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Youth Group Schedule.

Sept. 30 Journey in class; for more info, contact Pastor Steve; Friends in worship; everybody collect donations for Walk for Hope after worship
Oct. 7 Journey and Friends in worship for World Communion Sunday; everybody collect donations for Walk for Hope after worship
Oct. 14 Journey and Friends Walk for Hope
Oct. 21 Journey and Friends work with Suzette to prepare the Pilgrim House Open House

Pilgrim House Open House Oct. 21

You are cordially invited to

Fellowship Time

Sunday, October 21

after 10:30 am worship.

The Youth Group will host the grand unveiling of the Youth Room.

Come for snacks and conversation (and to find out why JK is painting sideways). The youth will be stationed at the 3 shallow, wide-tread steps to help anyone who needs a hand.

The Youth invite anyone from CUCC to schedule a time of private retreat or a group meeting in this comfortable and cozy space. We're calling it "The Youth Room," but it is available whenever it isn't full of youth!

Hold Nov. 4, 4pm, for Educational Sampler Potluck (ESP)

All CUCCers are invited to a rollicking supper-time feast of food and semi-seminars for our Justice in a Changing Climate initiative. Teens and adults will choose from a smorgasbord of videos, briefings, book discussions, and happenings. Children will play their way through "green justice" activities; a nursery will be provided for the under-3 set. If you can, bring locally grown food to the potluck, because the biggest contribution we can make to slowing climate change is by driving fewer vehicles miles. Tell us where your food came from. Dozens of helpers are needed for small tasks; call Jane Smith to volunteer.

The Saga of Your Food Bag

I just served my first week bagging food at the UM food pantry . Here is what I learned. Remember, I’m new on the job so an experienced volunteer could tell you the mistakes I made! I hope I did my trainers proud.

Your Bag Arrives
Marge drives your bag from church to the loading dock at the new Urban Ministries building on Capital Boulevard. The bags are logged in and placed on a side table – packed just as you prepared them. Imagine a climate-controlled room which is a cross between a clerestory-lit warehouse and our Vaughan Fellowship Hall. Everything is very well organized and very, very clean.

First, a digression… Who can get a food bag?
People in need of food, medical care, and other assistance call ahead to make an appointment for an interview. The interview space is a large, sunlit area off of a lovely garden; there are a playroom for small children and many comfortable chairs for the adults. A staff person or volunteer interviews the person, keeping careful record of the many doc…

Painting Done!

Next steps: floor, chalkboard wall, and furniture painting! Sept. 16: Journey goes with Toni to Dix Hill for a photojournalism field trip.
Friends help Jane with 100,000 for Peace Ministry Moment during worship Next workday - Sept. 23 - Taize' + chair painting Help wanted: An adult who likes to paint chairs to join us Sept. 23.