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A Note from Bev and Keith Stolarick

Dear CUCC,

Keith and I moved to northern Durham at the end of January to be closer to our daughter and family. We then got our Raleigh home ready to put on the market. We thankfully have a closing date of 3/16/18 on our Raleigh house. We plan to locate a church in the Durham community as it is really too far for us to commute on a regular basis. We will miss you, and we will continue to remember CUCC in prayer, especially for the blessing it is to the Raleigh community. Our new address is 1009 Snow Hill Road, Durham, NC 27712, and our home phone is 984-439-1566. Our cell phones and emails are the same. 

I have attended the Faith Connections on Mental Illness a few times, and I encourage you to attend. It is well worth your time.  More info about the Faith Connections on Mental Illness may be found on our website. 

Peace, love, and prayers, Bev and Keith Stolarick 

The 8th Annual Faith Connections on Mental Illness Conference, Cultivating Mental Health: Hope and Healing is fast approaching on Friday, April 13 and we need your help in getting your faith community involved. With this year's conference is focused on educational and practical strategies to best support individuals and families recovering from substance use, addiction, and depression in the elderly, it is important to have our faith communities present in these conversations. Please share the Bulletin Blurb below with your faith community's secretary to place in the bulletin, website, newsletter, social media, and other resources that are applicable. We have a flyer and brochure at as resources to share with your faith communities and networks that goes into more detail about the conference. Thank you for all of your support and efforts in making this conference a success!   

Faith Connections on Mental Illness
The mission of Faith Connections on Mental Illness is to work with all local faith communities to advocate for and to support and educateindividuals and families living with mental illness.
Meeting at St. Thomas More  940 Carmichael St.  Chapel Hill, NC 27514