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Congregational Meeting - Sunday, November 18

Congregational Meeting - Sunday, November 18, 2018. - Vaughan Fellowship Hall.

Childcare will be provided.

City Of Oaks Marathon Sunday, Nov. 4 - Road Closures

Location with estimated close and open times                     Rd Closed             Rd Open Ashe Ave from Hillsborough to Western 7:00AM 7:30AM Western Blvd from Ashe to S. Boylan (westbound only) 7:00AM 7:45AM S. Boylan Ave from Western to Morgan 7:00AM 7:45AM Hillsborough St closed from Pullen to Glenwood 7:00AM 8:00AM Capital Blvd southbound at Peace St exit 7:00AM 8:30AM

From the Pastor

Dear Friends, 

Last Sunday we had a wonderful community conversation with Rachel Baker of the NC Council of Churches about the immigration crisis in our country and in our home state.Rachel capitalized on Rev. Dr. Jennifer Copeland's amazing sermon about "being brave and welcoming the caravan", touching on several pieces of our nation's history as part of telling the whole story of immigration in this country.  Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "No one is free unless all are free." In the case of immigrants fleeing their homelands for a safe place to call home, "no one is [safe] unless all are [safe]."
How can we create a more safe and just world for all, at the local and national level?
1. Vote for those who are committed to immigration reform, and to demolish ICE. Hold current elected officials accountable to represent your voices, demand change and action by showing up at city council, calling congressman and protesting.
2. Partner with grassroots orga…

Fall work day – Saturday, October 27, 8am-noon

Our last work day of 2018 is scheduled for Saturday, October 27 from 8am and noon.

There will be indoor and outdoor projects for all ages and skill levels.  To keep us fueled, we’ll have Krispy Kreme doughnuts, muffins, fruit, juice and coffee.  Most supplies will be provided, but outdoor workers are welcome to bring their favorite work gloves and pruning tools. Wheel barrels and blowers would also be appreciated.

For more information, contact Property Ministry co-chairs Merrilee Jacobson (919-274-4539) or Skip Stoddard (919-827-2346).