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Stewardship Sermon

Pledges are still being sought by the Stewardship Ministry. Below is the stewardship sermon for the pledge campaign which was presented by Pastor Steve Halsted on November 16, 2014. (Filmed by Betsy Towler.)

The colors of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is associated with "harvest" and the bounty of nature that surrounds us. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'm sharing two recent photos that help us celebrate the phenomenal natural beauty that surrounds us.

December Youth News

Advent is coming and the plans are in place! Prepare the way for a deeper more meaningful appreciation of Christmas by participating in the following events!

Over the next three weeks, you are invited to bring a box or two of wholesome snack bars, granola bars, nabs, or vienna sausages, for making snack kits to give to those who gather downtown for a meal each Sunday morning. We will deliver the snack bags on December 7 during Church School when we help Human Beans Together to serve a hot meal.  

Also, please let Ms. Anne-Bailey know ASAP if you are able to help with our annual Christmas pageant in worship.

Calendar of Events:

Sunday, November 23
Church School with guest drama coach, Emily.
We will finalize our skit, so bring your ideas, puns, and jokes.
I'll have copies of those that Michael found online.

Sunday, November 30
Ornament making with CUCC children. Then lunch out and Christmas tree shopping.
Bring lunch money if you are able. Adults who can go and drive, please RSVP.

Saturday, …

Adult drivers needed for Human Beans Together!

The Youth Group's Christmas gift to the world will be to serve another meal downtown to those who come to Moore Square on Sunday mornings. This is the last day to bring in snack items. We'll gather at 10:15 upstairs in Pilgrim House to pack bags. Then we'll leave at 10:30 and will serve from 11:00-11:45. We will return to the CUCC parking lot at 12:00. we need drivers to take us downtown (Oak City Outreach Center, 215 1/2 S. Person St.).

Snack items needed:  a box or two of wholesome snack bars, granola bars, nabs, or vienna sausages

Read more from Human Beans Together!

Special Forum December 14: What is truth?

CUCC member Ed Klemmer will give his much delayed answer to this question. In a previous Forum Ed led a stimulating discussion of the question, but allowed others so much time to talk that he didn't leave himself enough time to propose his own answer. This time, Ed will speak first before others are invited to chime in with their own thoughts.

Join us at Forum, Sunday, December 14, 9:15AM in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall.

Steve's Retirement Party

Plan to join us on Saturday, December 6, from 5:00pm – 7:30pm, as we honor and remember Steve’s legacy with our church and celebrate with him and Marcy as they look forward to new adventures and experiences.  There will be skits, food, fun, reminiscences and more.  Child care will be provided.  If you would like to carpool or a ride to and from the celebration, contact Sue Cottle.  If you would like to volunteer to help with decorations, setup, cleanup, or anything else, please contact the church office at 919-787-6422.

Friday Email - 14 NOV 2014

Monitor the Stewardship Campaign Progress at

Costume Poetry Slam with Café Style Coffee and Dessert
A Message from the Stewardship Ministry
Forum – November 16, 9:15am – “Fracking and Methane”
New Address for Shannon and Glenn Core
Pray at the Legislature
Sisters in Spirit (SIS)
“Hand and Foot”
Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, Nov. 20, 2014
Pianist Jonathan Moyer to Perform at West Raleigh Presbyterian
Fall Congregational Meeting, Sunday, November 23
Save the Date – Steve’s Retirement Party!
No Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service
“Festival of Lights” Celebration
New Lights in the Choir Loft
Sunday School Children Need Your Help Filling Stockings

Costume Poetry Slam with Café Style Coffee and Dessert
Tomorrow!  November 15, 7:00pm, in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall. Join us for our second annual Poetry Slam/Coffee House Party and Novemberfest celebration.  For more information or to RSVP or volunteer to share a poem, contact Śānti Matthews ASAP at  Coffee and dess…

“Festival of Lights” Worship and Potluck

On the last Sunday of November, we begin the Season of Advent with the lighting of the first Advent Candle.  But Christians are not the only faith tradition that celebrates the “Divine Light” in images that overcome darkness in our world.  “Festivals of Light” are also celebrated in some fashion by Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Bahai groups.  In recognition of this common ground and through my work with the Triangle Interfaith Alliance and our Deacon’s Ministry, we are planning a “Festival of Lights” collaboration in our Sanctuary on Sunday, November 30, at our 10:30am worship service.

Representatives of the above mentioned faith traditions will explain and demonstrate how they celebrate within their tradition and we hope that mutual respect and greater understanding will bring people closer together.  We will continue our celebration with a potluck meal together sharing favorite foods from our cultural traditions.  Please be thinking about what you would like to share at our Common Tab…

Costume Poetry Slam with Cafe Style Coffee and Dessert

Save the Date!  November 15, 7:00pm, in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall. Once again, our NovemberFest Celebration will be a Poetry Slam/Coffee House Party.  More details coming!  Find the sign up poster in the narthex for those willing to contribute a poem. For questions or to volunteer to share a poem, contact Śānti Matthews.  Coffee and dessert will be served cafe style by our youth wait staff.

Salvation Army Christmas Stocking Project

The CUCC Sunday School Children have requested that we collect small items for the Salvation Army Christmas stocking program this year and they need your help!  They wish to fill 50 stockings for children from infants to 12 years old.  Please help us by donating to our collection.  The children will be collecting items that will fit in the stockings until December 7th.  Small toys, markers, pencils and sharpeners, coloring books, card games, cars, trains, dolls, etc. are perfect for the stockings.   We will fill the stockings during Sunday School on December 7th.  Please look for our donation boxes wrapped in Christmas paper!  Check the bulletin board in the hallway at church or see below for suggestions of items for the stockings.   Please provide new, unwrapped gifts (no food or candy, please). Thank you for your help!

Girl or Boy, Infant or Ages 0-1:
Sippy cups/bottles, hats, toys, wipes, books, blankets, pacifiers

Girl or Boy, Ages 2-3 or 4-5:
Coloring books/crayons, toothbrush/toothp…

Friday Email - 7 NOV 2014

The Stewardship Campaign has begun!
Monitor Our Progress at

All Church Workday – Tomorrow! November 
8, 9:00am-Noon
Forum – November 9, 9:15am
A Message from the Stewardship Ministry
Life & Faith in Downtown Raleigh – November 11
Pray at the Legislature
Costume Poetry Slam with Cafe Style Coffee and Dessert
Sisters in Spirit (SIS)
Fall Congregational Meeting, Sunday, November 23
Save the Date – Steve’s Retirement Party!
No Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service
“Festival of Lights” Celebration
Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, Nov. 20, 2014
Sunday School Children Need Your Help Filling Stockings

All Church Workday – Saturday, November 8, 2014 – 9:00am-Noon
The grounds are looking a little shaggy, and it is time to clean up for the fall and holiday season!  Your Property Ministry appreciates your energy and skills to accomplish some inside and outside cleaning.  Window washing, raking, picking up pinecones and sticks, removing trash for pickup, and blowing the pine needles off t…

Economic Justice Task Force presents - Jobs for Life

Want to help change a life?
You can!
Informational meeting December 14, noon, Hoffmann Room
Helping people gain and keep meaningful work aids not only the worker, but his/her entire family, and the community.
The Economic Justice Task Force at CUCC plans to partner with Loaves and Fishes to train the LAF parents in the kinds of life skills that will help them find the dignity and purpose of better employment opportunities.  We will be using the “Jobs for Life” program, a Christian-based, non-profit international organization that has worked with thousands of people since 1996.  Training will take place at LAF, which is located on New Bern Avenue.
During 8 weeks and 16 sessions, we will cover such topics as: Understanding my valueIdentifying and overcoming roadblocksPerseverance and positive attitudeConflict resolutionEffective communications skillsExcelling on the job We will enroll 4-6 students. The course will begin in March, with training in January.  We need volunteers for the following r…