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Recycle your plastic lids at CUCC

Through the Aveda Salon Recycling Program, we can recycle our plastic lids. Jeanne Ledbetter will collect these caps every 1st and 3rd Sunday; there is a collection container on the hutch near the refreshment table in the Vaughan Wing.
The program accepts caps that are rigid polypropylene plastic, sometimes noted with a 5 in the chasing arrows recycling symbol.
  • twist on with a threaded neck such as caps on shampoo, water, soda, milk and other beverage bottles,
  • flip top caps on tubes and food product bottles (such as ketchup and mayonnaise),
  • laundry detergents and
  • some jar lids such as peanut butter.

Excluded are

  • pharmaceutical lids
  • non rigid lids such as yogurt lids, tub lids (margarine, cottage cheese),
  • screw on lids that are not rigid
  • metal lids
  • plastic pumps or sprayers.

If you can bend or break the lid with your bare hands, then it does not meet the rigid plastic definition. Unfortunately, too much of the wrong types of materials can contaminate the recycling process. We appreciate your efforts in keeping it clean!