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"Dear Frankie" Scheduled for Movie Night on Aug. 20

The British film “Dear Frankie” (2004) will be the next selection in the foreign film series, scheduled for 7:30 PM on Friday, August 20 in the fellowship hall. This is a delightful and light-hearted comedy that will entertain you and leave you feeling good - A great film for popcorn, fun, and fellowship. Here's the Netflix spin on this film ...
Faced with the prospect of raising her son, Frankie (Jack McElhone), with a good-for-nothing man, the resourceful Lizzie (Emily Mortimer) spirits him away to Scotland with good intentions and pretends the boy's father is aboard the HMS Accra. But after years of Lizzie's skillful lying, the jig is up when Frankie learns the ship is docked right by their home. Now, the only way to protect Frankie's heart is to find a man willing to pose as his dad.

Michael Evans sermon on July 18

Michael Evans is in the midst of a job search for a pastoral position in the UCC. Many churches who contact prospective pastors request the candidate to send a video of a sermon. Michael asked me to make a video of the sermon he presented at CUCC on July 18, 2010. For distribution to churches who have contacted him, Michael is using DVD copies of the sermon. But there's also an online version of the July 18 sermon that Michael Evans delivered at CUCC.

God's Green Earth tonight!

See you at 6ish for make-your-own pizzas and a fun evening of events.  Our plans are being modified to adjust to the heat wave, so don't let the heat keep you away.

How accessible is your vacation destination?

"Access North Carolina: A Guide to Travel Site Accessibility" describes locations throughout North Carolina. Each site has a brief description and is scored for accessibilty in parking, entrance, indoors, outdoors and restrooms. Whether you are travelling with someone in a wheelchair or simply have creaky knees, this book can help you prepare for your next vacation. A copy is in our church library, but you can find the material online.

Appalachia Service Project team leaves today

Please pray for us as we work in Carter County, TN.  Among our possible jobs:  applying a tin roof, building wheelchair ramps, installing underpinning under trailer homes, wall boarding, fixing bathroom plumbing.  We join a team from Texas to share this work.  Some of the challenges:  cold showers from a hose, possible rain every day, temperatures in the upper 80's without shade.  Among the joys:  meeting our families, getting to know one another and the ASP site management team college students, blue grass music and lake swimming.  Please pray that in our work God's love is manifest.  See you next week!  Abby, Jackson, Carson, Ron, Paul, Jane

Wedding photos for John and Adrienne

John asked me to take pictures at the wedding on July 10. Here's a link to the photos.

John and Adrienne's wedding photos

Why were we inspired at the celebration of the Congo's 50th Anniversary?

On June 30, the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo celebrated the 50th anniversary of their liberation from Belgium. The Congolese Community of North Carolina/Raleigh sponsored a day-long celebration to honor the anniversary and to help us imagine a better future for the people of the DRC. Our friends from the All Things Congo Task Force, Miki and Jolie Kidibu, were instrumental in organizing the conference.
Neither a political rally nor a religious event, this gathering celebrated the culture of the Congo with joyful music and art. We heard a socio-politico-economic presentation from Dr. Georges Nzongola Ntalanja about the current state of things in the Congo (remember his excellent presentation at our All Things Congo event?). Then a panel of experts fielded  a wide range of questions.  They offered concrete advice on how we might make a difference.  We also made some terrific connections for future work together (including meeting Ms.Mbelu Walton of the microloan project acc…

Drought, tomatoes and potlucks...

For the God's Green Earth potluck I had hoped to bring some of the tomatoes which are finally appearing on my vines; yesterday lunch I feasted on my first orange tomato - perfect skin, sweet taste without that hint of bitterness that comes with tomato.  Imagine my dismay when I noticed my plants are struggling with yellowing leaves and a general droopiness.  So off to the rain barrel for me.
How is your garden surviving the heat and dryness?  Will you have something you can bring to our Sunday noon potluck for God's Green Earth, July 25?  Any food is welcome, but consider bringing a dish with locally-grown ingredients.

Congratulations to our seed-spitting champs!

Excellent form battled with aerodynamically-challenging seed shape to give us our 2010 P2e champions.  Congratulations to: Jeanne (22'), Jackson (18'), Erin (22.5'), and Paul (25.5').  To see more photos

Meals on Wheels

Thanks to WNCN-TV 17 for this coverage of John Little and Adrienne Talbot providing service via Meals on Wheels. Broadcast July 6, 2010.