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Town Hall meeting on redistricting reform

Town hall details
Town Hall Topic:  Redistricting Reform in NC           
Flyer with details

Panel:  Jane Pinsky, Common Cause, and Mitch Kokai, John Locke Foundation

They expect a tremendous turn-out, so pre-register by emailing

CUCC has sponsored a number of educational events on the effect of gerrymandered districts on our legislative process.  We have an opportunity to learn more about current redistricting efforts in NC at a nonpartisan Town Hall sponsored by our own Cynthia Ball.  Cynthia serves as representative to the NC House from District 49.

February 23
Beth Meyer Synagogue
504 Newton Road
Registration 6:30PM
Town Hall 7:00PM

Wonder if you are in district 49?  Use the Board of Elections Public Voter Search to find your district.