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Challenge grant for Loaves & Fishes

Our Community Outreach Ministry co-chairs, Dawn Koonce and Charles Coble, share this opportunity with you.

Loaves and Fishes Ministry, one of the local non-profit organizations our church supports, would like to share a Valentine's Surprise – they have received a Challenge Grant of $5,000 to match new or increased giving! If you've not supported them financially within the last couple of years, or if you are able to increase your support, they will receive a matching donation from a local benefactor. They will also send a Valentine's message from a Loaves and Fishes child to your sweetie!

Donations can be made on their website or sent to PO Box 14596, Raleigh, NC 27620.  If you wish a Valentine to be sent, provide a name and address in the "Add a Note" section of the online donation form or in a note if you send a check.

Thank you from Loaves and Fishes for ALL the support you continue to provide!
If you have more questions about how CUCC is involved with Loaves and Fishes or ways you can volunteer your time and talents, talk with Dawn or Charles  Or better yet, work with them in the Community Outreach Ministry to help more CUCCers get involved.