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Settled Stardust

Settled Stardust
Feb. 14, 2017

People who think Ash Wednesday is for Catholics who forgot that they were living in the 21st Century totally don’t get it. I mean, there is part of me that knows that getting dirty and exposing my dirt is sorta taboo, but I think that makes it all the more necessary.

Whilst society is doing our best just to tread the hellacious waters of absolute chaos at the unraveling of our common shared life as we know it, our ashen-poached heritage, the settled Stardust that has speckled our fragile bones with a wrinkled-radiance, and freckle-faced beauty, is screaming out to be remembered.

That we might know from which we have come, and make known that which we are, and receive that which we will all be, dust to dust, as an invitation to bless and be blessed.

If anything this untold story is refreshing, casting each one, of many colors, shades and flavors within the kaleidoscope of our shared humanity, in the image of one another, bone for bone, breath for breath, complete with both a cadre of perils and praises from the living as well as the living dead.

As we prepare ourselves to enter into this season of Lent, let us be marked not by what we have accomplished or what we have let go, not by who we are known by or for, but by whose and what we are.   

Ash to ash, dust to dust.

I pray you will join me as we journey through Lent together beginning with an Ash Wednesday service and a simple meal of bread and broth on Wednesday, March 1st (dinner at 6pm, service at 7pm)  Please read through the Lenten Guide which   
          will be made available this week, thanks to Śānti, in electronic and print forms.

May the Spirit lead the way,
~Rev. Jenny Shultz-Thomas