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4 Advent Service Projects - 4 ways to bring your gifts to the Christ child

Angel Tree:  
Throughout Advent Throughout Advent, bring gifts to share with children whose parents are in ICE detention or have been deported.  Take a tag from our angel tree; white poinsettias are for new shoes, tags with red poinsettias are for new coats.  $40 maximum per purchase.  The tag will tell you the child's name, age and size.  Bring the gift wrapped, if possible, with the poinsettia tag taped on the outside before Wednesday, December 17.  Or, if you prefer, write a check to CUCC with Angel Tree on the memo line. This project is a continuation of our Oaxaca journey.

Neighbor to Neighbor Christmas Celebration Desserts:  
Drop off at CUCC by December 4 If you can provide a dessert of 10 child-friendly, individual servings on December 5 for the N2N mentoring program, contact Dawn Koonce (co-chair, CUCC's Community Outreach Ministry) at  Label your treats "N2N" and put them on the kitchen counter or, in the refrigerator, if needed.  Pleas…

Your holiday food waste can become compost

According to Worldwatch Institute, the U.S. generates an extra five million tons of household waste between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.   This waste then either degrades to become the intense greenhouse gas methane in the landfill, or it sits there taking up space.

You can avoid both of these by bringing your food waste (meat and bones, too) to church. Put in the compost bin in the courtyard outside of the church kitchen, and then Compost Now will turn it into valuable organic soil.

So, if (snicker) you have food waste during the holiday season (or anytime) bring it to church!

Gary Smith for the Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force

Sermon+ reflecting on sermon for November 24

For this week's Sermon+, preacher Śānti Matthews offers these photos for your contemplation.  The motto of the United Church of Christ, is Jesus’ words, "That they may all be one." No matter our challenges, our hardships, our frailties, our mistakes, our ugly thoughts, our failures, our bickering, our difficulties, our differences…. the truth is, there is always more. We are all one. On this week following the Reign of Christ Sunday, can we remember to be gentle with each other and with ourselves? Can we remember that we are together in Christ?

Here is a link to her sermon text.

Sermon+ is an occasional series in which our preachers pose a follow-up question to their sermon for your consideration.  You can join in community conversation via our Facebook page, Community United Church of Christ.  Or you can ponder on your own.

Sharing signs of Advent as we wait faithfully together

So many people find the holidays to be difficult.  New to town.  Not being accepted by their church or family. Loss through distance or death of a loved one.  Faithful waiting can be easier if you know someone - even a stranger - is waiting with you.

Let us share the signs of Advent with those far and wide who follow our Facebook page.  We'll follow the themes of the candles on our Advent wreath.
December 1  Peace  THIS WEEK
December 8  Hope
December 15  Joy
December 22  Love

Each Sunday I will post a prompt with the Advent theme for the week on our Facebook page.  Either reply with your offering, or send it to me and I will post for you.  Share a piece of music, an artwork or photograph, a saying, a verse of scripture, something someone said to you.

Let us be Peace as we wait together - in person or virtually.

Jane Smith, CUCC's webmaster

Imagination + Design

Exciting things are happening as our rooms are reconfigured for new purposes!  Enjoy this photo essay of some of the work to date, and drop by the rooms on Sunday to take in the transformation.  How do you imagine using our new spaces to minister within and beyond CUCC?

Letter from Pastor Tony

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I am (already) thinking about my New Year’s resolution! For the past several years, I have resolved to be thankful. There was a time in my life in which I failed to give thanks—and this even though I had everything to be thankful for. This year, I will continue to resolve to give thanks whenever it is true and right to do so, whenever and wherever I can give thanks.

As I will be attending the meeting of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature on November 25th, I wanted to take this opportunity to give thanks for Community UCC. I have been inspired by so many of you: your willingness to take risks, eat and drink together, think both about your past and future, to work with two “bridge” pastors, to fight for the environment, affordable housing, bail bond reform, and so much more. I am thankful for all the ways in which so many of you have chosen to work with me as I learn to get comfortable in my own pastoral skin. I am a profe…

Order a book for Advent study for adults

Sundays, December 1, 8, 15, and 22
9:15-10:15AM Hoffmann Room

Need a book?  Books will be available in the fellowship hall after worship starting November 24.  If you would like to contribute to the cost, the books cost $20.  Also, three copies of the book are available through the Wake County Public Library.

Need childcare so you can attend? Contact Śānti Matthews by Tuesday, November 26.

Bill Lamb will lead a 4 week Advent study on Richard Rohr's book Falling Upward.  December 1 we will watch a video conversation with Richard Rohr to introduce the book.  The subsequent weeks will each focus on one third of the book which we hope you will read in advance (though come anyway if you don't finish the reading in time).

Join us as we explore the idea that our spiritual life is not static. You will come to a crisis in your life, and after the crisis, if you are open to it, you will enter a space of spiritual refreshment, peace and compassion that you could…

Sharing your Thanksgiving feast: revised list of foods for food bags

Is shopping for a bag of food for the Urban Ministries food pantry a meaningful part of your grocery shopping each month?  Then you need to know that Urban Ministries has changed which foods are priorities.  Some of our old favorites are no longer wanted, and new items are on the list.

Food bag shopping list

Want to support the food pantry, but the shopping isn't a treasured part of your routine?  Consider making a monthly donation so that Urban Ministries can purchase clients' top choices at 17cents/pound through the Food Bank of North Carolina.  Your dollar stretches farther with a financial donation.  $25 feeds one family for a week.

Joe Retzer takes the bags to Urban Ministries on the first Sunday of each month.

For more information, contact Dawn or Charles (their contact info is on Breeze).

Photos from our Turkey and Gratitude celebration

Mark your calendar for TUESDAY, January 21, when the winter/spring monthly supper series begins.  We'll be gathering monthly on third TUESDAYS to allow people with standing Wednesday commitments to enjoy the January - May series.

A bit shy about starting up a conversation with people you don't know?  Volunteer to help with clean up after one of the suppers.  Sudsy hands and a bit of jovial chaos build friendships.  Contact Susan Atkinson

Thank you to Welcoming and Fellowship Ministry for our fall series of monthly suppers.

"I can’t think of another group that would be more fun in a dusty crawl space."

So responds one of the community volunteers who lent a strong back to last Saturday's preweatherization of a home in Raleigh.

Low income homeowners in Wake County can receive a free weatherization of their home (insulation, a new energy efficient HVAC system, etc).  Imagine the importance of spending less for electricity to a pinched budget!  Some homeowners are unable to clean out their attic or crawlspace where the work will be done.  That's where the preweatherization team comes in.  Volunteers from many congregations come together for a few hours to remove items and, as the homeowner directs, take no longer wanted things to the landfill, recycling, and hazardous waste centers.  You'll get dirty, work alongside some genuinely kind people, and head home with a smile knowing that this home owner will have significantly lower electricity bills and you have tackled climate change.

If you would like to be notified of upcoming opportunities to pitch in, contact Gary Smith smi…

Sunday's Benediction

Several people requested that Pastor Carol share the benediction from Sunday's 10:30 worship.  Here it is.  If you decide to share this, please include the copyright at the end.

Blessing When The World is Ending
Jan Richardson

Look, the world
is always ending

the sun has come
crashing down.

it has gone
completely dark

it has ended
with the gun,
the knife,
the fist.

it has ended
with the slammed door,
the shattered hope.

it has ended
with the utter quiet
that follows the news
from the phone,
the television,
the hospital room.

it has ended
with a tenderness
that will break
your heart.

But, listen,
this blessing
means to be anything
but morose.
It has not come
to cause despair.

It is here
simply because
there is nothing
a blessing
is better suited for
than an ending,
nothing that cries out more
for a blessing
than when a world
is falling apart.

This blessing
will not fix you,
will not mend you,
will not give you

"What we are doing at a congregational meeting is a spiritual practice."

If you were unable to attend Sunday's congregational meeting, here's what we discussed.

Moderator Ellen Beidler grounded us by reminding us of our freedom and responsibility to set the direction of CUCC (congregational polity) and of our connection to other congregations and settings of the United Church of Christ.

We affirmed the work of Do Justice on reforming the cash bail bond systems, and voted to support sending to the United Church of Christ a resolution to do this work more broadly.

Stewardship Ministry chair, Jason Myers, asked us to provide input on the proposed operating and reserve budgets for 2020 and to turn in our financial pledges soon.  We will vote on a final budget at the January congregational meeting.  If you would like a copy of the financial reports, contact the church office.

Nominating Committee chair, Sue Cottle, shared their work so far on a slate of officers and ministry members for 2020 (first draft) and asked us to volunteer if we haven't alre…

Next steps - educating neighbors and friends

Last Sunday in the Congregational Meeting CUCC officially called on the UCC to advocate and act to change unjust Cash Bail Bond Systems throughout the USA after a very supportive and constructive congregational discussion urging our continuing state and local pursuit through advocacy and collaborations.   Read the approved resolution

Talking Point Cards and "Reform Bail Bond" buttons were passed out to aid us to advocate for this cause, and more will be available by contacting Bill Gretsch or anyone on CUCC's Do Justice Ministry.

3 community events to connect us in doing justice

One of the purposes of Congregations for Social Justice is to help faith-based people who care about justice connect to others with similar concerns.  The CSJ newsletter advertises open events sponsored by CSJ member congregations.  CUCC's Do Justice Ministry participates in Congregations for Social Justice, being represented by Bill Gretsch, Merrilee Jacobson, and Adrienne Little.  If you would like to attend any of these events with someone, contact any of our 3 representatives to see if they are going.

CSJ JustBeer -  Nov 21
Due to Thanksgiving Holiday shifting to
       Thursday, November 21 - 5:00 PM
       High Park Bar and Grill
       625 E Whitaker Mill Road
  We usually have 12-20 folks around the table.
        Most get a bite to eat with their beverage - iced tea, water, whatever!  😉
               And then it's just great conversation with great people! 
So join like-minded folks, connect & share challenges and insights on local social …

Welcome, Suzanne!

On Sunday we welcomed Suzanne Chester into membership with Community United Church of Christ.

Suzanne and her husband, Jon, have two daughters, Zoe and Sofie. Zoe is a junior at UNC-CH and Sofie is a junior at Broughton. Jon is an English professor at NC State.  An attorney at Legal Aid of NC for the past 20 years, Suzanne loves advocating for children and for victims of domestic violence (you can read about one of her recent victories for justice on the "CUCC People in the News" bulletin board in the hallway).  Suzanne’s dog, Max-- a super friendly black lab--neither studies, teaches nor practices law.

Suzanne has been active at CUCC for the past two years serving on the Do Justice Ministry.  She coordinates the Just Show Up email notifications about community events where Do Justice hopes you will show up to be a presence of support (contact her if you would like to receive those notifications).  She answered legal questions from the team writing yesterday's Bail Bond …

We thank God for the Rev. Cally Rogers-Witte

With deep gratitude for her ministry among us, and with sadness for all who loved and will miss her, we announce the death of our beloved former pastor, the Rev. Cally Rogers-Witte.  Cally served as Pastor at CUCC from 1977-1995.  If you wish to contact the family, the church office has their addresses.  The service of remembrance planned by the family will be Saturday, December 21, 10AM, at St. Mark Episcopal Church (Cocoa, FL). 

The obituary written by her family 
The United Church of Christ celebration of her life and work

Here is a letter from her family to all who love her.

Dearest family and friends,

I write this to share difficult news. Our dear beloved Cally peacefully left us today, surrounded by many of her family members, on an incredibly clear and beautiful day here in Rockledge, Florida.

This last week in the intensive care unit has been a roller coaster. We were all holding on to small signs of hope and progress that her organs would eventually recover. Though after sever…

Gathering to remember Cally Rogers-Witte November 18

Plans for a memorial service are still being made by her family. In the meantime, we want to offer a time and space for you to share your Cally memories and stories. Monday Lunch Group is graciously offering such a time this Monday, November 18th. Join us for all or part of the time: 12:15, bring your own lunch to share around the table; 12:30, join in prayer for one another and our community, 12:45, sharing our gratitude for the ways Cally touched our lives and especially our congregation's life.

Practical acts of caring November 17

Who schedules us to take care of one another in all of those practical ways:  bringing a meal, driving to medical appointments, visiting in the hospital or sending cards?  Pop Up with hosts Robert Parrish and the Caring Committee this Sunday, November 17, 10-10:20AM.

This is the final in our fall series of Pop Up Gatherings.   Pastor Tony ( and/or Susan Atkinson ( want your feedback on the gatherings as they consider planning a series for January.

Read before Sunday's congregational meeting

The CUCC Do Justice Ministry has written a resolution for reform of the prison Bail Bond system, and the Congregation will vote on it at the November 17 Congregational Meeting. The entire resolution is available here.  We hope you find time to read it prior to the Congregational meeting.

The CUCC Council endorsed the resolution unanimously at their September meeting, and Congregations for Social Justice endorsed it in October.

If the CUCC Congregation endorses the resolution on November 17, we will seek endorsement from the Southern Conference of the United Church of Christ at their annual meeting next spring and of the national United Church of Christ at their annual meeting later in 2020.

The resolution is entitled  “A resolution calling on the United Church of Christ to advocate and act to change the Cash Bail Bond System to Eliminate Racial and Social Injustices Inherent in the Present System.”   It calls on the United Church of Christ to advocate and act to change the Cash Bail B…

CUCC cohosts conference on accessible housing rights November 19


Community United Church of Christ
814 Dixie Trail, Raleigh, NC
When: Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Time: 6:00pm – 8:30pm


Homeownership & AccessibilitiesDisabilities Rights in North CarolinaRecognizing Mental IllnessDown Payment Assistance Program HOSTED BY:

North State BankMayor’s Committee on DisabilitiesCUCC' Social Justice Ministry Questions?  Contact Robert Parrish at 

Life & Faith: finding time for relationships November 19

Here is our proposed question for our November 19 gathering; it stems from a family conversation around the lunch table between Bill, Gary and me.  This question was inspired by Bill’s reading of this article in The Atlantic.  It also connects well to Pastor Tony's sermon (November 10) on building a culture of belonging.  Join the discussion even if you don't have time to read either!

With more of us working irregular schedules, it has become harder to plan for relationship time.  How do you have regular family dinners, or plan an evening with friends, or visit your aging parents if you have no idea when the boss will call you in for work or for an “emergency” project which requires long hours?  Our unpredictable schedules also impact our ability to build in regular time for spiritual growth and the relationships that strengthen our faith.  Are irregular work schedules getting in your way of having relationship time?  If so, what have you found works for you?  How might the co…

A Community Thanksgiving November 19

CUCC is happy to be part of the revival of this community tradition.

CUCC Movie Fellowship Group November 22

The Man in the Moon
Being a movie buff is a bit like panning for gold. You come across a lot of things that glitter but don't hold up under closer inspection. That makes finding the rare pure nugget all the more rewarding. "The Man in the Moon" (1991) is a pure nugget.

In his 1991 review of this movie, Roger Ebert mentions that previously Robert Mulligan had directed To Kill a Mockingbird, Same Time Next Year, and Summer of '42. But Ebert says that "Nothing else Mulligan has done, however, approaches the purity and perfection of The Man in the Moon.”

See details about this movie (including the complete Roger Ebert review)
The lead role in this movie goes to a 14-year old Reese Witherspoon. The movie is set in the mid 1950s, which makes this is a coming-of-age movie about a young girl of my generation. This is a movie that seems to be of ultimate simplicity, but its whole is way greater than the sum of its parts. Here are some of the comments in Roger Ebert's …

Special Advent Events for CUCC's Children

Your children are welcome to bring a friend to these CUCC traditions.

December 1
10:45 a.m. - Make ornaments for the church's tree during Sunday School
4 p.m - Decorate the church's Christmas tree in fellowship hall

December 8
10:30 worship - Christmas Pageant

If you have questions, contact Anne Bailey Zschau, CUCC's Children's Education Coordinator,

Newcomers' Coffee December 8

New to CUCC?  Grab a snack and cup of coffee in the fellowship hall, then join a few long-time CUCCers for getting-to-know-you conversation.  Whether you have been visiting with us for a while or this is your first time we invite you to get to know us and to share a bit about yourself. This is an opportunity to ask questions about CUCC and to learn how you might become more engaged.

We'll see you at noon in the Library on Sunday, December 8.

Questions?  Contact Susan Atkinson at

Brief climate change advocacy presentation at CUCC December 8 after worship

The Citizens Climate Lobby is a nation-wide organization advocating for legislation to slow climate change.  They are a nonpartisan organization and major advocate for a US carbon fee, a fee on fossil fuel use.  The fee would increase annually, making fossil fuels increasingly more expensive and slowing their use (especially by utilities).   In addition, the fee would be revenue-neutral, returned to residents per capita.

There is a local chapter in the Triangle, and CUCC's Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force has invited them to speak briefly to CUCC about themselves and the carbon fee. They will speak to us for 15 to 30 minute at 12:15 on December 8.

We hope that you will stay after Fellowship to learn about them.

God bless our work together
Gary Smith for the Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force

RSVP for Retiree Christmas Luncheon

Join your fellow CUCC retirees on Tuesday, December 10, to celebrate the Christmas season! We’ll warm up our vocal cords at 10:30 a.m. with a few Christmas carols and enjoy a delicious lunch around 11:15 a.m.

To make sure we have plenty of food, please send an RSVP to Susan Maleszweski at

Time & Talent sheets are rolling in!

On Pledge Sunday November 10, many in the congregation offered to share their time and talents along with their financial gifts in 2020.  To date, CUCC members have volunteered for over 230 individual ministry tasks! 

It’s not too late to turn in a T&T sheet, either by placing it in offering plate, mailing it to the church office or scanning and emailing it to Merrilee Jacobson at 

Copies of the T&T Sheet, along with extra pledge forms, are on the table in the sanctuary or can be printed here.

Sermon+ from November 10

How can you create a culture of belonging where you live and work?

Read or listen to Pastor Tony’s Nov. 10 sermon, then reflect on this week's Sermon+ question.

Sermon+ is an occasional series in which our preachers pose a follow-up question to their sermon for your consideration.  You can join in community conversation via our Facebook page, Community United Church of Christ.  Or you can ponder on your own.

Thank you, work day volunteers!

A big “thank you” to the 15 enthusiastic volunteers who turned up for the final work day of 2019!  The group raked up a small mountain of pine straw, removed three dead trees and trimmed bushes around the church grounds.  Missing and loose screws were addressed in all of our Fellowship Hall tables, making them extra sturdy.  A part of the pastors’ office was painted while old paint was removed from the hardwood floor.  Before the workday, volunteers removed weeds and dead juniper from the Dixie Trail bank so that, during the work day, an Eagle Scout candidate and his troop could do final prep for new groundcover that will be planted later this month. 

If you missed out on the fun on Nov. 9, there are projects available that you can tackle on your own.  For more information, please contact Property Ministry Chairperson Merrilee Jacobson at 919-274-4539.

A message from our pastors

Dear Friends,

You may have noticed some changes happening in our main building. During the August youth-led worship service, we heard that their home in Pilgrim House basement was also shared by mold and mice, necessitating the search for a new gathering space. At its October meeting, the Church Council approved the request of the youth to adopt the Bradow Room. If you’ve ever started renovating or rearranging your home or work space, you know how one decision often sets in motion a cascade of events. And so it has been that our property ministry and some enthusiastic lay leaders have begun to look at all our spaces with new eyes and fresh vision. How can we be the best stewards of our space and how can we use it more fully?

Recognizing that a few rooms are rarely used, and looking at overall needs, a working group has begun the transitioning of spaces for more optimal usage. Now others will be joining our youth in the journey to new space. Our children’s class will find a home in the…

Free stuff - everything goes Nov. 10

CUCC is cleaning our education closets.  Drop by the small classroom opposite the kitchen door and take home these treasures. Free!  Last day = Sunday, November 10.

Among the offerings:
- two boxes and a bag of used white candles, various sizes
- children's books, puzzles, VHS and DVD movies
- fabric samples
- bags of:  crepe paper, crayons
- a portable tape player
- a small digital camera
- hand puppets
- plus items in these photos

 Do NOT take items covered by a tarp or tablecloth.

Thank you.

Arts in Worship Pop Up November 10

Where DID arts, inclusive of music, emerge in our church looking back, and where are we today?   Marty Lamb, Sam Woodrum, and the Arts in Worship Committee host this Pop Up Gathering (Sunday, November 10, 10-10:20AM).

What are Pop Up Gatherings?  Sunday morning before worship join one pastor and/or lay leader to get to know various aspects of CUCC: our ministries, committees, and task forces, history, and then do a little visioning for the future.  Show up at 10am - 10:20 in the narthex (vestibule), get a coffee and donut and follow us as we pop up somewhere in the building to explore a bit of what makes us CUCC.

The joy of meditation in nature

Our Arts in Worship Committee arranges periodic exhibits in this hallway of Community UCC.   For the next month, the works on display are representative of the joy of meditation outside in nature.

The current exhibit includes:
a view of Flathead Lake, MontanaUmstead State Park, Raleigha bike study Autumn Cobeland has been celebrating the increased biking accessibility here in Raleigh.  Please visit her website for additional paintings/prints celebrating our local greenway trails.  
For more information on the art wall exhibits or Arts in Worship at CUCC, contact co-chairs Marty Lamb Sam Woodrum

Fill a Basket this November

Community Outreach @ Community UCC invites you to  Fill A Basket
As part of our Community Outreach ministry, CUCC is supporting these agencies in 2019.  WE contribute to their work in God's world through our yearly donation.  In November, we will fill a basket for each agency with an item from their wish list.  In early December we will make a visit to drop off our donation and a basket together.  We will also be offering volunteer opportunities at these agencies over the remainder of 2019 and into 2020.

If you'd like to come visit one of these agencies with us, or if you are interested in volunteering, stay in touch with Dawn Koonce and Charles Coble this fall!

Interact:  body wash and baby body wash
Urban Ministries:  men's deodorant
The Women's Center:  new or gently used bras and socks
Method Child Development Center:  pencils, colored pencils, and crayons
FIGS:  uses your cash donation to fill prescriptions

Dawn Koonce and Charles Coble, co-chairs of CUCC&…

What is planned for CUCC's Congregational Meeting, November 17?

Please plan on attending CUCC’s Fall Congregational Meeting, Sunday, November 17, after worship from noon to 1:00 p.m.

In the UCC, congregations like ours are autonomous, with freedom to decide how we will worship, serve our neighbors, and organize our community.  With freedom comes responsibility.  We value each member’s participation because we believe we are “better together”—more creative, more impactful, more vital.  We need you to share your vision and passion!

The “membership assembled in the congregational meeting” constitutes our governing body.  This Fall meeting is the third of three annual meetings of the membership.  It is a particularly important meeting in the life of the congregation.  During it, we lay the foundations for our work together in the coming new year.

In addition to presentations by the Stewardship Ministry on the 2020 church budget and the Nominating Committee on the slate of nominees for officer and ministry positions, we will consider a resolution on b…

Congratulations, Bernie!

CUCC member, Bernie Brown, has just published her first novel, I Never Told You.  After the holidays, Bernie plans to discuss her book with some of the groups at CUCC.  We'll publicize those discussions in future editions of the CUCC Weekly eNews, but didn't want to wait until then to congratulate her.  Be sure to ask her about this exciting achievement, including her upcoming book tour.

Bernie and her husband, Ken, have been CUCC members for over 30 years and are regular participants in Taize' worship.

Final workday of 2019 - All hands needed November 9

Our final workday allows us to spruce up before Thanksgiving and Advent.  What a perfect way to give thanks to God for this facility that serves our ministries so well.

Church Workday
November 9
Drop in any time between 8AM and noon
Snacks:  Krispy Kreme donuts, muffins, fruit, juice, and coffee
Tools:  Most supplies will be provided, but outdoor workers are welcome to bring their favorite work gloves and pruning tools.  Wheel barrels and blowers would also be appreciated.

If you cannot work on the 9th, but are willing to sign up for a chore to do at your availability, contact Merrilee Jacobson at 919-274-4539.

2020 Stewardship Campaign: Pledge Sunday is November 10

Pledges of financial support make up the more than 85% of our annual budget, account for more than a quarter of a million dollars to support our staff, maintain or building and grounds, operate our education programs, worship and celebrate community together, as well as donate to local charities and causes that do God’s work outside our sanctuary. It is important to know what congregation members plan to give next year when we develop our annual budget. The fall congregational meeting is on November 17, and the stewardship ministry asks for pledges to be made on November 10.

There are several ways to communicate your pledge:
·        Bring your pledges to worship and place them in the offering plate.
·        Complete a pledge card from the back of the sanctuary and place it in the offering plate.
·        Fill out this Google Form.
·        Tell Bill Lamb, Jeanne Ledbetter, or Jason Myers what you are pledging, in person, over the phone, or by email. (Sorry but we cannot yet communic…

Worship Workshop Begins November 10

Earlier this fall, Pastor Tony invited us to join him in a short series:  Theology and Practice of Worship.  Here's the information about the first meeting.

Let's plan on meeting on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10th, at 11:50am in/near the Library.  Bring your lunch; we'll talk and eat.  If you need childcare in order to attend, contact Pastor Tony by noon Thursday (Nov. 7).

Our Agenda:
1) Introductions; we will think a bit about why this workshop interests us and about what we want/need from it. Come as you are!
2) Walkabout/conversation about worship space.
3) Look over previous (Advent) bulletins--and picks a few items from worship that interest us and do some visioning for this coming Advent season.
4) Schedule next meeting (likely the first Sunday of December).

I am looking forward to our first meeting!


RSVP for Turkey and Gratitude

Turkey and Gratitude Dinner!
November 13, 2019
CUCC Vaughan Fellowship Hall @ 6:00pm

Turkey and Gratitude will be a church-wide celebration, now with expanded Gratitude!

Be sure to RSVP to and take a seat at the table when we are led in a guided conversation by our church staff. They will lead us in a celebration of our sense of belonging at CUCC.

Bring a thanksgiving side dish or dessert if you wish. Children and all are welcome.

Turkey, gravy and rice provided by your Wednesday Supper Team and Welcoming & Fellowship Ministry.

Questions?  Contact Susan Atkinson at