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Consider making a pledge to CUCC's Stewardship Campaign

Click this link to find all relevant information about our stewardship campaign which will help us plan for 2021, including how to make your pledge and offer your time and talents online.

CUCC's new online pledging portal
Resource Planning for 2021

Why give generously to CUCC? 
We give generously because in God’s compassion God has given so generously to us. Through our giving to CUCC we are able to support our loving community and advance the cause of social justice in Wake County and the world. As a bonus, giving well makes a person feel good, having made a contribution toward bringing the kingdom of God in this world.

All resources related to this year’s stewardship campaign are conveniently located at the Go CUCC portal

You may pledge financially via a pledge form that was mailed to you this week, or pledge using a simple form at the Go CUCC portal, where you will also find all information related to the pledge campaign. You do not need to be a member of CUCC to pledge support. 

In addition to financial support, most of us support CUCC through our time and talents as well. Volunteer to be on a ministry or committee, join the choir, teach Sunday School, come to a Bible study, or help at workdays or with socials. So please fill out the Time and Talent survey (found in the letter you received) and return it with your pledge, or fill out the survey at the Go CUCC portal.

Remember to pledge on or before Sunday, October 25, which is our Stewardship Sunday this year. If you have any questions about how to pledge, please contact Jeanne Ledbetter, our assistant treasurer, at

Your Stewardship Ministry,
Joe Retzer, Chairman, and Bill Lamb, Jeanne Ledbetter, Carol Kepler, Carol Clark, Jason Myers, Lavon Page, Paul Atkinson, Michael Cline, and Vivian Hunter