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What can I recycle?

What can I recycle at home? Apex
Holly Springs
Rolesville - I wasn't able to find the details of Rolesville's recycling contract online.  If you email the Town of Rolesville at, Mr. Hicks (Town Manager) will send you a pdf with the list.
Wake Forest

What can I recycle through CUCC? Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, watch/hearing aid) - NOT LEAKING - put on cabinet in Vaughan Fellowship Hall or hand to Jane or Gary Smith

Florescent light bulbs (long or compact) - NOT BROKEN - hand to Jane or Gary Smith - DO NOT put on shelf in Fellowship Hall !!!  (Please, please don't leave them.  Obviously, broken glass is dangerous and the mercury used in all florescent bulbs is a (temporary, but serious) health risk.)

Thanks, Jeanne!!!!! (What do I do with my bottle caps now?)  Many thanks to Jeanne Ledbetter who has now retired after years of delivering our bottle caps to an Aveda salon.
Here's what you can do with you…

Invite your friends to Welcoming Sunday, Sept. 9

Everyone has them.  They could be living across the street, or even right beside you.  They could be someone that you see at the beauty shop or the barber shop.  You may even see them as you are riding the bus or strolling in the park.  Who are they?  They are the people that you have wanted to invite to church. 
Before you know it, Welcoming Sunday will be here.  This is a time when our church welcomes everyone back from the summer and we invite our friends and neighbors to be with us. Sunday, September 9, will be filled with worship, art, food, and games like horse shoes and checkers. Bring a potluck dish to share.
So, go ahead.  Now is the time to invite that friend, loved one, or acquaintance for a time of worship and fun.  Welcoming Sunday will be a good experience for all.  ‒ Submitted by Robert Parrish 

Forum returns September 16

Do you want to put your faith and concern into action?
Community UCC encourages its members as well as the surrounding community to learn more about issues and related public policies and become advocates for equality and justice.

Not the Typical Sunday School 
We study the foundations of faith and the public policy issues related to social and economic justice, peace, and protecting the environment. Speakers include community leaders from the Triangle and across the State, religious leaders, government officials, elected representatives, activists, and directors of non-profits.

Every Sunday, 9:15-10:15AM, Vaughan Fellowship Hall
9/16 – Transitional Churches led by Skip Stoddard  9/23 – ONA Task Force will lead – topic to be announced  9/30 – 30 minute video on the events leading up to and surrounding the Selma to Montgomery march,              followed by discussion led by Joan McAllister.

Church-wide pool party, Aug. 26

All ages are welcome to the Annual Church-Wide Pool Party from 5-8pm at Lake Park Swim Club .  The pool is located at 6333 Lakeland Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612.  Come and enjoy hotdogs, hamburgers, veggie option, foosball, basketball, volleyball, diving, and of course, swimming!  Bring a side dish to share.  Thank you to the Burkhardts for hosting again this year!  - Submitted for Santi

Former CUCC pastors to preach this fall

As part of our ongoing “Revisioning and Renewal Process,” we have invited pastors who have previously served here to return and preach.  They will share their wisdom and unique perspectives from different time periods at CUCC.  Reverend Collins Kilburn (1960-1969) will be our guest preacher on August 19.  The Reverend John Lackey will preach September 16,Reverend Dave Barber (1990-2000) will be here on September 23, Reverend Carol Ripley-Moffitt (2000 - 2002) will be here September 30, and Reverend Cally Rogers-Witte (1978-1996) will preach on October 7.  Please mark your calendars and plan to join us for these special Sundays.  ‒ Submitted by Bill Lamb

Looking to the future: Fall Retreat

Dear Friends,  J. W. Stevenson has been quoted as saying, “The true church is the fellowship of people in whom a new life is being formed.  We are to be a people perpetually giving new shape to our fellowship, looking for what the church is to be.” 
With this thought in mind, we as a congregation have been participating in an ongoing process of looking at our past history and our accomplishments in ministry, while evaluating the present and looking toward the future. 
As part of this process, we are planning a Retreat event (Oct. 26 & 27) that we hope You will be able to attend!  It will be held locally at St. Paul’s Christian Church, 3331 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh, North Carolina, on Friday evening from 5:30pm – 9:00pm, and all day Saturday, with morning and afternoon sessions (9-5).  Meals will be provided, as well as childcare.  We will have professional Facilitators to make our time spent together fun, enjoyable, and inspiring! 
On Friday, Oct. 26, we will share dinner, followed by a…

Movie: Fracking in PA...Fracking in NC?

Film producer Todd Tinkham recently returned from visiting some of the Pennsylvania fracking sites and has created a 30-minute film on Fracking called Message from the Marcellus:  What NC Needs to Know about Fracking and the Natural Gas Industry.  This film is being shown at CUCC on Wednesday July 25 at 7 PM.  Elaine Chiosso from Haw River Assembly will also share a presentation on the topic and lead the discussion and Q&A on this important issue.
Posted for Gary Smith

Church-wide service project July 21

On Saturday, July 21, the youth have organized a church-wide service project for the Interfaith Food Shuttle (IFFS).  Up to 15 participants can help bag and then distribute groceries indoors at the IFFS warehouse from 9-11am.  More participants can work at their teaching garden on Tryon Road later that morning.   IFFS is a local private nonprofit hunger relief organization that focuses on growing and recovering perishable foods.  IFFS collects this good, wholesome food which, because of outdating, over-purchasing, and /or minimal damage would otherwise end up in landfills.  They also grow food in several local gardens.  The food is distributed to agencies serving those who are hungry.

Sign-up to volunteer on the board in the narthex.