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Sign Up for 2nd Saturday Soup Circles

Circles of 12 adults will be grouped together for six months. Hosts make soup and others bring potluck.

Sign up by Aug 19  /  Groups announced Aug 26  /  Your group should meet 4 or 5 times between Sept-Feb on the 2nd Saturday of the month

Each circle will decide details such as children’s participation and any dietary considerations. We’ll regroup again for Mar-Aug of 2019.

It’s a simple "fellowship over dinner" model that makes it easy to share a light meal in someone’s home (not necessarily yours!) in a manageable sized group. To sign up for this first round, email Susan Atkinson at Indicate the following:
  • Will host at my home OR 
  • prefer to share hosting duties at someone else’s home (will bring soup)
Looking forward to supping over soup and hope you are too. Let’s get together, CUCC!
 - Submitted by Susan Atkinson for Welcoming and Fellowship