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From the Pastor

Dear Friends, 

Welcome to Holy Week!
As many of you know, it is usually the night that brings the shadows of fear, and the light of day--the promise of new life, in this great big precarious world. You might know that we experienced a break-in at our home a few weeks ago, and ever since then, though it happened in broad daylight, I find falling asleep to be, but a dance between my lived and perceived reality; the tension between what I know and what I fear. What I know is that a thief has been here, has discovered that we have nothing of value to steal, and so will not be back anytime soon. What knows me, and tries to control me is the pitch of darkness that lends cover to the thief in the night that prowls outside my home, seeking to steal, kill and destroy...                            
As we have journeyed together these last 40 days, with light putting us to bed and the darkness greeting us in early morn, we have perceived that all things are not as they seem. The truth is that our p…