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Journey with us this Lenten season

Ash Wednesday, March 1 - Sunday, April 9 (Palm Sunday) 

What is Lent? The word “Lent” comes from the Old English word “lengten,” which simply means “spring” — when the days lengthen and new life springs forth. It is a time in which we reflect upon and 'admit' our mortality that then frees us to relinquish all that keeps us from relying on God.

2017 Lenten Guide
At CUCC we invite all ages to journey with us on the way. Please read through the CUCC 2017 Lenten Guide, and join us when you are able.

Updates to CUCC 2017 Lenten Guide
If we get more details about any of the events in the guide, we will post them here.

Update on March 17 Lenten Film:  Les Innocentes

Update on children's Sunday School schedule:  During Lent, children (like the adults) have Sunday School from 9:30 to 10:20.  Parent's pick up their children at 10:20 for worship.  After the Children's Message, the children leave (as usual) for special Lenten activities.  Schedule

Update on ordering books for Lenten studies:  Here a links to places you can order books (if you desire) for two of our Lenten studies.

Update on Ash Wednesday (March 1) and children:  I hope you will join us for an Ash Wednesday Service, March 1 @7pm, as we kick-off this Season by getting “ashed” together, remembering from whence we have come and to what we shall return, dust to dust, and for a simple family friendly meal at 6:30pm. We will not offer childcare during the service, but there will be Lenten coloring sheets and a child-friendly space created in the sanctuary, so that children will feel welcome on this special night.

Update on The Lives of Others, March 3 of Lenten Film Series

Update on Our Diet and Climate Change Series:
  • Sunday night - Meet Some Veg-Heads and the meat-loving omnivore’s book discussion about eating vegetarian/vegan have moved to Sunday nights (no longer Monday).  
  • We are pleased to welcome Hilary Stoddard to the list of those presenting at "Meet Some Veg-Heads" (Sunday, March 12).
  • Immediately after 10:30 worship - The April 23 "I Love Food" potluck is immediately after worship, not in the evening.  Bring a dish that shows your food values.  Intergenerational cooking?  A dish from your heritage?  What you cook for the women of the Helen Wright Center?  Something from your garden?  We'll ask you to label "your plate" to share what you value.  Consider choosing ingredients that practice what you learned during Lent about how good it tastes to eat in a lower impact way.  (You'll find more suggestions on the bulletin board in the narthex.)
Update on reading schedule for "Grounded" discussion:  Pastor Jenny says that if you want to read along during the discussion of "Grounded" (Sunday mornings, 9:30AM) here is a 5-week reading plan.
Week 1: Read Genesis, pages 1-30
Week 2: Read Chapters on Dirt and Water, pages 31-96
Week 3: Read Chapter on Sky, pages 97-126
Week 4: Read Chapters on Roots and Home, pages 133-193
Week 5: Read Chapters on Neighborhood and Commons, pages 193-266

Below are two additional online resources offered to accompany your Lenten Journey:
    House for All Sinners, Nadia Bolz-Weber, 40 Ideas for keeping a Holy Lent
    Luther Seminary (ELCA) Lenten Devotional