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Sermon+ reflecting on sermon for November 24

For this week's Sermon+, preacher Śānti Matthews offers these photos for your contemplation.  The motto of the United Church of Christ, is Jesus’ words, "That they may all be one." No matter our challenges, our hardships, our frailties, our mistakes, our ugly thoughts, our failures, our bickering, our difficulties, our differences…. the truth is, there is always more. We are all one. On this week following the Reign of Christ Sunday, can we remember to be gentle with each other and with ourselves? Can we remember that we are together in Christ?

Here is a link to her sermon text.

Sermon+ is an occasional series in which our preachers pose a follow-up question to their sermon for your consideration.  You can join in community conversation via our Facebook page, Community United Church of Christ.  Or you can ponder on your own.