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Framing the Issue

I have to quibble with the way that the post below frames the issue between Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA and the YMCA of the Triangle. The account below suggests that to join the larger organization, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro group would be required to stop welcoming LBGT persons as staff and members.

First off, I'm skeptical that the YMCA of the Triangle has a policy of discrimination against anybody. But I'm even more skeptical that they have "welcoming police" who would forcably prevent the Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA from welcoming anyone they choose.

What's seems to be at issue is that the Chapel Hill-Carrboro group wishes the Triangle group to modifiy it's anti-discrimination statement. And I certainly think it would be a fine thing if that were to happen. But this transfers the emphasis to the question of whether the smaller group can persuade the larger group to sign on to the same LGBT anti-discrimination oath that the Chapel Hill-Carrboro group has previous…

YMCA - a note from Jane

[I'm writing as me here, not as the blog voice of CUCC.]
You might have read in today's News and Observer that the Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA is considering joining the YMCA of the Triangle, but will do so only on condition that they be allowed to continue welcoming LGBT persons as staff and members. 
If you are a member of the YMCA of the Triangle, prayerfully consider writing to the Board of Directors in support of this request. Urge them to make this the policy of the entire YMCA of the Triangle.  I have experienced the Y staff as deeply faithful people, so I hope you'll write in love and with respect for the Spirit at work in their lives. Address: Board of Directors, YMCA of the Triangle, 801 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 200, Raleigh, NC 27607-5073. Tell your story. Tell how your faith (and scripture) informs your welcome to LGBT people. Pray for the Board. Thanks, all.

Easy electronics recycling

Did you know you can no longer throw electronics in your trash can?
Today's News and Observer (D1) article "Turning trash into treasure" by Eden Stiffman describes the law which goes into effect today.

NEW offer from Jane (me):  I'll recycle your electronics (computers, cellphones, small televisions, cords & cables, printers, scanners, fax machines, telephones, radios).  Call/email me  to let me know what you have so I can decide if your item is too big for me to handle.  About every 3 months I'll take a load of  reusable computer components to Second Chance Computer Foundation and other electronics to Wake electronics recycling (along with florescents and batteries).  When I'm ready to take a load, I will call or email you back to let you know to bring them to church to load in my car the Sunday preceding.  We don't have room to store them at our home, so you'll need to hold them until I'm ready to make a run.

Here's an update on what you ca…

The sound accompanying a watermelon seed soaring to victory?

P2e, of course!

Plan to linger after worship on July 3 for our annual watermelon seed spitting contest. Prizes are offered for distance in different ability groups*. So get busy practicing your technique.

*  "Ability groups?" you ask. "I thought we used to compete by age and gender?"
Great question.  We've learned from our transgender friends that sorting by gender is tricky for some folks.  So, we thought we'd try sorting a new way.  You decide your ability.  Two prizes will be offered in each category.

Jimmy Creech to preach June 26, 10:30 am service

We are happy to welcome CUCC friend Jimmy Creech to the pulpit this Sunday.  Then we'll have an opportunity to catch up with him during Fellowship.  We've insisted he allow us to have copies of his new memoir Adam's Gift for sale to those who'd like one and Jimmy has graciously offered to sign them.

Many of us met Jimmy when he was pastor of our neighbor church, Fairmont United Methodist.  Over time we worked together on peace, justice, and civil rights (including gay rights) initiatives. 

If you've never met Jimmy, you can read about him in a recent article in The Independent.  Jimmy is one of those preachers who challenges us, grounding us in the Gospel of God's love.

Pizza and a Movie at 6:00 on June 24th.

Mark your calendar--Pizza and a Movie at 6:00 on June 24th. Pajamas and blankets welcome!

Feature Presentation will be "Hoot" rated PG

When the new kid in town discovers that a local population of burrowing owls are about to have their home destroyed he makes new friends to take on the town and save the endangered owls.

Here's the IMDB description.

Summer Study: "The Art of Letting Go."

Through the summer participants will be listening to these CD's by Richard Rohr followed by discussion of what's been heard.  All are invited.  Bradow Room, 9:15-10:15am

Description from the publisher of "The Art of Letting Go:  Living the Wisdom of St. Francis":

We often think of saints as rare individuals whose gifts far exceed our own, and the beloved St. Francis is no exception. But for Fr. Richard Rohr, a prolific author and renowned speaker, the life and teachings of this beloved figure offer an authentic spirituality we can all embody. On The Art of Letting Go, Fr. Rohr gives us a six-session learning course that explores: the surprising richness we discover through simplifying our lives (without taking a vow of poverty); liberation from our self-limiting biases and certitudes; contemplation and action, two key steps toward communing more deeply with the Divine; and more.