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Christmas at CUCC

December always brings lots of festive music at CUCC. This year's recordings already include the enthusiastic singing at the Christmas party on December 8, and the music from 10:30 worship on December 16, which of course includes the choir's anthem "Christmas in the Southwest". These recordings can be found in the media archive under Music:

Additional recordings from Christmas Eve will likely be added next week.

No meetings for Christmas holiday

These groups will not meet over the Christmas holiday.

Church office closed - Tuesday, December 25, and Wednesday, December 26

Monday Lunch Group - no meeting December 24 or December 31
Tai chi - no meeting December 26 or January 2
Children's Church School - no class Dec. 23 and 30
Youth Church School - no class Dec. 30

Resources and rituals for teaching faith at home

As your children play, swap ideas with other CUCC parents for sharing what you believe with your children.Each month we’ll feature a resource or ritual, but equally important will be the connections you and your children build with other families who take living their faith seriously.Bring a potluck dish your family enjoys and a few toys or games for the children to share while the adults talk.

Second Sundays, 4:30-6:30pm.The first gathering is January 13 at Jane and Gary Smith’s home, 2712 Lochmore Drive, Raleigh.Please RSVP to Jane so she knows how many plates to have on hand. - submitted for Welcoming, Fellowship & Growth A Gathering of Friends event

Life and Faith in Downtown Raleigh

2nd Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm, Morning Times Café, 10 East Hargett Street, upstairs
Grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk.Career, relationships, money.Changing the world and changing ourselves.Living with faithful integrity, one life at a time.Look for Jane Smith.Friends are welcome. - submitted for Welcoming, Fellowship and Growth A Gathering of Friends event

Did you update your Emergency Contact Information?

Have you given Jane Smith your emergency contact information? We'll use this information to make sure you are okay in the unlikely event of a regional emergency (hurricane, evacuation, flu quarantine). If you consider yourself part of the CUCC family (whether or not you are a member), we’ll want to know you’re okay. Needed: Names of people (or pets, if you like) in your household (even if they aren’t associated with CUCC)Phone # to reach you in an emergencyEmail to reach you in an emergency (the one you will check frequently)Name and phone # of a contact person OUT OF THE TRIANGLE who is likely to know where you are (Please let this person know you have our permission to contact them about you)