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Christmas at CUCC

December always brings lots of festive music at CUCC. This year's recordings already include the enthusiastic singing at the Christmas party on December 8, and the music from 10:30 worship on December 16, which of course includes the choir's anthem "Christmas in the Southwest". These recordings can be found in the media archive under Music:

Additional recordings from Christmas Eve will likely be added next week.

No meetings for Christmas holiday

These groups will not meet over the Christmas holiday.

Church office closed - Tuesday, December 25, and Wednesday, December 26

Monday Lunch Group - no meeting December 24 or December 31
Tai chi - no meeting December 26 or January 2
Children's Church School - no class Dec. 23 and 30
Youth Church School - no class Dec. 30

Resources and rituals for teaching faith at home

As your children play, swap ideas with other CUCC parents for sharing what you believe with your children.Each month we’ll feature a resource or ritual, but equally important will be the connections you and your children build with other families who take living their faith seriously.Bring a potluck dish your family enjoys and a few toys or games for the children to share while the adults talk.

Second Sundays, 4:30-6:30pm.The first gathering is January 13 at Jane and Gary Smith’s home, 2712 Lochmore Drive, Raleigh.Please RSVP to Jane so she knows how many plates to have on hand. - submitted for Welcoming, Fellowship & Growth A Gathering of Friends event

Life and Faith in Downtown Raleigh

2nd Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm, Morning Times Café, 10 East Hargett Street, upstairs
Grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk.Career, relationships, money.Changing the world and changing ourselves.Living with faithful integrity, one life at a time.Look for Jane Smith.Friends are welcome. - submitted for Welcoming, Fellowship and Growth A Gathering of Friends event

Did you update your Emergency Contact Information?

Have you given Jane Smith your emergency contact information? We'll use this information to make sure you are okay in the unlikely event of a regional emergency (hurricane, evacuation, flu quarantine). If you consider yourself part of the CUCC family (whether or not you are a member), we’ll want to know you’re okay. Needed: Names of people (or pets, if you like) in your household (even if they aren’t associated with CUCC)Phone # to reach you in an emergencyEmail to reach you in an emergency (the one you will check frequently)Name and phone # of a contact person OUT OF THE TRIANGLE who is likely to know where you are (Please let this person know you have our permission to contact them about you)

December schedule for Adult Forum

Hope you will join us at Forum in December, Sundays, 9:15-10:15AM, Vaughan Fellowship Hall.

December 2. Discussion led by Ed Klemmer on the answer to Pontius Pilate's question: What is truth? Discussing our definitions of truth based on: philosophy, theology, religion, science, common language, and the judicial system. December 9."The Second Half of Life".First of two programs led by Rev. Dr. David Voss, a Presbyterian minister and pastoral counselor who has an interest in exploring the life of faith from a variety of perspectives. Using a recent book by the Franciscan monk Richard Rohr, Dr. Voss will invite us to think about how our achievements in building a stable and reliable structure for life (or what Rohr calls a “container”) can and often do become the kind of container that limits our ability to explore and grow as we get older.  December 16.Second program led by Rev. Dr. David Voss, focusing on the question, "How do we understand the stories that…

Praying for Enemies

By Janice Campbell
For the last several months, my husband and I have been reading Rabbi Rami Shapiro’s blog.He feels like a kindred spirit and we have come to love him.One of his You-tubes revealed him walking a labyrinth and getting lost on it while people were watching.How he laughed at himself and his humanity was not only unusual but endearing. Friday, November 16, in his blog, “Beyond Religion”, he shared his feelings on the bombings at Gaza between Israel and the Hamas.The tone of the blog was different from any of his others.He said he was surprised at his feelings but discovered that he strongly felt he needed to go and fight, basically because he didn’t know what else to do.And he ended the blog asking if anyone had any other suggestions.

I was disturbed when I read this.I cared about him and I didn’t want him to go and get hurt or get involved in the fighting.That night I woke up and the thought came to me that what can be done is to pray for the enemy.I realized that i…

Tuesday Advent Devotionals

Join together for a quiet reflection on Advent themes of "Light & Love" (Dec. 4) and "Peace and Joy" (Dec. 11) using music, ritual, centering prayer, and guided meditation.

Tuesdays, Dec. 4 and 11 7-8pm Vaughan Fellowship Hall

Carpool to Day of Remembrance

For those of you who would like to go the the Candlelight Vigil and would like to carpool, please contact the church office Cathy Marshall at 919-395-2600 or Please join your LGBT friends and allies and Equality NCfor a Transgender Day of Remembrance Candlelight Vigil on Tuesday, November 20, 5:30pm, at the Capitol Building, Fayetteville St. and W. Morgan, Raleigh, NC.The vigil is held in honor of those who have been lost in the past year due to violence against gender non-conforming individuals.A short sermon will be presented by Nancy Petty.After the vigil, come to the LGBT Center of Raleigh for a light buffet courtesy of Noodles & Co and non-alcoholic refreshments as well as wine & beer for a $3 suggested donation. There will be music and a spot for reflection in addition to other memorial activities.

Carols and Lullabies: Christmas in the Southwest

The Susie Allen Chancel Choir will be filling the sanctuary with the southwest sounds of "Carols and Lullabies" by Conrad Susa during traditional worship (10:30am), Sunday, December 16.

Doug Barrick describes the music:

"The Christ child’s birth is described through the moods and rhythms of Bethlehem carols using Biscayan, Catalonian, Puerto Rican, Spanish, Andalucian, Castilian, and Mexican texts set to instrumentation that is serenely lyrical at times and energized with rhythm at others.  Come prepare your spirit for Christmas through delightful and charming music."

Family Advent Workshop, Dec. 2

Children and youth, bring your parents and grandparents to this advent tradition.  Along with the usual fun, we'll practice for the Christmas pageant (Dec. 2, 4-7pm) and share a pizza dinner.  Remember to bring cookies for the cookie exchange.
- A Gathering of Friends event

Be notified when something new appears on News & Chat

Use the "Get email notification" box to sign up for an email alert whenever something new is posted to CUCC's News and Chat.

I wasn't asked for a password nor did I have to "join" anything.  I simply typed in my email address, then entered one of the squiggly-letter verification boxes (type this word in the box).  Surprisingly, I even found the squiggly letters easy to read.  Seconds later I got a verification email.  I clicked on that link to say I wanted the email notifications and saw a "thank you" screen.  Again, I didn't have to join anything or fill out any additional personal information.

The next day I got one email with the previous day's post.  I haven't gotten any spam, ads, etc.

Thanks, Lavon, for setting this up for us.

Potluck at November Earth Sabbath Celebration

The Earth Sabbath Celebration for Nov. 27 in Raleigh at Community UCC will begin with a “Local Foods” Pot Luck at 6:30pm in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall. Vegetarian food is encouraged but all is welcomed. Drinks and desert will be provided. The theme for worship/celebration will be Native American style “Thanksgiving for All Beings.”  Led by Steve Halsted and Linda Rodriguez.
After the Celebration, the Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force will meet to plan for 2013.
- Submitted by Steve Halsted with a JCC note from Jane Smith

Join the Advent name tag experiment

When you come to worship during Advent, you'll find a table with name tag holders and blank paper.  Join the advent name tag experiment by writing the name you'd like to be called on your tag and wearing it during worship and fellowship.  Baskets in the narthex and fellowship hall will be available for you to drop off your tag on your way out.  At the January congregational meeting, give us your feedback about the experiment:  How did it help you get to know others at CUCC?  How could we improve the process?  Would you be willing to collect and repackage the tags one Sunday (a great task for a family)?  We'll use your suggestions to decide whether to continue to use the tags.

Why are we encouraging you to wear a name tag?  In a family, we know each other's names.  In a big family like ours, name tags help jog our memories and introduce new family members.  In the survey and at the retreat, some of you told us you appreciated the tags and hoped we use them more often.


Epiphany/Babies We Love of 2012 Finger-foods Potluck

Every Epiphany Sunday CUCC celebrates "our" babies born the previous year. So whether the new baby is in your home or you are a loving grandparent, aunt/uncle/cousin, etc., we want to celebrate your baby's birth. Tell Jane Smith BY JANUARY 1. Provide the baby's name and relationship to you, the parents' names, the birthdate & place, and send a photo if you have one. On Epiphany Sunday (January 6), we'll celebrate with a Babies of 2012 display.

Remember, everyone, to bring a finger food to share for this Epiphany celebration.  (No eating utensils will be provided.)

- submitted by Welcoming, Fellowship & Growth Ministry

Sisters in Spirit invites you Nov. 29th

To the women of CUCC -
Our next meeting is Thursday, November 29th, 7pm, where participants are invited to bring a list of ten actions they take in life that "ground" them and bring them a sense of stability in an ever changing world. For Kathleen Norris, it's doing the laundry. For Julia Cameron, it's calling an old friend from grade school or baking bread. What "grounds" you? Perhaps we can learn from each other, and give thanks for our many blessings as well. Join us Thursday, November 29th, in the Hoffmann Room to explore!

‒ Submitted by Marty Lamb

Economic Justice Task Force to focus on efforts for 2013

At meetings scheduled for Wednesday, November 7, 10:15 – 11: 30am, and Sunday, November 25, at Noon (both meetings in the Bradow room), members of the Economic Justice Task Force who met October 17 and 2, and any others who are interested, will further explore the following possibilities and any others that may be suggested in the meanwhile and, if possible, will choose the direction of the group for 2013. If you have input to this process, please let us hear your ideas!

Report on the October meetings
The Economic Justice Task Force met in September and October to discuss our organization and choice of specific action plans for the year. After the all-church retreat at the end of October, we intend to make a specific annual plan. Among alternative proposals, some involve working for structural and institutional changes to advance economic justice, while others involve face to face interaction with individuals and groups experiencing poverty or economic injustice. At meetings scheduled…

Thanksgiving Day dinner together?

Would you like to join others for Thanksgiving Day dinner? Call the church office to leave your name. A week before Thanksgiving, Cathy will send an email to all those who called so you know who is interested. Then talk among yourselves to decide what you'd like to do. An easy idea would be to go to a restaurant together - no dishes for anyone - then go to a movie.

- submitted by Welcoming, Fellowship & Growth
A Gathering of Friends event

Community Thanksgiving Service

Join with members of five of our neighborhood congregations for a Community Thanksgiving Service, Sunday, November 18 at 7:30pm at West Raleigh Presbyterian Church. This is a new change from the past when it was held on the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving Day.

Directions to West Raleigh Presbyterian

Carpool:  Parking on the streets near the church is limited.  Consider meeting others at CUCC's Dixie Trail lot at 7:15pm and carpooling to the service.

Here is a special  invitation to those who like to sing  from Tom Lohr, Director of Music at WRPC:
We at West Raleigh Presbyterian Church are pleased this year to be the host for our annual Community Thanksgiving Service, Sunday, November 18, 7:30pm. This is a Thanksgiving Service for our five congregations – Community United Church of Christ, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Fairmont Methodist, Pullen Baptist, and West Raleigh Presbyterian Church. We wish to encourage as much involvement from each congregation as possible. We encourag…

Congregational Meeting, November 18, noon

Congregational Meeting November 18 - There will be a congregational meeting following 10:30am traditional worship on Sunday, November 18 in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall. Agenda items will include:

1) Proposed budget for 2013

2) Nominations for officers and ministry members for 2013

3) Preliminary results from the retreat and update on the envisioning process

If you have questions, please contact Skip Stoddard (Moderator).

Two ways to sign up for the pictorial directory

Plans are under way for the publication of a new pictorial directory! We will be partnering with Lifetouch to produce our 2012 edition. We would like our new directory to include every member & regularly attending guest. We ask that you please take the opportunity to be part of this important connection tool and historical document for our church.

Photographs will be taken on the following dates and times:
Thursday, December 6th: 2:00pm - 8:30pm
Friday, December 7th: 2:00pm - 8:30pm
Saturday, December 8th: 10:00am - 4:00pm

You may sign up for an appointment IMMEDIATELY by visiting the blue Portrait Sign up box on our web site at and clicking the church directory link. For those of you who prefer to sign up in person, you may do so on Sunday after services, beginning on Sunday, November 11th.

Lifetouch encourages you to be creative with your portraits. You may bring props if you would like (musical instrument, family Bible, sports equipment, even the family pets) and…

Pledges for the work of CUCC due Nov. 11

Fall is the time when we all look inward to ask what we have accomplished this year, as well as look forward to the future, asking what we hope to accomplish. By now, you have received your pledge solicitations and a questionnaire that asks, “How can my talents best help this church and enhance its outreach?” Please respond positively to this call and return the pledge and volunteer forms. Pledges are due by November 11.
-submitted by Stewardship Ministry

Collecting Christmas gifts for Meals on Wheels clients

Retirees Fellowship Group is sponsoring their annual collection of holiday gifts for our Meals on Wheels clients. All gifts are requested to be new and any monetary contributions will be used to purchase gift cards, which are especially appreciated. Boxes will be placed around the church to collect your donations beginning November 18. The Retirees will be wrapping your gifts on Monday, December 10, 10:00am – Noon in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall. Anyone who would like to help is welcome!
The wish list for Christmas includes…
Gas and Gift Cards Holiday candy, cookies, and snacksGloves and Hats (no socks this year)Holiday soaps, towels, etc.Umbrellas Fleece throwsPostage Stamps Holiday Gift Sets appropriate for older folks-Submitted by the Retirees Fellowship Group
A Gathering of Friends event

November Adult Forum Topics

Learn about issues facing our community and world from experts working to bring justice.  Sunday Adult Forum meets from 9:15-10:15am in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall.

November 11. Janet Bauer will be talking about Kenya and the nonprofit she founded to empower orphans and vulnerable children, "I'm a Great Child Worldwide."  She'll also talk about the country, the people, and the upcoming elections; and will show a brief video.

November 18. "Health Care Reform: The Triple Aim of Better Care, Better Health, and Lower Costs." Dr. Brenda Cleary, Aging Initiatives Consultant, Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing.
November 25. Thanksgiving weekend. No Forum   - Submitted by Cynthia Ball

Sing during Advent

The Susie Allen Chancel Choir invites you to sing with them during a special musical presentation for Christmas, Sunday, Dec. 16, at 10:30 worship.  They will be performing music from the U.S. southwest, accompanied by recorder and harp (they hope).  Weekly rehearsals begin Wednesday, Nov. 7, from 7-8 pm.  Questions?  Contact Anne Mooreman-Smith or any member of the choir.
-Submitted for Anne Moorman-Smith

November schedule for Monday Lunch Group

Bring your lunch and join the prayer and study at Monday Lunch Group.  Each Monday, 12:15-1:30 in the Hoffmann Room.

Monday, November 5 — We will read The Chosen by Chaim Potok from the The Jews, a Treasury of Art and Literature. (Note: The reading materials will be supplied by Sue. No need to bring anything.)

Monday, November 12 — Bill Bryan and Sue Cottle will discuss Kabbalah. Kabbalah is traditionally believed to be an inner and mystical aspect of Judaism. Now students of all faiths can use it to understand the nature of life.

Monday, November 19 — Stacey Grove will speak to us about the Torah. She will bring a Torah and show a video. (So part of this session will take place in the Fellowship Hall which has been reserved for the occasion.)

Monday, November 26 — an art program with details to follow.

— info provided by Sue Cottle and Betsy Towler

Novemberfest! RSVP & help needed

Plans are shifting into high gear in preparation for our turkey dinner and variety show scheduled for Saturday, November 10, beginning at 6:00 p.m. In addition to the great food, we will be entertained by, and perhaps participate in, a variety show hosted by Śānti Matthews and CUCC Youth. For those of us who just can’t wait until the Christmas party to imbibe some fruit of the vine, there will be wine available to accompany the dinner! Novemberfest is a fund-raiser, and there will be baskets aplenty for you to fill in gratitude for the bountiful harvest. We need lots of help preparing dishes for the meal; please sign up on the poster in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall. And don’t forget to let us know if you plan to attend. You can sign up through the church office or on the poster in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall. Let us know if you will need childcare! For any questions, please contact Skip or Nancy Stoddard, Peg Hulslander, or Śānti Matthews.
- Submitted by Stewardship Ministry
A Gathering …

Be inspired by what is possible

This Sunday join presenter Peg Hulslander for a video presentation of Greg Boyle's work with gangs in Los Angeles, based on his book Tattoos on the Heart - The Power of Boundless Compassion.  Boyle is the founder of Homeboy Industries.  Adult Forum, Sunday, Nov. 4, 9:15am, Vaughan Fellowship Hall

Walk or give to feed hungry people

Save the date! October 28 is our annual CROP Hunger Walk. The walk starts at Marbles Children’s Museum, with registration at 2:00pm and the 3.1 mile walk starts at 3:00pm. Sign up online now at to walk or to make a donation.

‒ Submitted by Gray Woodard for Community Outreach Ministry

Carolyn King Memorial Service

Carolyn King's memorial service on Saturday, October 7, is now available in its entirety (1 hour and 40 minutes). A number of folks commented during or after the service that they were unable to hear the comments of Mary Kilburn. The microphone used for the recording picked up Mary's voice very clearly. If you attended the services and want to hear Mary Kilburn's remarks, you can find that in Part 3 of the 4 parts posted. Some of the speakers in the audience were out of range of the microphone, so expect some of those comments to be difficult to parse.

Carolyn King's complete memorial service (in four parts), including links to YouTube versions

Supper for newcomers October 22

Would you like to learn more about CUCC? Do you have questions about who does what or ways to connect to the life and work of the congregation? Have you wondered what we believe? Enjoy a delicious supper for newcomers to CUCC Monday evening, October 22, 6pm. RSVP to the church office by Oct. 16. Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or need childcare. We look forward to getting to know you.

Sisters in Spirit 2012-13 schedule announced

Join women of all ages for an evening of conversation, a shared meal, and laughter as we explore development of our souls' creativity and support each other on our life journeys. As we open our hearts and right brains to envisioning new possibilities, we may discover new paths to take that may enrich our lives. Past SIS offerings have included: a private tour of the African exhibit at the art museum given by docent Athena Tracy, gathering of "Greek Goddesses" at Kathy Clift's home with a Greek meal provided truly meant for goddesses, telling "Life Stories", sharing our favorite books and movies, discussing "The Power of Word", going to dinner and the theatre together, snowflake making, trying out Julia Cameron creativity experiences, and eating at potlucks. We make donations of toiletries to the women's shelter as well. Every fall we go on retreat to the NC beach. Come envision new possibilities and share with others as part of Sisters In Spir…

Service of celebration for the life of Carolyn King

The service celebrating Carolyn King's life will be held at 3:00pm in the sanctuary of Community United Church of Christ.  The family invites you to stay for a reception after the service.

The doors will open after 2:00pm.  We'll be setting up prior to that time.

The parking lot on Dixie Trail is reserved for people with walking challenges.  For everyone else, parking is available curbside on Dixie Trail, in the lot on Wade Avenue, and in the row of spaces along the tree line only at Morningside.

We ask CUCC members to park on O'Berry Street or farther south (toward Hillsborough Street) along the curb to allow space for visitors to park closer to the church.  Please remember not to block the driveways of our neighbors or to park in the bus stop areas.

Please consider carpooling and dropping off those in your car.

Drop off
A drop off spot will be marked on the curb of Dixie Trail in front of Pilgrim House.  Wheelchairs can access the building via paved sidewalks…

Carolyn King Obituary

Carolyn King passed away early yesterday, and and services are planned at CUCC for 3 PM on Saturday. An announcement will be coming from the church office shortly. Meanwhile, there's a wonderful obituary for Carolyn in today's News & Observer.

Cy and Cy, Jr. have asked me to make a video of the memorial service so that those who will not be able to be present on Saturday will have an opportunity to participate in this celebration of Carolyn's life. So hopefully we will be able to have that available.

Rev. Carol Ripley-Moffitt at CUCC

Rev. Carol Ripley-Moffitt was the guest pastor at the 10:30 worship service on Sept. 30, 2012. Her presentation is now included in the series of online videos that feature the appearances by previous pastors at the invitation of the CUCC Board of Deacons. These guest sermons have been scheduled for the period August 19 - October 7. The final appearance will be Rev. Cally Rogers-Witte on Oct. 7.

Rev. Carol Ripley-Moffitt presentation in the CUCC Media Archive (with a link to a YouTube version)

Entire series of presentations

Father Gregory Boyle featured in Monday Lunch Group

The book selection for Monday Lunch Group during the month of October is "Tatoos on the Heart" by Gregory Boyle. The presenter for this series is Peg Hulslander. To begin the series, the group on Monday, Oct. 1, watched some interviews with Father Boyle in which he explains his work with gangs in Los Angeles that led to the book. The videos are all available via YouTube and provide an excellent introduction to his work ...
A 20-minute TED Lecture by Father BoyleA 13-minute collection of excerpts from an interview done for Catholic publicityThe 1-hour+ interview with Krista Tippett at a Chautauqua session that Peg attended

Fall hike at Umstead Park

Come spend a leisurely fall afternoon walking/hiking the Inspiration Trail(an easy short 0.3 mile loop), or based on ability, continue down to the Old Company Mill Site on Crabtree Creek.You may return the way we came for a short 2-mile hike or the more adventurous may complete the Old Company Mill Trail loop – a moderate 5.8 miles.We will meet at the Umstead Park parking lot at 1:00pm following church.Dress in layers; wear comfortable shoes; bring your camera, water, and snacks or a picnic lunch.Easy access via the Reedy Creek entrance from Harrison Avenue and I-40.For more information contact McCray Harris.  - A Gathering of Friends event

Eating Together, Eating Healthy - one more time

Mark your calendar to join us on Wednesday, October 10, for our last potluck of the year.  We have all enjoyed the fellowship and good food.  Bring a dish to share (and a copy of the recipe) and come and relax and get to know some of your fellow CUCC members.  6:30pm in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall.  Hope you see you there. - A Gathering of Friends event

New to Community UCC?

Let us treat you to dinner on Monday, October 22. Arrive after 6pm for appetizers; we'll sit down for the meal at 6:30pm. Meet some CUCC long-timers and others who are new to the congregation. Bring your questions about faith, the congregation, or anything else. We'll spend a casual evening in conversation. RSVP to the church office byTuesday, October 16. Let us know if you need child care or if you have any dietary restrictions. - Submitted by Welcoming, Fellowship and Growth Ministry

October Forum schedule

CUCC Forum meets Sunday mornings at 9:15am in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall.  
October 7 - Part 1 – Collins Kilburn on Pauli Murray October 14 - Part 2 ‒ Collins Kilburn on Pauli Murray (Organizer: Cy King)
Pauli Murray was a champion for civil and human rights who grew up in Durham, NC.Her insights and vision continue to resonate powerfully in our times. As a historian, attorney, poet, activist, teacher, and Episcopal priest, she worked throughout her life to address injustice, to give a voice to the unheard, to educate, and to promote reconciliation between races and economic classes. Her beautifully written memoir, Proud Shoes: The Story of an American Family, was published in 1956 (
October 21 ‒ The Hope Center at Pullen Church (Organizer: Lena Gallitano) The Hope Center at Pullen makes a difference, one person at a time. Mentors, tutors and other volunteers connect with individuals seeking guidance, compassion, and support. We learn hand in han…

End of life planning discussion led by Bilbro

Dr. Robert Bilbro will speak and lead a discussion on “End of Life Planning “at the retirees’ meeting, October 8th, 11:00am, in the Fellowship Hall. Dr. Bilbro was a leading physician in Raleigh for 35 years until his recent retirement.He received his medical training at UNC-Chapel Hill Medical School and took a residency at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas.He returned to UNC-CH Hospital after two years of military duty in Korea, where he took a residency in cardiology at Duke University Hospital.“End of Life Planning” is a topic we all must face someday. Bring a box lunch. Drinks and dessert will be provided. Everyone is welcome. The retirees welcome anyone who would like to join the discussion. - A Gathering of Friends event

Prothero study in October

October offers the opportunity for attending a new study group to expand your understanding of world religions.We will read and discuss Stephen Prothero’s book, Religious Literacy – What Every American Needs to Know – and Doesn’t.Classes will be held in the Fellowship Hall on three Tuesday evenings:October 9, 16, and 30, from 6:30pm – 8:00pm.Publisher’s Weekly says, “This book is a must read, not only for educators, clergy, and government officials, but for all adults.”Mark your calendars and join us for these enriching events in October!
- Submitted for Steve Halsted

Dave Barber's guest sermon

Carson Roach-Howell made a very nice video of Dave Barber's return to the pulpit last Sunday. Carson's video of Dave Barber is now available as part of our media archive, and is also available at YouTube.

Two guest appearances remain. Carol Ripley-Moffitt will be here on September 30, and Cally Rogers-Witte will visit on October 7. All of these appearances will be recorded for the "Pulpit" section of our permanent archive.

RSVP for All Church Retreat

What dreams have you been imagining for CUCC?

Have you been chewing over an idea?  Had a recurring glimpse of what you'd love our future to be?  An idea you've been meaning to discuss with someone?

Are you curious about what others think it means to be CUCC?  To "nurture spiritual growth and work for social justice?"

God is still speaking,

CUCC's All Church Retreat Friday, Oct. 26, 6-9pm (starting with dinner) Saturday, Oct. 27, 9a-4pm (lunch included) St. Paul's Christian Church 3331 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh
Who will be gathered?  Anyone currently participating in the life of CUCC.
RSVP to the office  What ages are the children you will be bringing?  Do you have dietary restrictions?
RSVPs due by Oct. 15!

Child care provided if you RSVP.
The Youth Group lock-in is woven throughout the retreat (more details from Santi to come)

An Interesting Letter ...

As we move toward the planning retreat scheduled for next month, I would like to share an interesting and perhaps relevant letter that is part of our historical archive. The letter was written by Rev. Allyn Robinson to the congregation of the United Church of Raleigh on September 30, 1943.

The United Church of Raleigh is the mother church from which our present CUCC was born in 1969, and the United Church was the home and the nurturer of the Institute of Religion which ran through the 1940s and 1950s after being started under Allyn Robinson's leadership in 1939. His letter in 1943, however, berates the congregation (in fairly strong language) for their lack of enthusiasm for Sunday morning attendance and worship. And he urges the congregation to "put first things first." And he concludes that the result of people "failing to put first things first" is "that the liberal church is weak."

The letter makes a very interesting read, and I pass it along for th…

I need help identifying people ...

There are some pictures that I need help with. First, there are two pictures from the 1940s that show what I believe to be a large portion of the congregation of the United Church of Raleigh. The only person I can identify in either picture is Rev. Eutsler, the Pastor. I would love to identify some of these 1940s church members.

Second, there's a picture taken in our present church that labels a small group of people as "the first consistory". I believe this might be a group of people from the E&R church in Raleigh which built our church building at the corner of Dixie Trail and Wade Avenue in 1957. The info that we have includes the names of most of these people, but I haven't yet run into anyone at CUCC who is familiar with these names (T. Edsel Cooke, William Cope, Helen Peeler, W. C. Pickett, Jr., and Perry Moore).  If you can provide any information about any of these people, please contact me.

Sunday Adult Forum September Schedule

Gather for discussion of the intersection of faith and life at each Sunday's Adult Forum.  We meet in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall from 9:15-10:15am.
September 16 - "Open Discussion on the Visioning Process and the Upcoming CUCC Retreat" led by members of the planning committee
September 23 - "A Brief History of Pride" led by the Open and Affirming Task Force (ONA)
September 30 -  30-minute video on events leading up to and surrounding the Selma to Montgomery march followed by a discussion led by Joan McAllister

- information from Cynthia Ball and the Forum Planning Group

Convening meeting for Economic Justice Task Force

There will be an informational/organizational meeting of the Economic Justice Task Force on Sunday, September 16th, at 12:00 in the Bradow Room to plan a future meeting date and agenda. We hope that anyone who is interested in finding out more about the Task Force will join us as we begin to plan the directions and focus of the group. 
‒ Submitted by Shirley Birt

Gardening Therapy

Days are cooling, weeds are growing.  We can use a few more hands to get down and dirty to improve CUCC’s grounds.  Gardening Therapy is continuing into the Fall and we hope you all will add these dates to your calendar:  September 4 and 18  October 2 and 16 
We begin at 9:00am and work until noon.  See you there! 
       ‒ Submitted by Lena Gallitano 

Wednesday potlucks continue this fall

We had so much fun swapping recipes and laughing about "healthy" that we decided to schedule two more Wednesday potlucks this fall:  Sept. 5 and Oct. 10. (Yes, we know the 10th is a 2nd Wed., but the room was booked.)

Our theme is still "Eating Together, Eating Healthy."  As always, you define "healthy."
- Choosing foods which honor the earth?
- Tailoring your diet to your body?
- Buying foods grown and harvested so that workers stay healthy and are paid a living wage?
- Gaining the benefits of laughter and friendship?
Let the dish you bring reflect a healthy habit that you are trying to adopt.  Bring the list of ingredients so that others can choose which dishes meet their goals.  Be prepared to swap recipes.  All ages welcome.

A Gathering of Friends event
- posted for Welcoming, Fellowship & Growth Ministry