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Getting to know Raleigh

I enjoyed reading this brief history of Moore Square which was published in Chris Riley's City of Raleigh Enewsgram. (If you don't receive this summary of recent Council and government actions, it is well worth the read. You'll also find details on upcoming events, road closings due to races and parades, environmental news, and citizens who are making a difference. Chris has an engaging style and you'll learn things not readily available on TV or in the papers.) I couldn't find the Enewsgram published on the City's website or would have linked directly to Chris's work.

With the Moore Square redesign competition in full swing, reading about the history of the Square is timely.

[To receive the Enewsgram newsletter, contact Senior Public Affairs Specialist Chris Riley at 919-996-3008 or]

The sound accompanying a watermelon seed soaring to victory?

P2e, of course!

Plan to linger after worship on July 5 for our annual watermelon seed spitting contest. Prizes are offered for distance in different age groups and by gender. So get busy practicing your technique.

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