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Welcoming Weekend to include “Meet my New Friend” Contest

Mela Lugosi
It’s practically here! Time to “make” a new friend and introduce them to us this Saturday night! Watermelons, peppers, squash, canteloupe — what’s been speaking to you lately? Since many of us have been talking to ourselves as our collective isolation drags on, here’s your chance to bring a new friend to life. Give them a name and a face. Give them personality traits that help you in some way. Do they listen to your stream of new ideas or just share silence with you? Do they help you practice what to say to someone who needs a good talking to? Do they dream of the Someday Times with you or listen to your stories of the Before Times? Introduce your new friend to your church friends. This challenge, like all those we face, only needs your imagination to get kick started. Prizes for best personality* and best looking*. (*Just like in high school, these awards are not indicative of any future successes.) Getting the whole gang together has never been so bounteous! 

Welcoming Sunday is a long held CUCC tradition helps us reconnect after summer sojourns and set our sights on the fall season of change. While sharing pot luck, watermelon and lawn games is still not available to us this fall, we will share some special fellowship time together. Three events are planned. Be together with your church family to laugh and play Sat evening September 12 on zoom (bring your “new friend”), stay after worship on Sun Sept 13 for one big fellowship moment, and drive over to the church grounds Sun between 3-5 to receive a Popsicle and blessing from Lacey and the church staff. 


Sept 12 from 6-7pm  Fun & Games 

On Zoom  (Link emailed Saturday afternoon)

"Meet my New Friend” Contest 

Scavenger Hunt 

Sept 13 after worship  Fellowship all together

On Zoom

Sept 13 between 3-5pm  Popsicle Pop Up Blessing from Pastor Lacey

Stay in your car and church staff will guide you through the Dixie Trail parking lot. The car line is on Dixie Trail facing Wade Avenue.

In these times of Exile, it’s important to take good care of ourselves and each other. Continuing with our worship traditions on zoom has kept CUCC healthy and vital. Hope to see everyone enjoying fellowship as well this coming weekend. Please contact Susan Atkinson ( with any questions. 



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