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What I've wondered about Congo is...

Saturday you can finally ask!
Saturday, March 14, arrive by 3:45 PM, stay until 6 PM
Child care provided - definitely!

Part I : Learning from the experts
A joint presentation by one of the world's leading experts on the DRC, Dr. Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja, and by the chief executive of the Congolese Community of North Carolina, Miki Kidibu.
Dr. Nzongola is currently Professor of African Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill. He was formerly Director of the United Nations Development Program Oslo Governance Centre. He is a scholar of African politics and an international consultant on public policy, governance, and conflict-related issues.
Mr. Kidibu is leading the effort by Congolese people in North Carolina to educate our citizens about the crisis there and to build a humanitarian network to create change. His background is hands-on, with experience in communications technology and airlines operations. We've enjoyed getting to know Miki and his wife, Jolie, as they have helped in the planning of our All Things Congo series.
Part 2: Learning from our friends
In small groups of six we'll gather with our friends and members of the Congolese community in Raleigh. This is your chance to ask those questions you've wondered and to hear their personal responses. Have you wondered about naming traditions in Congo? Which city or village is home and where is it? What does home look like? If we could visit Congo, what would you want us to experience? What are some things you miss? What are your hopes for your country of origin? How can we help?

Part conversation, part formal presentation, this is an amazing opportunity to learn and to build relationships.
This Saturday, come explore Congo. Please arrive by 3:45 so you can be seated in one of the small groups or get your children settled in child care.