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Youth Minister Position Still Open

Do you know anyone who might be interested in serving as CUCC's new part-time Youth Minister? The job description can also be found on the CUCC website and the youth bulletin board in the hall opposite the kitchen.

Thanks to CUCC for supporting this exciting growth in the youth program.

Part-time Youth Minister
This person should be theologically grounded in a progressive Christianity that welcomes diversity of thought and cultural heritage, is tolerant of differences, is Open and Affirming, and works to practice Just Peace.This is a part time position. We anticipate an average of 10 hours per week.Formal seminary training is not a requirement, though theological sophistication is expected (…Inclusive language and an inclusive theology from a Christian perspective.). This person should view Christian youth education as a significant part of their personal mission, enjoy working with people, communicate well, have demonstrated ability to relate very well with middle school and high sc…

Youth Group Calendar

Sunday, September 2 Celebrate communion and welcome Pastor Steve and Marcy during the 10:30 worship service. No church school or Pilgrim House work today.

Sunday, September 9 Pilgrim House Workday. Start with worship at Taize' at 9:00. Stop for the Welcome Back Sunday potluck after worship. Dress to paint! Bring a brush if you have one.


In a soothing and ultra-clean white,
the bathroom and trim are done.

The "little room" has a first coat.

The gunmetal gray paint lurking mysteriously in the can of blue paint has been replaced. Next workday - finish the "little room" and put a first coat of blue in the "big room." (For photos of the painters at work, check the youth bulletin board opposite the kitchen.)
Adults who enjoy painting are needed to help the youth September 9, after Taize' to noon. Call Jane Smith.

Hi Everybody!

Hello! I am fine. Just wanted to touch base with all you wonderful folks to let you know how things are going.

I may have found out what is wrong with my artificial knee, and found out a lot that is not wrong with it. It is in great shape mechanically. The artificial joint is solidly in place and shows no signs of wear or deterioration. The bones are strong. There is no infection nor inflammation. So why, you may ask does it hurt periodically? Well, my orthopedic surgeon isn't positive either, but thinks it may be peripheral neuropathy as a side effect from the chemo. It's funny that just knowing that the knee joint is fine despite the pain causes it to hurt less. He has suggested that I take Neurontin to see if that helps with the nerve pain- so far it just makes me sleep like death and get weary earlier in the day, even though I only take one pill at night. I can tell you I will NOT be taking it during the day! I probably will discontinue it since not only does it…

Pilgrim House Basement Repairs Done!

Trim done? Check!

Shelves installed? Check !

Workroom cleaned? Check !

Half wall braced? Check!

Lunch ready? Check! Check! Check! Painting begins August 26 (Taize' followed by work)