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The United Church of Christ has developed resources for nonpartisan voter education and empowerment. Included are briefings on key issues and suggestions about ways to get involved in the political process. The theme of the Our Faith Our Vote 2008 is "Imagine Another World is Possible." "The vision is to imagine and create a world free from violence, free from poverty, free from hunger and free from oppression and discrimination."

The resources provide key briefings on Health Care, Poverty, Climate Change, Immigration, the Global Economy, the War in Iraq and Media Justice. "The challenges before our nation and our world are great, and it is as important as ever that we equip ourselves to make informed, thoughtful decisions about those who will lead us into the future."

Read the Our Faith Our Vote materials online or order a printed packet from Jessie Palatucci, Policy Advocate, 100 Maryland Avenue NE, Suite 330, Washington, DC 20002 or at palatucj@ucc.o…

Opportunities for Ministry

The Nominating Committee would like to hear from you regarding your interests for service in the coming year. A churchwide e-mail was sent out this week encouraging each of us to reflect on how we would like to serve.

Please let Shannon Core, Bill Lamb or me know if there is a Ministry that fits your time availability and talents or if you would consider or welcome a change.

Laughing at ourselves ...

A favorite item during the pre-meeting chit chat at Monday Lunch Group this week was the Saturday Night Live political spoof that aired on Sept. 13. Such things quickly wind up on YouTube, and several group members had seen it there. By Monday afternoon, however, NBC had exercised its copyright option and demanded that Google pull the video, which Google of course did. NBC then released a copy with it's own "brand" included. It's higher quality than what was on YouTube in the first place, and here it is for those who missed it. (The video may be preceded by a 30-sec. commercial, but the wait is worth it.)

Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live

Early Voting + Bus Lunch, Oct. 26

Our friends in the Congo risk their lives to vote even though fairness of the elections is in question. Our votes can influence US policy. As the UCC says, "Our Faith, Our Vote."

So, on Sunday, Oct. 26, you are invited to eat a light lunch (provided) and join others from CUCC in Early Voting together.
Not simply an opportunity to exercise your faith and franchise, this event also is a chance to reduce your carbon footprint! We'll board CAT bus 4 (bring $2 exact change for the roundtrip) to ride to the Pullen Arts Center polling station for its opening at 1:00pm. After voting, you can catch a bus back to CUCC at any hour + 8 minutes. If the walk from the NCSU Belltower to the PAC is too far or you are on a tight schedule, carpool from the church lot to voting and back. Add to the fun: bring $2 to buy a locally-grown & made Locopop.
Bring: $2 for the bus, $2 for Locopops (optional), and your CUCC canvas bag as your "badge" if you made one at God's Green Ea…


Next Sunday we welcome Mary Rider who with her husband runs the Father Charlie Mulholland Catholic Worker House in Garner. Rider will talk about being jailed for civil disobedience after praying for death row inmate Sammy Flippen. She and three other protesters knelt on a prison driveway and were charged with second-degree trespassing. An editorial in the N&O offers an opinion. Hope you'll come and hear her and offer yours.


Yesterday, we were pleased to hear Rev. Rollin Russell at Forum who spoke on "Economic Justice: What is it?". He shared the experiences of United Church of Chapel Hill on adopting an Economic Justice Covenant and challenged CUCC to begin the process of discernment towards the same goal.

He recommended several resources:

Broccoli and Desire: Global Connections and Maya Struggles in Postwar Guatamala by Edward F. Fischer/Peter Benson

In Search of a Good Life: The Ethics of Globalization by Rebecca Todd Peters of Elon University.

Both can be purchased locally at Quail Ridge Books or online at

He also referred to several publications and initiatives of the NC Justice Center including Making Ends Meet on Low Wages.


Two upcoming lectures of interest (also posted on Climate blog):

Greenpeace USA Executive Director John Passacantando.
"Your Environment, My Environment: A fight for Survival"
Tuesday, September 9. 7:00 pm
Jones Auditorium, Meredith College, 3800 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh

BCBS Presidential Lecture Series
As executive director of Greenpeace USA, the world’s largest environmental action organization, John Passacantando is at the forefront of the fight for clean air, clean water and the survival of the planet. He has been instrumental in guiding a tremendous shift in public awareness and concern about the conditions of the planet. A one-time political conservative and supply side economics disciple, he was converted to the environmental cause in 1987 when Mike Roselle, founder of Earth First! and the Ruckus Society, scaled Mt. Rushmore and hung a giant gas mask on George Washington—landing Roselle in prison and Passacantando in the ranks of the environmentalists. Public Welcom…