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January 30 is last day for donation & survey honoring Cally

January 30 is the final day to submit your survey or make a donation to Global Ministries in honor of Rev. Cally Rogers-Witte.

Ann Calvin Rogers-Witte, known as Cally, is the reason I joined Community United Church of Christ in 1992.  More to the point, Cally is the reason I did not give up on the institutional Church, since Cally embodied what church could be - a loving, accepting, inclusive body of Christ, in which “we are all one.”  Because of my love and admiration, plus being retired, I agreed to receive suggestions about a fitting memorial, and have received a range of suggestions.  Now I bring these ideas to you, so that you can express your thoughts and reactions.

These ideas reflect the key attributes of Cally:  Her legacy within the denomination and conference; her leadership of CUCC and the broader church, particularly in terms of social justice and global ministries; and her personal attributes of joy, love, and embodiment of Spirit.  There is clearly energy to honor all three aspects.

On Sunday, January 5 those in attendance were given a form that outlined eight ideas (printable copy of the form).  You are asked to indicate whether you like an idea (check as many as you want) and whether you would financially contribute to the cost of one or more of the ideas.  I will be tabulating the results through January and will give feedback at that point.  The next step will be to populate work groups to flesh out the most complicated ideas.  We could do all of the suggestions if we chose to do so.  Plus, if you have other suggestions, please add them to the mix!  You can send additional suggestions to me:

You will note that the last suggestion was to collect a special offering for Global Ministries, which was Cally’s passion at the United Church of Christ.  We will collect special donations through January.  Make the check out to "CUCC," with "Global Ministries" on the memo line.  Or donate online* (select "to Global Ministries honoring Cally").

Submitted by Joan McAllister

Printable version of form

Online giving to Global Ministries honoring Cally

* We seek to be transparent in our finances.  Transactions fees charged by the vendor reduce your gift by 2.9% + 30 cents.