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Cy King Speaks on the social action history of CUCC

At 10:30 worship on Oct. 30, Cy King gave a presentation on the history of social action at Community UCC. This video (35 minutes) was made during that presentation. You can view a higher quality version of this video on YouTube:

Money Talks schedules second discussion

We have scheduled a second discussion on "Money Talks" on Sunday, October 30 at 12:15pm in the Hoffman Room.  The focus will be on changes we have made (or may consider making) in how we use our money. You may want to bring a bag lunch or snack. We hope that you will be able to join us.
- posted for Shirley Birt
A Gathering of Friends event

Adam's Apples -- Movie Night Selection for Oct. 28

The Friday night foreign film series continues on Oct. 28 with the showing of "Adam's Apples", a Danish film from 2005. The contrast between this film and last month's "Of Gods and Men" could hardly be more striking. We move from a deeply sincere and poignant story about a monastery to a delightfully outrageous comic film noir which is an allegory on the Book of Job.

Now anyone with a touch of sanity is going to ask just how well the Book of Job lends itself to a comic rendition. And that question illustrates why this movie fits into no known genre of films. Usually when publicizing a film for this movie series, I include the summary of the movie given at the Netflix website. However, in the case of "Adam's Apples", I find that description so woefully inadequate that I'm omitting it. So all I can say is come to this film with an open mind and no preconceptions and be prepared to laugh. But you'll leave with a fresh interpretation of the…

October Forum: Environmental Sustainability

Beginning October 16, Forum (Sundays, 9:15-10:15 am) will focus on environmental sustainability and related issues.

October 16 – "Green" presentation: "Qu'est que c’est? Does THIS Contribute to Sustainability of thePlanet?" Marty Lamb will present pictures taken this summer in Belgium, France and Spain of different objects and we’ll determine: Does the item contribute to sustainability of the planet? If so, how?

October 23 – Carl Sigel will be a guest speaker who will inform Forum of North Carolina Interfaith Power and Light initiatives.

October 30 – In the third session of Sunday morning forum sponsored by the Justice in a Changing Climate Committee, a panel will discuss ways we can contribute to sustainability of the planet through gardening. If you (a) have never gardened but would like to begin as you try to green your lifestyle (b) if you've wondered about those thriving vegetable plants we've had at our church and how they are being used or (c) if y…

A pilgrimage through CUCC Stories

"With so many witnesses in a great cloud on every side of us..."* Imagine a crowd cheering you on as you move toward your goal.  How much easier it is to keep going when we aren't alone.

At CUCC, our building and grounds are spangled with tangible signs of CUCC-members past and present who incarnate love in action.  Witty, curious, courageous, generous, creative, tenacious and very human.  We can draw strength from our CUCC cloud of witnesses.

Learn their stories on All Saints Day,** November 6 after 10:30 worship.  During Fellowship, take a self-guided tour of the building and grounds, discovering the signs and learning about the lives behind them.  Just for fun, we'll have a scavenger hunt for clues.  Because we want you to stay a bit longer this Sunday, we'll provide nutritious snacks to sustain you on your pilgrimage.  A family-friendly event.

*Hebrews 12:1
** Yes, we know All Saints Day is actually November 1 and remembers those who have died, but we're being…

CUCC hikes in Umstead Park November 13

Work off your turkey dinner from Novemberfest! by joining others on one of three walks through Umstead Park on Sunday, November 13. McCray Harris has charted a stroll, a walk and a hike; we'll all begin at 1:00, then peel off as we choose the length that suits us.

Come spend a leisurely Fall afternoon walking/hiking the Inspiration Trail (an easy short 0.3 mile loop) and based on ability, continuing down to the Old Company Mill Site on Crabtree Creek [Option to return the way we came in for a short (2 miles) hike or the more adventurous may complete the Old Company Mill Trail loop (moderate 5.8 miles)]

Friends are welcome.  Bring a bag lunch to eat at CUCC after worship before we head over to Umstead.  Or, stop for a quick restaurant meal and meet us there.
- A Gathering of Friends event

There's a Spirit Coming Down

The Sisters in Spirit (SIS) beach retreat explored this theme during a gorgeous weekend at the NC beach.

SIS has posted their schedule for the coming year; in general, they plan to meet on fifth Tuesdays.
November 29
January 31
March 29 (Thursday)
July 31
Sept. (tba beach retreat)
Oct. 30

- submitted for Marty Lamb
A Gathering of Friends group

Packing Church World Service Kits

The emergency aid packages (Church World Service Kits) that folks contributed items for during the past few months were packed by the Wider Outreach Committee following worship on Sept. 11. See the photos of the packing here.

Neighbors in Need Offering is October 9

Two-thirds of Neighbors in Need supports program initiatives and direct grants offered by the UCC's Justice and Witness Ministries. Small but essential grants are made throughout the year to congregations and organizations engaged in community organizing, public policy advocacy, and direct service. Although grants are made to address a wide range of justice priorities, a significant portion of these grants are made to address issues of hunger and poverty.

One-third of Neighbors in Need supports the work of the UCC's Council for American Indian Ministry, which is the voice for American Indians in the UCC. The Council for American Indian Ministry supports the work of local churches and their pastors; encourages youth and young adults; supports persons preparing for Christian ministry; empowers American Indians who are members of non-Indian congregations; and advocates for justice on issues affecting American Indian life. Historically, the NIN fund supports the forebears of the U…

Informational tour of Hospice Oct. 10

Retirees and their friends will meet (or go separately) in CUCC’s parking lot at 10:30 a.m. on October 10 to carpool to Hospice. Michael Blanchard and the staff of Hospice of Wake County will conduct a tour of the campus at 5930 Trinity Road. We will visit the new Palliative Care Center at 250 Hospice Circle. Bring a bag lunch – we’ll eat around 12N in a meeting room at Hospice. Drinks and dessert will be provided.
Programs are open to all members of the church and their friends. Retirees especially - don’t miss this program.