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Adult Forum - September & October schedule

The Forum resumes Sundays at 9:15-10:15 in the Vaughan fellowship hall beginning the week AFTER Labor Day weekend. This Fall, the Forum will focus on a series of topics for multiple weeks; the first three topics address the use of social media, the school system, and environmental sustainability. Each topic is coordinated by a different Ministry.

September 11 – “Sharing the CUCC Message"

Have you noticed? Print media is being used less and less by both young and old. Telephone calls? Almost a thing of the past. Email? Not as effective as it used to be. Given the move to electronic communications such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube and others, how can CUCC effectively spread our message and be relevant to our congregation and the wider Raleigh community?

Join us at Forum to hear the ups, down, ins and outs of communicating electronically. What works best? How much time does it take? How can I learn to become tech savvy and use these electronic tools?

September 18 – “Technology Forum”

This “ask the experts” Forum will provide a hands-on learning opportunity for those less experienced in the use of electronic media. Two of our CUCC Youth, Jackson Kiel and Carson Roach-Howell, will show us exactly how we can post information pertaining to CUCC activities such as social justice, economic justice, justice in a changing climate and our other ministry projects. CUCC has many, many activities yet we often fail to “let your good deeds glow for all to see” as Jesus taught in Matthew 5:14-16. Isn’t it time for all of our good deeds to shine for others to see both inside and outside CUCC? Social media is one way to do just that and Carson and Jackson are going to help us move in that direction.

In preparation for our voting in the October 11 election for five seats on the School Board, we will begin a 3-session discussion on the status of Wake County Schools.

September 25 – “What does 'Back to School' mean for Wake County?"

Neil Riemann will provide an update on the assignment policy controversy, a review of the first six months of the tenure of Superintendent Tony Tata, and the effect of state and county budget cuts.

October 2 – "Improving Student Achievement"

Marvin Pittman, Education Consultant and retired DPI Director of the Division of School Improvement.

October 9 - Review of previous two sessions nd open discussion of the topic.

Beginning October 16, Forum will focus on environmental sustainability and related issues.

October 16 – "Green" presentation: "Qu'est-ce que c'est? Does THIS Contribute to Sustainability of the Planet?" Marty Lamb will present pictures taken in Belgium, France and Spain this summer, of different objects and we'll determine does the item contribute to sustainability of the planet? If so, how?