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A Wonderful Dog

My family once got a dog for Christmas and it was our pet for the next 18 years. Think about this option if you've been wondering if you should get your family a similar pet. My brother in Birmingham Alabama got married earlier this summer (it was about time, they only dated for 20 years). Unfortunately she married him and not his 7 year old dog, Luna. This is a 45 pound lab mix, female, crate trained, sweet personality, up to date on all her vet work, and needing a home. My other brother in Nashville is currently keeping her, but this is just a foster arrangement. I thought I had someone lined up for the holiday and they've had second thoughts. So, if you are interested in a dog and don't want to go through the house breaking of a puppy, get in touch. I have pictures if you want me to send them.
Bill Lamb

Another Christmas and a brand new year

This is my last week of work before a well-anticipated vacation and I wanted to send each of you a warm holiday greeting before I take off. This has been a hard year for many of us, an exciting year for many of us, a frustrating year for many of us, and a combination for all of us. As we enter this holiday time with the demands of consumerism, heart-tugging reminders of how our lives are not perfect, pure joy for the true message of the season, and feelings of discouragement with every edition of the morning news, it is hard to remain centered and to remember who we are and what we are about. I urge you, therefore, to take some time to be centered, away from all the demands and bustle of family, work, church, and life, in whatever way works for you. For me it is an annual trek to Wilmington to walk the labyrinth at the Church of the Servant New Year's eve, or trips to the Well of Mercy retreat center just north of Statesville in the spring, or to sit on the porch at our old family…

Budget Increase - Paul's Question

At today's congregational meeting, Paul asked what percentage increase this year's proposed budget represents compared to last year's approved budget.

Assuming 2007 appproved budget: $235,154
2008 proposed budget: $241,905 (includes additional $500 in line 404)

Percent increase: 2.9%

(FYI: 2006 approved budget: $228, 327 which makes the % increase in 2007 : 3.0%