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Adults Only ASP Weekends this winter and spring

Spaces are still open.  Spend a long weekend working alongside other adults as you do repairs on homes. Appalachia Service Project has adults-only weekends throughout the winter. People with all skill levels and abilities are welcome to participate. Scholarships are available to anyone who needs them. Our friends, Bill and Rosemary Pate, will lead these trips. The Jonesville center has nice indoor bathrooms and beds with mattresses, so you won't be roughing it. Here are the dates for 2010-11.

November 14-20, 2010 Jonesville, VA cost $300
January 20-23, 2011 Jonesville, VA cost $145
April 14-17, 2011 Jonesville, VA cost $145
If you are interested, contact Jane Smith and I'll give you Bill and Rosemary's phone number.

Newcomers' Supper, November 19

Do you have questions about how your spiritual journey might connect with that of the faith community at CUCC?  Have you wondered what we believe and how that informs what we do? Enjoy a delicious supper for newcomers to CUCC Friday evening, November 19. 
Hors d'oeuvres at 6pm, dinner at 6:30. 
RSVP to the church office. Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or need childcare.
We look forward to getting to know you.

Thanksgiving Day dinner together?

Would you like to join others for Thanksgiving Day dinner?  Call the church office to leave your name.  A week before Thanksgiving, Carol will send an email to all those who called so you know who is interested.  Then talk among yourselves to decide what you'd like to do.  An easy idea would be to go to a restaurant together - no dishes for anyone - then go to a movie.  Of course, you might prefer to offer your home for a potluck, or you could potluck at CUCC (if so, be sure to ask Carol to reserve your space on the calendar).

Out of curiosity, I contacted K&W cafeteria in Cameron Village to make sure they are open.  Here is their response:
"Good news, we are opened on Thanksgiving Day! We will be serving our Thanksgiving Day Special which includes Roast Turkey with cranberry sauce, two vegetables, bread, dessert and iced tea or coffee for only $6.49. Of course we will be serving other selections as well.  We generally anticipate a large crowd on Thanksgiving Day, but work …

The Parable of the Pumpkin

Today "Miss Anne Bailey" Zschau led us through a parable that likened creating a jack-o-lantern to God's way with us.  Maybe next year we'll have a pumpkin carving worship service?  Until then, you might enjoy reading the Facebook message sent to her by a friend which inspired her Children's Time.
We are like pumpkins!!! Being a good person is like being a pumpkin.  God lifts you up, takes you in, and washes all the dirt off of you.  He opens you up, touches you deep inside and scoops out all of the yucky stuff -- including the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc.  Then He carves you a bright new smiling face and puts His light inside of you for all the world to see.


Call the office to reserve your spot for dinner at Novemberfest!
November 13, 6pm for homemade lasagne (meat and vegetarian versions) or mac & cheese
Child care available - tell the office.
Dinner is followed by our second annual talent show.  Contact Santi Matthews to offer your talents.

This is a fundraiser for the ministries of Community UCC.  Open your wallets wide and bring that check book so we can continue to
meet basic needs of those in the community, advocate justice to public and private institutions, share God's welcome and love with one another and with folks often shunned by society,care for our staff who help us grow, worship, and work, and care for the bit of creation which God has entrusted to us.

Radio Communications Ministry in Congo

A group of Christian Church (Disciples) radio operators are in Mbandaka right now teaching 50 Congolese folks how to operate radio communication systems which will be used by their congregations throughout the DRC.  You can read posts about their experiences and about the radio ministry.  The trip is being led by David Owen, Global Ministries Associate for Resource Development.  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a sister denomination to the United Church of Christ; together we fund Global Ministries.  Our donations to One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS - annual special collection in spring) and Our Churches Wider Mission (OCWM- in budget) help fund Global Ministires.  Remember that you can make a donation to Global Ministries in honor of a loved one as a Christmas gift this year.

Good pathology report for Mike Callaham

This morning Mike went in to Cary Urology to have his surgical staples removed, and he also received the pathology report from the surgeon. According to the doctor, the pathology report is "as good as it could be." And the pathology report plus the observations during surgery confirm that the procedure chosen was the correct approach. Based on this good news, no followup chemotherapy or radiation will be considered at present. Rather the procedure will be to monitor Mike's PSA readings on a regular basis. In summary, although there are never any guarantees in such cases, Mike's long term prognosis at this point looks good.
Mike and Nancy are tremendously grateful for all the support they're received. They were proud to show off this morning the large number of cards that fill the mantelpiece over the fireplace.

"As It Is in Heaven" to be shown for Oct. 29 Movie Night

After a 3-month hiatus, the CUCC foreign film series resumes on October 29 with a wonderful Swedish film, "As It Is in Heaven." This film raises interesting questions about the nature of "church". And it's both funny and poignant. Here's the Netflix spin on the film ...
This Oscar-nominated Swedish drama tells the story of Daniel Dareus (Michael Nyqvist), a small-town boy who escaped his tiny village to become a famous conductor. A tragic mishap sends him back home in search of a fresh start, and he ends up leading the local choir. Frida Hallgren, Helen Sjoholm and Lennart Jahkel co-star in writer-director Kay Pollak's heartwarming tale.

The film will be shown at 7:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall. Popcorn will be provided. The length of the film is 132 minutes, so the film will end about 10 PM (with a short intermission in the middle).

Coming Out as GLBT Allies

On Sunday, October 10 part of the church service was dedicated to our congregation’s public declaration as an ally to GLBT persons. Particular emphasis and urgency was given due to the deaths of several teenage boys who committed suicide in September after being harassed for their assumed sexual orientation. At the end of the service, the congregation was invited to come forward to get a rainbow ribbon and was urged to wear the ribbons during the week, as they went about their daily business, to show support. We are starting to get some reports back from people who have done this.

Joan reported that she ate dinner out with a visiting friend, and was approached by their waitress who was interested to know about the ribbon and the “God is Still Speaking” comma. When Joan explained the meaning and told her of our church’s stance, she was delighted and plans to visit in the near future. She had been looking for a church that wasn’t too big and was GLBT affirming. While neither she nor her …

CUCC Youth Group walks to support mental health research

The youth group led the way as we joined the 3000+ people walking to raise $500,000 for mental health research in the Walk for Hope.  The youth encouraged the adults so that we all completed the six mile walk through Umstead Park.  Many thanks to the members of CUCC who generously donated to support Team Community UCC.  (Note the rainbow ribbons; like folks back at CUCC worship, we "came out" as LGBT Allies.)

Mike Callaham goes home today

This morning Mike says that he will be going home from Western Wake Hospital late this afternoon (Friday). Nancy has been able to spend several hours with Mike at the hospital on Wednesday (the day of surgery) and Thursday. Since the two of them will be together at home this evening, Nancy will forego a trip to the hospital today.
Mike looks good and is getting around a good bit already. He took no pain medications yesterday, but will certainly have a prescription available to use if needed. He says they have a good bit of food already prepared to see them through the next few days. But I'm sure they would be glad to hear offers of support from friends since Mike's recovery period will last for at least a couple of weeks.

Mike Callaham

Mike Callaham's surgery was completed this morning, and the surgeon spoke with Nancy about 10:30 AM. According to the surgeon, everything went as expected and there were no complications of any sort. Nancy should be able to visit with Mike around noon in the recovery room. Mike will likely remain in the hospital (Western Wake Hospital in Cary) at least through Friday.
NOTE ADDED AT 1:30 PM Nancy and I were able to visit with Mike about 12:30 PM, by which time he was in his own room. He's in Room 358 at Western Wake Hospital in Cary. He was in good spirits but naturally was still somewhat groggy from the anesthetic and the pain medications. Nancy has held up well during the day but will probably be leaving the hospital mid afternoon to get some rest. Mike says that he's okay with visitors coming by to see him.

To LGBT youth: It Gets Better

No matter what life is throwing at you today, it gets better.  Don't take my word for it.  Listen to the voices of people who have faced what you face.
If you live in the Triangle, visit our congregation.  Let us show you what it feels like to be surrounded by people who want to know you - the real you, just as God made you.  On Oct. 10, many of us are "coming out" as straight allies.  We want you to know that we've got your back.
It gets better!

Making homes warmer, safer, dryer

Adults - would you enjoy spending a long weekend working alongside other adults as you do repairs on homes?  Appalachia Service Project has adults-only weekends throughout the winter.  People with all skill levels and abilities are welcome to participate. Scholarships are available to anyone who needs them.  Our friends, Bill and Rosemary Pate, will lead these trips. The Jonesville center has nice indoor bathrooms and beds with mattresses, so you won't be roughing it.   Here are the dates for 2010-11.
November 14-20, 2010 Jonesville, VA cost $300

January 20-23, 2011 Jonesville, VA cost $145

April 14-17, 2011 Jonesville, VA cost $145

If you are interested, contact Jane Smith and I'll give you Bill and Rosemary's phone number.