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FORUM: November schedule

The Forum Committee announces the NOVEMBER FORUM SCHEDULE:

November 2 - IMMIGRATION INJUSTICES. Chris Liu Beers, Program Associate at NC Council of Churches, and Irene Godinez, Advocacy Director at El Pueblo, discuss the NC Religious Coalition for Justice for Immigrants and the specifics of the immigration injustices occurring right now in NC.

November 9 - TEACHER "DIS-EMPOWERMENT". Speakers to be announced.

November 16 - THE TERMINATION AND PREVENTION OF WAR. Dr. Keith Otterbein, professor emeritus of anthropology, University at Buffalo, New York.


November 30 - EXPERIENCES OF A WHITE STUDENT AT A BLACK UNIVERSITY. Rev. Herbert Schafale, retired UCC minister, discusses his experiences as the only white student at Fisk University in the mid-1950's.

More about Luis Alvarenga

The video of the complete worship service yesterday, culminating in the ordination of Luis Alvarenga, is now available in DVD-video format. (A high resolution version is also available in Quicktime format if you'd prefer a version to watch at high resolution on your computer or on a HDTV connected to your computer.) Let me (Lavon Page) know if you'd like a copy.

A video of the ordination portion of the service is available on the "Telling Our Stories" podcast page.

For those who would like to know more about Luis' work, there's an informative video at the Mutimedia Collaborative Studio 209 website.
Click picture for photos of Reception

The "head scarf" issue -- more complicated than you might think

CUCC has a long interest in the issue of separation of church and state. (See, for example, the podcast of the panel discussion on this topic held in the sanctuary in 2006. )

Sabrina Tavernise (Jo Perry's niece whom Jo just visited in Istanbul) has an interesting video at the NY Times website on the "head scarf" issue in Turkey. Sabrina's narration of this video conveys that the issue is more complicated than one might first imagine. You can find the video at this link on the NY Times website. Scroll down the page to get to the picture labeled "Video" (not the picture labeled "Multimedia"). Notice that there is a "full screen" button to beneath the video, i.e. clicking this will play the video in full screen mode on your computer display.


Steve Halsted invites the middle & high school parents to join him for conversation on the joys and challenges we face. Possible outcomes: a periodic parent supper club? A monthly check-in for parents of youth? Study & discussion of topics of our choice?

Sunday, November 9 noon-1:15 Hoffmann room Bring: your own lunch; drinks will be provided.