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Transit Referendum and Community Coordination

Adrienne Little, CUCC's representative with Congregations for Social Justice, sends these two opportunities to work for justice in our community.

1 - Endorse the Wake County Transit Referendum from Karen Rindge
The Wake transit referendum campaign is launching in mid-August, and we hope all the CSJ Congregations and Organizations will endorse the Moving Wake County Forward campaign (meaning the transit plan and the 1/2 cent sales tax referendum) before the kick off! The goal is to have as many congregations, organizations, institutions and businesses listed as endorsers before going public with the campaign announcement.

If you would like to discuss having CUCC endorse the transit referendum, talk to any member of CUCC's Social Justice Ministry.

2 -  The Next Wednesday Congregations for Social Justice Meeting from Al Reberg
               Wednesday, September 14, 8:30-10:00 AM
               Oak City Outreach Center.
Speakers will be Hugh Hollowell, Love Wins, and staff of the Oak …

Is Understanding Each Other Still Possible?

During this divisive Presidential campaign, I have friends and family in both camps. My liberal friends think of the opposition as hateful, divisive, and reminiscent of the crowd that brought Hitler to power. My conservative friends have equally negative conceptions of their liberal opposition. Neither side even to a slight extent trusts the motivation of the other side, and attributes the worst possible motive to each suspicion that arises of what the other side is up to.

During the past week I've come across two articles that taken together provide an interesting forum for two opposing world views. Both articles are well written and provide an entirely rational world view that can be used to justify one camp or the other in this messy Presidential campaign. I find it helpful to read them together as a way of reminding myself that in the realm of politics "good" vs. "evil" often involves a lot of gray. This is not to say that good people should stay out of poli…

Sunday Soup Night, Aug. 28

5-8 PM, at the Atkinson's home

A relaxing evening of CUCC fellowship, just for fun!  We’ll put on the soup and iced tea.  Please bring a side dish of any variety to share, and any other beverage you’d like. This is a family focused gathering where all are welcome. Talk to us or to Śānti Matthews to get our address and parking suggestions.

Hope to see y’all!
Paul & Susan Atkinson

One morning for CUCC - all ages needed

Come one, come all to our church-wide work day on Saturday, August 27, 9AM to noon.  There will be lots to do - inside and out - and there will be jobs and projects for all ages!  Come and help get our church and church grounds spruced up for our upcoming Welcoming Sunday (September 11).

Bring your gloves (if you have them) and wear work clothes!

Busy on August 27?  You can still help. Ask Allan Beidler or Skip Stoddard for a job that you can do on your own time during August.  They can select a job that fits your time availability and skills.

Religious Freedom and Events of the Week

Rev. Peg Williams and Karen Withem presented the sermon on July 10, 2016. Karen reflected on her Baha’i faith and integrating it into her life in Community UCC.

During the previous week there were national reported shootings by police in Louisiana and Minnesota, followed by a sniper attack in Dallas that took the lives of 5 policemen in Dallas. Pastor Peg commented extensively on the national dialog regarding this violence.

Time flies by

As of July 2 I have been with you seventeen months.  I don't know about you, but I've had a wonderful time.  You are a great church, full of energy and enthusiasm.  Sure, you have your "issues" but who doesn't?  Your new pastor is going to be so blessed to serve with you.

No, there isn't a new pastor yet, but in the not-so-distant future there will be.  I am excited to see who God and you will call to be here.

We have done good work in these months.  We have grown in many ways and we have had to look at some of those "issues."  These are good things.  These are very good things.  When people or organizations ignore and avoid the "issues" a divorce is often on the horizon.

As we move toward the end of our time together, I hope we can continue to grow and learn.  I hope we can reach out to each other and our community in new and exciting ways.  I hope we can each grow as individuals.

What would you like to see us do in these months ahead?


Creation Care: A Bird’s Perspective - July 16

Birds can’t talk, but they are sending an urgent message. "Our planet needs help."
This collaborative program for communities of faith shares what's happening to North Carolina birds and why. If you are gardener, bird lover or someone who cares about conserving our resources for future generations, you will learn about:

· Building bird-friendly gardens and communities
· Identifying Creation Care actions you can take
· Making a difference not only for the birds, but for the world as well

Presenters include:  Lena Gallitano, Wake Audubon Society, Audubon NC Board of Trustees from Community United Church of Christ; Christina Harvey, botanist, native plant enthusiast from Millbrook Baptist; and Carl Sigel, climate activist, NC Interfaith Power & Light Executive Committee, and from Church of the Nativity.

9 AM – 12 Noon, July 16, 2016
Millbrook Baptist Church, 1519 E. Millbrook Road, Raleigh, NC 27609
RSVP requested but not required:  Call Lena.

- submitted by Justice in a Changing…

Maggie Leidheiser-Stoddard ordination - June 11

On June 11, Maggie Stoddard (now Maggie Leidheiser-Stoddard) was ordained into the Episcopal Ministry in Cincinnati OH.  Here are some photos of the ceremony.

Click any photo to browse through enlarged views of the photos

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The CUCC archive includes a recording of a sermon Maggie gave at CUCC in 2007.