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New book study: Jesus: The Life, Teachings, and Relevance of a Religious Revolutionary by Marcus Borg

We will start a new book study this Thursday, September 3 at 7:00pm on Zoom. All are welcome. 
Our book is Jesus: The Life, Teachings, and Relevance of a Religious Revolutionary by Marcus Borg. The study is open to anyone who wants to learn more about Christianity. We will meet for the next four weeks.
Marcus Borg is a progressive theologian who provides new insights into Jesus through the lens of critical, historical analysis. His writing is careful, thought-provoking, and deep. 
We hope you will join us for the discussion. Please email Pastor Lacey for the Zoom link,

Bring bread and wine* for communion at 10:30 worship

At Community UCC we practice an "open table," meaning that you do not have to be a member of our church to participate. You don't have to be baptized or have gone through a confirmation process. People of all ages are welcome, even our young children! The only pre-requisite is an open heart.
We believe that all people of faith are invited to join Christ at Christ's table for the sacrament of Communion. Just as many grains of wheat are gathered to make one loaf of bread and many grapes are gathered to make one cup of wine, we, the many people of God, are made one in the body of Christ, the church.

On September 6, at 10:30 worship, we will celebrate communion.  Bring wine and bread* - whether orange juice or Merlot, a slice of whole-grain or a gluten-free cracker - to worship services.  We will join in Christ's meal together.

Email the office to get the Zoom meeting information for worship.

An invitation from Pastor Lacey: Come hang out on the porch at the Pilgrim House

coffee and conversation on the porchI'd like to invite you to spend time with me on the porch at the Pilgrim House.  The hour is open to whatever you need. We can talk about an important topic or just have a casual visit.  Let's enjoy the transition from summer to fall together, outside. Please bring a mask and make an appointment. Email me, with your preferred day/time. -Pastor Lacey

First Sunday is Food Sunday

Each first Sunday of the month CUCC focuses on assisting our neighbors by supplementing their food supply. During COVID we are doing this by encouraging you to make a financial donation.September = Food Bank of Central & Eastern North CarolinaMake a donation to the Food Bank here.
Questions about First Sunday is Food Sunday?  Contact Charles Coble at outreach.cucc@gmail.comsponsored by Community Outreach Ministry

This Saturday - outdoor workday on CUCC's grounds

After cancelling the March and June church work days, the September 12 event will move forward in a way that keeps everyone safe.  The projects listed below can be done on your own schedule or safely distanced on Saturday, Sept. 12. All materials and tools will be provided.  To volunteer, please contact Property Ministry Chairperson Merrilee Jacobson at 919-274-4539 or  Thank you! Weeding (several areas around the church grounds)Pruning bushes and small treesSweeping up pine straw and redistributing itClearing children’s playground of sticks and pinecones (a good family project!)Spreading mulch in two large planting beds (Dixie Trail parking lot)Cleaning out drains (VFH back entrance and mechanical room)Patching broken concrete at top of stairs leading from MMG to Wade Ave.Scrape/prime/paint children’s restroomPatch cracks/prime/paint Pilgrim House living/dining room

Voting 2020 information

From a Ministry Moment given August 30 by Mike Soboeiro, on behalf of CUCC's Do Justice Ministry I don’t have to tell most of you how important voting is every year and especially this year. And that things will be made more difficult by the Coronavirus pandemic.Since the vast majority of us live in Wake County, I’m going to focus there, but every county in North Carolina is now required by law to have an online voting website.In Wake County, the site is All the info I will discuss here is contained there. You can register to vote, view and confirm your voting information, find your polling place, view a sample ballot, etc. there. The last day to register to vote in NC is October 9, 2020 at 5pm, however you can same day register and early vote at the same time on each day of early voting. To vote in NC, you must be 18, have lived here for 30 days and not be currently serving a sentence (or parole) for a felony. 16 and 17 year olds can also preregister.…

Kiel Family News

We celebrate and offer blessings on Erin Kiel and the whole Kiel family. Erin grew up in our church and was an integral part and a shining light in our children and youth programs, and she has lots of exciting news. Erin Kiel and Josh Marx are getting married on September 4, 2020 at Sandhills Presbyterian Church in Southern Pines, NC. Josh and Erin love being in each other’s company and talk about subjects big and small. They enjoy cooking, exercising, playing games and want to travel as much as possible. Although Erin can’t wait for them to get a dog, she is willing to start out with a pet turtle named Skipper. Erin is in nursing school at UNCG and will graduate next May with a BSN. She is still exploring what area of nursing she would like to focus on (this summer she had an externship at Rex Hospital where she worked on the medical surgery floor.) Josh has started a third grade teaching position at Covenant Preparatory School and is completing two online classes at UNCG. He will gr…

Register for the Southern Conference’s 55th Annual Gathering, October 16-17, 2020

Southern Conference’s 55th Annual Gathering, October 16-17, 2020The Southern Conference will have their Annual Gathering over Zoom, October 16-17. The experience will include worship, fellowship, discussion, business, and voting.
Who can attend? Anyone who is a member of a local UCC church within the Southern Conference.
The cost is $50 for the entire event per person. CUCC will cover the cost if you wish to be a delegate representing CUCC.
Delegates should register by September 8th to participate in training on how to vote virtually and navigate via zoom during the meeting. Once registered for delegate training you will receive the zoom link to participate.
Email Pastor Lacey if you plan on participating,

A short story: CUCC's research spreads coast to coast

You never know when you'll have a chance to spread our climate change justice ideas farther than we dreamed! I am part of a nationwide group of churches that gets together twice a month to exchange ideas about how to use Zoom effectively for worship and other church events.  Most of the churches are in California, but there are some in the midwest, east coast and even one person who zooms from Paris!  Today discussion turned to Zoom vs in-person small group meetings - pros and cons and how-tos.  I chimed in that our carbon neutral group  calculated that a small group meeting on Zoom produces 2% of the greenhouse gasses of an in-person meeting.  Exclamations of "why didn't we think of that?" followed.  One of the participants from California with an active church climate change group said that he would be sharing the idea of encouraging some virtual meetings long after COVID as a way to be climate friendly. The little steps we take at CUCC - even the research we do - h…

Compost bin emptying day September 9

Add your compost to our industrial compost bin.  There should be lots of room any day for what you bring, but if you've been worried the bin is too full for your watermelon rinds, fried chicken bones, and pizza boxes, come by on Thursday, September 10.  CompostNow! should be emptying our compost bin on Wednesday, September 9.  Snap a selfie to share and sent to Jane Smith submitted by our Justice in a Changing Climate task force

Breeze is a breeze to use

Contact information for CUCC members and frequent visitors is available at the touch of a button from any electronic device. Want to know more? Contact Jane Smith or Susan Atkinson for a quick tutorial.

Rain washed? A new opportunity!

Monday's rain washed our racial justice signs clean.  Drop by soon to add your voice and your message for racial justice.  A project of CUCC's Youth Group  Questions?  Contact Śānti Matthews, Youth and Adult Education Coordinator.

In this week's eNews...

New opportunities keep popping up every day, so keep checking the CUCC Online Calendar.  
Thursday, August 27Worship leaders & contributors check inFriday, August 28Retirees’ Café  - Bill hostsSunday, August 30Taizé worship and fellowshipSunday Morning Bible Study - ProverbsYouth-led worship and fellowshipReligious Education MinistryHigh School Youth GroupMonday, August 31Monday Lunch Group CouncilTuesday, September 1Stewardship and PersonnelLife & FaithWednesday, September 2Lectionary Lunch with LaceyWednesday Evening Bible StudyThursday, September 3Deacons MinistryJesus:  Uncovering the Life, Teachings & Relevance of a Religious RevolutionaryFriday, September 4Retirees’ Café – Bill hostsCurrent needs in the communityWhat you can do to help nowOther important news in this editionLife & Faith conversation September 1Sanctuary Denied for our friend, Eliseo.  Need your help.Welcoming Weekend September 12 & 13Lectionary lunches continue in SeptemberSupport group for em…

Life & Faith conversation September 1

Our proposed September topic for conversation about the intersections of life and faith in our own lives: When in your life have you been faced with a decision which would likely pass through danger, significant loss, or perhaps death?  There are times death and loss come for us, but I am thinking of times when one deliberately walks into danger.  Whichever way you chose, which factors were a convincing part of your decision?  Did you perceive God in the midst of the deciding? After you chose?  Were there people who accompanied you in the decision making process?  What do you need from your church at times like these?Pastor Lacey's sermon on August 23 moved through the land of these questions. Let's hear one another and - just perhaps - deepen relationships for the next decision point.About Life and Faith This ever-changing group of CUCCers and friends gathers to bounce ideas, support and challenge each other, and enjoy good company.  Questions for discussion arise from the gro…

Sanctuary Denied for our friend Eliseo. Need your help.

We have recently learned that the immigration court has summarily denied the case of our friend Eliseo Jimenez, who has been three years in sanctuary at Umstead Park UCC.  He was the first undocumented immigrant to enter sanctuary in Raleigh. Unless his case is appealed, he will have to abandon his wife and two young children and return to Mexico. His attorney feels confident that, due to the specifics of Eliseo’s case, even under the present administration, an appeal to the federal Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals holds real promise for a stay of deportation.The appeal process is expensive, but his lawyer is willing to reduce her firm’s cost to keep open Eliseo’s chances of remaining with his family. She has started a relief fund with a target of 100 people, each donating $35.CUCC’s Do Justice Ministry has donated, and several Do Justice members did likewise.  Can you help too?If you wish to contribute to the fund, please mail a check (marked Eliseo’s Legal Fund) to Umstead Park Uni…

Welcoming Weekend September 12 & 13

September 12 from 6-7pm Saturday Night Zoom Fun & GamesMake a New Friend ContestScavenger HuntPrizes!You heard right - “Make" a New Friend out of a watermelon (like Pastor Lacey’s new friend Gertrude, or my new friend Mel) and introduce him/her/them to your church friends. The evening will be fun for all ages and stages; really anyone who wants to laugh. As our collective isolation drags into the fall, let’s get silly together. These days, the fact that we’re talking to the fruits and vegetables can be a helpful activity in our evolving mental health tool kit. Can’t wait to see your new friend and hear how they’re speaking to you. It’s only a contest because contests are fun. You do you!September 13 10:30am Worship featuring Stories of WelcomeStay after for a bit of fellowship fun September 13 between 3-5pm  Popsicle Pop Up Blessing on the groundsMeet Pastor Lacey in the Dixie Trail parking lot. Cars will line up on Dixie Trail facing Wade Avenue (northbound) anytime between …

Lectionary lunches continue in September

Join Pastor Lacey on Wednesdays in September at 1:00pm for Lectionary LunchWhat is the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL)?The RCL is a three-year cycle of weekly Bible selections. The selected readings are built around the seasons of the church year. Right now, we are in ordinary time (the Season after Pentecost). Every week, there are four lections: a reading from the Hebrew Bible, a Psalm, an Epistle, and a Gospel Reading.Click here to see the readings for September.On Wednesdays, in September we will meet on Zoom at 1:00pm to explore the Bible readings together. We welcome your questions, insights, worldly wisdom, and doubts. No preparation is necessary. Simply come as you are. These discussions are open to the community.  Lunch optional; bring your own.Email Pastor Lacey to sign up: or look for the Saturday Zoom information email.

Support group for empty nesters

If you are a parent of a young adult (high school graduate or beyond), these are likely complicated times. CUCC's Religious Education Ministry wants to offer you support as you navigate your growing/changing relationship during the pandemic. We are looking to build a safe and trusting group of parents who meet monthly to share experiences, challenges, ideas, and joys. We plan to keep this group small (10 or fewer) to make in person gatherings an option and to encourage friendship and support. Meetings will be monthly and beginning in September. The group will decide together on format, discussion topics, and meeting times/places.If interested, please respond by September 10 (the sooner the better to ensure your spot in our circle). Contact Santi Matthews at or Julie Robertson at

#6 A devotional for our collective reflection

Dear fellow CUCC'ers: The Deacons Ministry continues our outreach efforts in this time of COVID-19. Contained within this email is yet another devotional for our collective reflection, penned by Susan Hasbrouck. Please remember that if you are in need of support or assistance, then please don’t hesitate to call or reach out to one of us. We are happy to receive your prayer requests. We are also able to contact pastors or church staff on your behalf, should you require their support. We will strive to help any way we can.You can find contact information for the Deacons in Breeze (look for the "Deacons" tag).Thank you for being in community with us. May we remain unified, loving, passionate and compassionate during this difficult time. Peace be with you!***********************
How is your new normal going? At this point we’ve long since baked many snow days’ worth of bread and finished all the puzzles. We’ve set up and tweaked the ideal Zoom spaces for work and school and s…

Amazing stuff CUCC's youth have done this summer

Youth met for Sunday School most Sundays this Summer. We held BYC Summer Youth Camp online.We have had two youth-led worship services this summer and there's still one more coming on August 30.Youth and children have participated in many worship services this summer, as readers, liturgists, videographers, etc.We completed our Confirmation Course and five youth were confirmed on August 16.  Our Youth Choir met through June and will meet again to plan remote rehearsals and compilations for Advent and Christmas.Our Youth Group has met twice on the church grounds with safe social distancing.  Our Youth Group made interactive racial justice signs that invite the community to stand up and speak up.We held an intergenerational VBS series and three youth provided leadership for it. We had a Bingo Game on Zoom with 17 youth and 2 adults.We celebrated Zenna's high school graduation.If you have questions about how teens in your committee can become part of the CUCC Youth Group, contact Śān…

Last week to register for Lift Your Voice and Your Vote for the Planet

Lift Your Voice and Your Vote for the Planet Webinar Monday, September 21, 7pmOn ZoomThis timely Zoom webinar will show you how you can use your VOICE and your VOTE to make a difference. Register here and share this flyer with fellow allies! Campaign Nonviolence NC is dedicated to working towards peace, economic justice, environmental healing and a sustainable world. For more information, visit us on Facebook or contact Sue Woodling at's Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force is assisting with this excellent webinar.  To find out how you can help, contact Merrilee Jacobson

End your week with friends at the Cafe

Join host Bill Lamb for a drop in every Friday from 1-2PM.  Let's laugh together, talk about your week, and catch up on news.Some of CUCC's retirees have found this an enjoyable end to their week, and they welcome people of any age to join them.Contact Bill if you need the Zoom meeting ID (the same one we have been using for the Cafes).

A message from Mike and Tena

After careful consideration, Mike Schafale and Tena Hand have decided to wait to have their wedding until we can gather in person. They appreciate and value our community and want us to share in this joy together!

In this week's eNews...

New opportunities keep popping up every day, so keep checking the CUCC Online Calendar.  Friday, August 21Retirees’ Café  - Bill hostsSunday, August 23   Taizé worship and fellowshipSunday Morning Bible Study - ProverbsAll-ages worship  and fellowshipArts in Worship CommitteeDo Justice MinistryYouth Sunday SchoolMonday, August 24Monday Lunch Group Tuesday, August 25Pastoral Relations CommitteeBookclubWednesday, August 26Compost bin emptied todayStaff meetingLectionary Lunch with LaceyThursday, August 27Worship leaders and contributors check inFriday, August 28Retirees’ Café – Bill hostsCurrent needs in the communityWhat you can do to help nowOther important news in this editionA devotional for our collective reflection #5Two good deeds with one trip to CUCCNew book study starts September 3Save the date – September 21I’m new. How can I attend worship?Deadline to submit information for the eNews is Wednesday, 9AM.  Send to and to (yes, both …

#5 A devotional for our collective reflection

Dear fellow CUCC'ers:This email is a continuation of deacon outreach efforts in this time of COVID-19. Contained within this email is yet another devotional for our collective reflection, written by our very own Susan Hasbrouck. Also, remember that if you are in need of support or assistance, then please don’t hesitate to call or reach out to one of us. We are happy to receive your prayer requests. We are also able to contact pastors or church staff on your behalf, should you require their support. We will strive to help any way we can.Thank you for being in community with us. May we remain unified, loving, passionate and compassionate during this difficult time. Peace be with you!Paul Atkinson, Chair of Deacons Ministry***********************A devotional for your reflection It isn’t difficult or uncommon these days to share our varied beliefs and philosophies with the world. We have ample opportunity through bumper stickers, favorite t-shirts, social media posts, yard signs, dona…

Two good deeds with one trip to CUCC

1)  Add your statements for justice to the signs on CUCC's lawn.  Chalk and handwipes are at the sign.  While you are there, snap a selfie to share on your social media, adding @RaleighCUCC.2)  Add your compost to our industrial compost bin.  There should be lots of room for what you bring, but if you've been worried the bin is too full for your watermelon rinds, fried chicken bones, and pizza boxes, come by on Thursday, August 27.  CompostNow! should be emptying our compost bin on Wednesday, August 26.  Snap another selfie to share.Bring a mask in case you run into someone else running their CUCC justice errands and you want to chat-at-a-6'-distance.

New book study starts September 3

Coming soon - a Zoom book study with Pastor Lacey on Marcus Borg's Jesus - Uncovering the Life, Teachings and Relevance of a Religious Revolutionary. Almost two thousand years after his death, Jesus continues to be front-page news in the United States. Yet American Christians are deeply divided about what it means to follow him. Bible scholar Borg takes us on a journey to discover who Jesus was, what he taught, and why he still matters today. Borg argues that how we see Jesus affects how we see Christianity and reveals a new way of seeing--a new perspective that can overcome the differences between the literalists and progressives, a path that emphasizes following "the way" of Jesus, the original name of the Jesus movement. Thursdays at 7:00 pm:  September 3, 10, 17, 24 and October 1.Please email Pastor Lacey at to join the study and receive the Zoom meeting link.Members of the community are welcome, so invite your friends who might be interested.

Save the Date - September 21, 7PM

CUCC is a proud co-sponsor and on the organizing team for this community-wide event.To register, click here

In this week's eNews...

New opportunities keep popping up every day, so keep checking the CUCC Online Calendar.  Thursday, August 13"I’m Still Here" discussionFriday, August 14Retirees’ Café  - Bill hostsSaturday, August 15Sunday, August 16 Taizé worship and communion and fellowshipSunday Morning Bible Study - ProverbsConfirmation at all-ages worship  and fellowshipArts in Worship CommitteeStewardship MinistryYouth Sunday SchoolMonday, August 17Monday Lunch Group Tuesday, August 18Wednesday, August 19Lectionary Lunch with LaceyWednesday Evening Bible StudyChoir practiceThursday, August 20"I’m Still Here" discussionFriday, August 21Retirees’ Café – Bill hostsCurrent needs in the communityWhat you can do to help nowOther important news in this editionBring bread and wine for communion at Taizé worshipSunday Bible study turns to ProverbsPray for our youth as they prepare for confirmation this SundaySneak peak of Confirmation SundaySigns ready for your collaboration starting this SundayYour v…

Sunday Bible study turns to Proverbs

Join us for 45 minutes of study (9:30-10:15 AM) each Sunday as we read the Bible together and discuss it.  No homework.August 16 we begin a series looking at the book of Proverbs; Bill Gretsch will present an introduction to this compendium of sayings in the wisdom literature of our scripture.  We will continue for 5 weeks, ending September 13.The Zoom meeting information is in the Saturday email, or contact Bill Lamb  Members of the community are welcome!

Pray for our youth as they prepare for confirmation this Sunday

Confirmation is this Sunday!What a joy! Five amazing youth have been immersed in the confirmation process since November 2019, have completed the course, and are choosing to be confirmed this Sunday. Please be in prayer for Ian Burkhardt, Tess Cobeland, Afton Eckard, Josephine Thomas, and Samuel Thomas as they prepare to share their expressions of faith. And please come to worship this Sunday to support and welcome them.  The class was facilitated by Bill Bryan and Śānti Matthews and also received support and leadership from Pastor Lacey Brown. This group has shared in countless discussions and activities, including an early spring retreat which they got to enjoy two weeks before we all had to start sheltering at home. This bright group of youth is especially committed to deep questions. They have learned much about their own unique faith journeys and shared their experiences generously with each other. They have deepened their personal relationships with God, grown in their understan…

Sneak peak of Confirmation Sunday

The following two photographs were taken by youth photographer Ian Burkhardt. Ian is one of our confirmands this Sunday, and you will be able to enjoy these photographs during our Sunday Zoom worship where Ian and four other youth will be confirmed. One of the benefits of an online service that we can appreciate visual art in this way. Thank you, Ian, for sharing your appreciation of nature and for sharing your keen eye for color, light, and composition.
- submitted by Śānti  Matthews, Youth and Adult Education Coordinator,

Signs ready for your collaboration starting this Sunday

The racial justice signs are up on the CUCC property and are ready for your collaboration!  CUCC Youth wanted our church to respond after Raleigh’s powerful demonstration on May 31, opposing systemic racism and police violence, so they created two large signs consisting of four large black panels. Two with bold neon words and two blank chalkboards for the community to add their own messages for justice. One panel reads “No Justice, No Peace” and one reads “Silence Is Violence.” This past Sunday, Allan Beidler, Tim Jensen, Jackson Kiel, and Paul Kiel installed the signs on our grounds, near the Dixie Trail entrance. Starting this Sunday, please make a plan to visit them and add your own bold message for racial justice. There will be a waterproof box with bright chalk and hand wipes. Please stop by anytime after Sunday (wearing a mask) and allow our signs a greater impact by adding your own message of solidarity. Also, feel free to invite others in the community to do the same. Don’t re…

Your vacation pix grace worship

As you enjoy the photos you have taken in your summer travels (whether walks in the neighborhood or travels to parks or family), send a couple of your favorites to CUCC's worship team.  Include the name of the photographer and the location (if you know it).Email a couple of photos to Amanda Jost at Thank you from CUCC's Worship Team.(Photos by Jane Smith)

A graph to make you smile - and eat more watermelon

Wow!  Our July composting was the biggest month ever, and well out of our historic norm. 
Our previous average was ~ 275 pounds per month.  This month we had 596 pounds! 
And this is while we are not having Fellowship! 
Wow! Gary Smith Chair, Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force

New lights brighten our garden

A volunteer recently installed new lights on either side of the door leading from the sanctuary to the Memorial Meditation Garden (MMG). The LED fixtures have dusk-to-dawn sensors, making them extremely energy efficient.  The MMG will be further updated in the next month or two with a new walkway, funded through donations from the congregation.  “Before” and “after” photos of that project to come!

In this week's eNews...

New opportunities keep popping up every day, so keep checking the CUCC Online Calendar.  
Thursday, August 6 Deacons Ministry I’m Still Here discussion
Friday, August 7 Retirees’ Café  - Bill hosts
Saturday, August 8 Final day to register for Caregiving Workshop
Sunday, August 9  Taizé worship and fellowship Sunday Morning Bible Study - parables All-ages worship  and fellowship Youth Sunday School Final day to order vote mask
Monday, August 10 Monday Lunch Group 
Tuesday, August 11 Caregiving Workshop
Wednesday, August 12 Compost bin emptied Lectionary Lunch with Lacey
Thursday, August 13 I’m Still Here discussion
Friday, August 14 Retirees’ Café – Bill hosts
Current needs in the community What you can do to help now
Other important news in this edition
A (COVID) Moment with Megan – August 5 Final week of parables study - what next? Helping each other during hurricane season Last day to register:  Caregiving Workshop August 8 Last call to order “vote mask – August 9 August/September Wednesday lunch time Voter Educati…

A (COVID) Moment with Megan - August 5th, 2020

As North Carolina continues in Phase 2, CUCC’s Path Forward taskforce continues to “press pause” on making any changes to our current church response plan.  
As a  reminder, the Path Forward taskforce has recommended that we continue with online worship services and events until COVID-19 infections have dropped steadily for 30 days in the Triangle. No in-building gatherings will take place until further notice. Those who do access the main building are asked and respectfully expected to follow the guidelines found at the church’s sanitation stations. 
The church has three Zoom accounts that are available for your small group meetings; contact Jane Smith ( to schedule your meeting and Zoom use. 
If your group is planning on meeting on our grounds, please notify Jane to add it to the church calendar; please follow our physical distancing guidelines, limit your group to 10 people,  and observe recommended mask protocols.  
Also, if you are aware of a congregant who is…

Final week of parables study - what next?

Join us for the final discussion in this Bible study series on the parables.  The Sunday, August 9, 10:30am, discussion will be led by John Little.
We will also be discussing what part of the Bible to read next.  If there is a part of the Bible that intrigues, confuses, or frustrates you, why not suggest we tackle it together?  We gather every Sunday, 10:30-11:15am.  No homework.
You can get the Zoom meeting information from Bill Lamb, or check the Saturday morning email.

Helping each other during hurricane season

Did you know that CUCC has a Weather Emergency Response Team?  After a storm, we volunteer to help members with cleanup and other needs.  We keep a list of who has what, so we can mobilize in a hurry if you have storm damage.
If you haven’t already joined the team, please consider signing up.  We need things like loppers, generators, and equipment for removing debris, as well as strong arms and backs. Skills like landscaping or carpentry might come in handy, too!
If you have a yard to clean up or other damage after a storm, please reach out to the church.
Contact or the church office ( for more information, or to add your name to the volunteer list.

Last day to register: Caregiving Workshop - August 8

Many people today find themselves providing care for their parents or other relatives.  This includes age-related care for someone who has developed a disability.  Although this support is lovingly given, it often leads to stress.  The build up as a result of too much stress causes friction amongst family members and perhaps friends.  The Center for Volunteer Caregiving, located in Cary, offers breaks and stress relief for those who care for loved ones.

Community United Church of Christ invites you to attend a program via Zoom where you can learn about the Center for Volunteer Caregiving and how it offers support.  Shantel Hernandez, who is their Community Engagement Coordinator, will be our speaker.  Questions will be welcomed after her presentation.

Register here

Tuesday, August 11
7:00 - 8:00 P.M.
Registration required (final day to register August 8)

This event is being sponsored by CUCC's Caring Committee.  For more information, contact Robert Parrish RobertCParrish7@gmai…

Last call to order "vote" mask - August 9

The UCC is selling masks which allow you to do just that.  Proceeds from sales support the mission of the United Church of Christ and fund the National Setting’s ability to continue to respond to the ongoing needs of the church in these times of pandemic.

Order your maks here

Pay for your mask here  or text to give 919-888-4541 (keyword "Masks")

Deadline for ordering: Sunday, August 9
Masks cost $10.00

Masks are constructed of three layers of breathable material, and ear loops that surround the ear to give a secure hold.  Machine washable, hang to dry.  These are non-medical grade masks.

This item is non-returnable.

- a of CUCC's Community Outreach and Do Justice Ministries.  Questions? Contact Dawn Koonce, Community Outreach Ministry co-chair at

August/September Wednesday lunch time Voter Education Forums

Voting Our Values Forum Sessions weekly on Wednesdays 12-1pm on Zoom
As you know, Community UCC is part of NC Interfaith Power and Light and the NC Council of Churches.  They are now offering a terrific series for people to learn and discuss various critical aspects for voting this fall.  See details below. 
I believe the events will be worth your time.  You can register just one topic or all of them as you find personal need. God’s blessings.  Gary Smith, chair of CUCC's Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force
The 2020 elections could not be more significant. The outcome will set the course on climate change. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic, a major recession, and record joblessness. Our nation is in turmoil over police killings that have further exposed the deep inequities and racial injustice in our nation. It’s time for some national soul-searching, and faith communities have an important role to play.  That’s why NCIPL and the North Carolina Council …

CUCC hosts group which wins international award

CUCC congratulates Citizens Climate Lobby on being awarded the Keeling Curve Prize.  CUCC hosts CCL's Triangle Chapter every month (or, we do when the building is open).  Meanwhile, they meet virtually every month and you are invited to attend and be part of their work (second Saturdays, noon-2).

Here is more about this prestigious prize from their press release:
The 2020 Keeling Curve Prize, named for Charles Keeling, the scientist who started charting the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in 1958, was awarded to Citizens’ Climate and nine other organizations Monday evening.
“We are thrilled to see our efforts honored in this way,” Citizens’ Climate Executive Director Mark Reynolds said. “Our staff and volunteers are working hard every day to make climate change a bridge between our two major political parties. Ultimately, we intend to support passage of the major, lasting, bipartisan policies required to reduce emissions and preserve a livable world. The prize money …