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From the Pastor

"A Native American grandfather was speaking to his grandson about violence and cruelty in the world and how it comes about. He said it was as if two wolves were fighting in his heart. One wolf was vengeful and angry, and the other wolf was understanding and kind. The young man asked his grandfather which wolf would win the fight in his heart. And the grandfather answered, “The one that wins will be the one I choose to feed.” So this is our challenge, the challenge for our spiritual practice and the challenge for the world—how can we train right now, not later, in feeding the right wolf?" - Chodron, Pema (2010-09-14). Taking the Leap: Freeing Ourselves From Old Habits and Fears (pp. 2-3). Shambhala Publications. 
Friends, there are many demands on us as we move throughout our daily lives, but none higher than choosing a life of kindness. 
Holy One, help us to "put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience." Amen. 
So, as those who have …

Fellowship and Worship Opportunities for the Week of July 29, 2018

Sunday  07/29   9:00am Nursery provided 9:00amTaizĂ© Worship – Sanctuary 9:30amAdult Monday Morning Bible Study - Bradow Room 10:30amWorshipService- Sanctuary 10:45amChildren’s Sunday School - Sunday School Room 10:45amYouth Sunday School - Youth Room 11:45amFellowship - Vaughan Fellowship Hall 12:00pmNewcomers Coffee - Library 4:00pmCovenant Community - Bradow Room                 FOOD BAGS DUE Monday07/30 12:15pmMonday Lunch Group - Hoffmann Room Tuesday07/31   9:00pmEconomic Justice Task Force - Pilgrim House 10:00amOffice Staff Meeting - Pilgrim House

Join Us for Newcomers' Coffee

Join us for Newcomers Coffee! 
This coming Sunday, July 29 at 12:00pm, Pastor Jenny will be in the Library to welcome you to Community UCC. Whether you have been visiting with us for a while or this is your first time we invite you to get to know us and to share a bit about yourself. Coffee and snacks provided! Children are always welcome to join us, and the nursery will be open as well.  

Coming Soon... Book Study from Pastor Jenny's Sermon

In her July 7 sermon Pastor Jenny read from Austin Channing Brown's "I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness." Jenny is planning a study of this book as part of this fall's theme about our stories. Let her know if you are interested.

We Need Your Help to Collect 400 Healthy Snacks

CUCC's Community Outreach Ministry is working through the month of July to collect healthy snacks in support of Neighbor 2 Neighbor's Campo Mucho.  This program provides outreach to many of our community's Latino children who come from primarily non-English speaking homes and who may be food insecure in their homes.

The camp will need 400 snacks total to provide their participants with 2 healthy snacks throughout their programming day.  If we can collect these snacks in time for their programming to begin on July 30, staff can use their limited funds to better provide more programming and 2 full meals during the days.
A donation tub will be in the Narthex each Sunday for collection.  The easiest way to collect snacks will be to buy boxes of individually packaged healthy snack options. For more information, please contact Laurel Powell at
Some ideas for snacks are:
Applesauce; granola bars;Goldfish; Cheezits;Fig bars; Peanut butter or cheese crackers
To …

Some of Pastor Jenny's Sermons Are Now Online

Missed last week's sermon?  Check the Sermons section of our website.

We'll post the notes from which Pastor Jenny preached as often as possible.

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Contact:  Jane Smith

You asked... can I compost this paper plate?

Thank you for asking.

Recycle?  NO.     Dirty paper is harmful to the process used to turn old paper into a new product.  Never recycle dirty paper plates, cups or food containers.

Compost?  YES  if it is marked "compostable."     The word "compostable" indicates that the product will degrade completely at an industrial composting facility (which is what we used).  All other paper (even if it is marked "eco" or "recycled content") has either a coating or an ink that won't compost or is harmful.  Look for the word "compostable" to decide.

Landfill?  YES if it is NOT marked "compostable."It is better to landfill  the plate or cup than to have the whole load of recycling or composting thrown away.

Send your CUCC sorting questions to Jane Smith
Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force

No Life & Faith in August

We're taking a month off.  See you Tuesday, September 4.
Learn more about Life & Faith, CUCC's informal drop in at O'Malley's Pub & Restaurant when we talk about the intersection of life and faith.

TONIGHT! Thursday, July 19, 2018, 6:30pm

Check it out: Alerta Migratoria NC, a pro-immigrant and refugee group in the Triangle, wants anyone supporting the six immigrants in sanctuary in North Carolina to join them at a Town Hall Meeting at 6:30 pm at Broughton High School in Raleigh. One of the six is Eliseo Jimenez, who is in sanctuary at Umstead Park UCC. 
In the email is a link where you can register online ahead.
On their website at, they have three current campaigns with online petitions to sign:  
Free NC Refugee KidsTell Sheriff Donnie Harrison: Stop Working with ICE!  (Note: Sheriff Harrison is up for re-election this Fall.)Tell Congressman Price: Stop the Deportation of the #NCSanctuary 6!You can follow Alerta Migratoria NC on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Alerta Migratoria NC is a community hotline, led by immigrant women, that facilitates and promotes the self-determination of undocumented immigrants and refugees. We stop deportations by engaging directly affected communities and cons…