring your "device" - laptop, phone, tablet - to the Info Extravaganza on February 16 or 23 during fellowship after worship.  Ask Pastor Tony who discovered this glitch.

Voting info for this week

Early voting for the March 3 primary begins February 13.

1)  You do not need a photo ID to vote in the March 3 election (including early voting).

2)  Early Voting Locations and Schedule: You may register to vote and vote on the same day AT EARLY VOTING.
Durham County
Johnston County
Wake County

3)  Print your sample ballot and look up where you vote here. (NC Board of Elections website)

4)  If you run into any trouble voting, call 888-our-vote where lawyers are standing by to help.  (Democracy NC, a nonpartisan group*).

5)  If you get confused or conflicting info about voting, go to for nonpartisan information. (Democracy NC*)

That you vote is public, how you vote is private.   If you do not vote, you do not count in the political process.
- submitted by the Environmental Voter Project of CUCC's Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force
Contact Gary Smith with questions  (

*CUCC supports Democracy NC through the budget allocation for our Do Justice …

RSVP by February 16 for Chili Jubilee

Tuesday Supper February 18 at 6-7:30pm.  Nothing to bring to have dinner, just RSVP BEFORE February 16. ( We’ll have 3 kinds of chili, side salads, and cornbread.

For dessert, it’s our Dad, Mom and/or Grandma’s best jello salads, provided by entrants to our
Versatile chilled creations originally served as a “salad” or “dessert” have been missing from our tables for too long! To enter your creation in either the “Most Beautiful Molded Creation” category or “Most Delicious Gelatin Treat” contact Susan Atkinson  It’s gonna be fun!

If you have a jello mold someone else could use, let Susan know.

Our vegetarian chili was made by the volunteer cooks at Loaves and Fishes, one of the nonprofits CUCC supports with our donations (your pledge at work).

The Chili Jubilee has no set donation request.  All ages included.

Join your church family for an evening of culinary fun and comfort!

Warm Hearts, Warm Hands, Warm Feet

During the entire month of February, Community Outreach Ministry is sponsoring a glove and sock drive for Love Wins Community Engagement Center.  This center serves homeless or near homeless persons in our area. You are welcome to bring new or gently used gloves and socks and place them in the red bin in the fellowship hall. 

For more information, contact Dawn Koonce or Charles Coble

Rev. Ben Chavis to preach in Durham February 16

This invitation is shared with you by the Do Justice Ministry.  CUCC members were connected to Rev. Chavis during the Wilmington 10 events while Rev. Chavis was on assignment from the UCC  (1971).  He also co-led the civil rights work in Warren County, NC, around toxic dumping on a small African American community (1982) - the beginnings of what is now the environmental justice movement. (He coined the term "environmental racism.")

Mount Calvary UCC (Durham) offers "Soul Food"   Sunday, February 16, 11:00 am   Featured speaker:  Rev. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. (D.Min.)  Worship is followed by a soul food feast
As we salute the contributions of Black men and women that benefit our world, we invite all to join us for a special day that includes spiritual food that will nourish your soul and delectable "soul food" to nourish your body. On Sunday, February 16th at 11:00 a.m. the illustrious Rev. Benjamin Franklin Chavis, Jr. (D.Min.) will be our guest preacher! …

Triangle Interfaith Alliance annual dinner

Adrienne Little, one of Do Justice's representatives to Congregations for Social Justice, passes along this invitation to CUCC.  For more information, contact Adrienne .

The annual Triangle Interfaith Alliance dinner is coming up Thursday February 27th at 6:00 pm at the Hindu temple in Morrisville. You can sign up online here.

Shine Your Light! Be inspired by leaders involved in local interfaith initiatives. Learn how you can connect with others and be part of a positive change!
Discussion Panel Members

Rev. Nancy Petty – Senior Pastor of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church in Raleigh: Champion of Interfaith Dialogue in our communities, and of social justice based on ethical behaviorsRev. Bruce Puckett – Assistant Dean of Duke University Chapel: Active in Community Ministry and connecting people with faith and with one anotherBhupender S. Gupta – NC State Professor of Engineering, Ambassador of Interfaith Activities at NC State, and Panelist and active member of Tri…

"Dirt! The Movie" February 25

CUCC's Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force recommends this movie being shown by our sister congregation, St. Paul's Christian Church, and their new Eco Cafe.  Here is the trailer.  

Let Jane Smith know if you would like to carpool from CUCC, though it is very close to our church and has loads of parking.

In this week’s CUCC Weekly eNews

Welcome!  The people of CUCC invite you to participate in our life together.

CUCC Calendar of Events      See details in each event

Called congregational meeting February 9
Hello!  My name is… 

Upcoming events at CUCC
Just Show Up for HKonJ February 8
Register by February 12 for Safe Church Training (training is February16)
Rescheduling Newcomers’ Coffee to March 1
RSVP by February 16 for Chili Jubilee (dinner is February 18)

A CUCC group recommends these community events
Faith in Action: Advocating for Effective Climate Policy  February 20
Biscuits and Popcorn film festival February 29
Challenge grant for Loaves and Fishes
Invitation to Open House at the Islamic Association March 7

Deadline to submit information for the eNews or Sunday Announcements is Tuesday, 9AM.  Send to and to (yes, both places), including the name and contact information of someone at CUCC who can answer questions about your event.

Called congregational meeting February 9

Dear CUCC congregants: We are thrilled to share exciting news that the Pastoral Search and Call Committee has officially extended a call to a candidate to serve as our pastor.  At the request of the Committee, CUCC's Moderator has called a congregational meeting to determine if the CUCC congregation wishes to endorse the call of this candidate.The congregational meeting will be held Sunday, February 9, at noon in the fellowship hall. All members are encouraged to remain after the service and fully participate in this important step.
Over the past few days, both church council and the committee have worked together to arrange a candidating weekend for the candidate, scheduled to occur next Saturday and Sunday, February 8-9. 
Schedule for Candidating Weekend Saturday, February 8 Morning     Staff and council have breakfast with the candidate 2:30-4PM  Open House in the Fellowship Hall                   Refreshments served; all ages welcome                   Drop in to meet the candid…

Hello! My Name Is . . .

Our new settled pastor will have a lot of new names to learn, and we can all help by wearing our nametag each Sunday.  If you need a nametag, please fill out one of the request slips on the table in the narthex and put it in the nearby basket. 

A necklace, clip or pin nametag will be waiting for you the following Sunday in the nametag table (sorted by style of tag, then alphabetically).  Nametags are available for members and frequent visitors alike! 

If you have questions or suggestions about the CUCC nametag program, please contact Merrilee Jacobson at 919-274-4539.

Just Show Up for HKonJ February 8


Please join us for the historic HKonJ March through downtown Raleigh on February 8, 2020. We will meet at the corner of Wilmington and South Streets at 9 a.m. under the CUCC banner which Gary will bring.

If you need to get energized with a positive and optimistic spirit during these difficult days, come and be part of a massive turn out of organizations and NAACP chapters from across the state fighting for a range of social justice issues from a living wage, the right to housing, reproductive rights, LGBTQ protections and many more.

Teens and children are encouraged to come. Dress warmly!

Hope to see you there.

Suzanne and the Do Justice Team

For more information, contact Gary Smith or Mike Soboeiro

PS  Events for the candidating weekend begin in the afternoon.  Just Show Up, then go meet our pastoral candidate.

Register by February 12 for Safe Church Training

Sunday, February 16, 12-2PM
Bridge Room
Lunch and Childcare Provided

Parents, grandparents, and especially all who work with our youth and/or children, please register and make every effort to attend. This training (required annually) is sponsored by Religious Education Ministry and facilitated by our community partner, YMCA of the Triangle. It is nationally recognized and has been used by organizations all over the state including non-profits, the education system, as well as professional corporations. We hope you will join us as a partner in expanding our care to families with children.

Register by February 12: or 919-961-8814.

Thank you on behalf of our children and youth.

Faith in Action: Advocating for Effective Climate Policy

Thursday, February 20, 7-9 PM
Benson Memorial United Methodist Church, 4706 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh, NC

Are you concerned about global warming and ready to act? You are invited by Interfaith
Creation Care of the Triangle and Campaign Nonviolence to discover how people of faith can
affect climate policy.

First the Creation Care Ministry Team of the United Methodist Church
NC Conference Creation Team will discuss how an individual church can join together with
other churches to influence policy. Then leaders of NC Policy Watch, 350 Triangle, and the NC
Conservation Network will give an update on climate Issues at the local level in the Triangle
and at the state level. For more information and the complete agenda go to or to the event page on Facebook for Interfaith Creation Care
of the Triangle.

- submitted by one of CUCC's Campaign Nonviolence representatives, Merrilee Jacobson

Biscuits and Popcorn film festival February 29

Join the UCC Southern Conference's Creation Justice Network for "Biscuits and Popcorn: A Climate Mobilization Film Festival,"  Saturday, February 29 from 9:00 a.m. until noon  at Elon Community Church UCC (carpool with Gary Smith)
Thirteen presenters* representing 5 congregations and 8 NC faith-based environmental organizations, will be offering 5-minute film and slide presentations on Creation justice initiatives**

The national United Church of Christ's Council for Climate Justice has issued "A Kairos Call
to Action" calling for churches to address climate and inequality by developing 10-year
mobilization plans to meet these crises. In this new decade, get our congregation ready to
answer the call to of Climate Change and Creation justice.

So -- come on! Eat, watch, learn, fellowship, and discover new ways to engage our church and our community in love of, and justice for, all of God's Creation.

I’m going and would love to have riders join me!
Gary Smi…

Challenge grant for Loaves & Fishes

Our Community Outreach Ministry co-chairs, Dawn Koonce and Charles Coble, share this opportunity with you.

Loaves and Fishes Ministry, one of the local non-profit organizations our church supports, would like to share a Valentine's Surprise – they have received a Challenge Grant of $5,000 to match new or increased giving! If you've not supported them financially within the last couple of years, or if you are able to increase your support, they will receive a matching donation from a local benefactor. They will also send a Valentine's message from a Loaves and Fishes child to your sweetie!

Donations can be made on their website or sent to PO Box 14596, Raleigh, NC 27620.  If you wish a Valentine to be sent, provide a name and address in the "Add a Note" section of the online donation form or in a note if you send a check.

Thank you from Loaves and Fishes for ALL the support you continue to provide!
If you have more questions about how CUCC is in…

Invitation to Open House at the Islamic Association March 7

This invitation comes to CUCC via Congregations for Social Justice.  Adrienne Little has registered to attend; if you have questions contact here

Greetings of Peace,
Hope this finds you in good cheer. We are excited to inform you of our upcoming open house.
The theme for this year's event is "Our Common CommUNITY".

The event will take place on Saturday, March 7, 2020 from 11am to 3pm at Islamic Association of Raleigh. It will feature a keynote address by a decorated war veteran and Imam AbuTaleb. Come learn about your fellow American Muslims, observe them at prayer and sample culinary treats from around the Islamic world.  As always we would love to have your company. Please reach out if you have any questions.

This is a free event.  To register and for the detailed program, timings and registration

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
Outreach team at Islamic Association of Raleigh
808 Atwater St, Raleigh, NC 27606