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CUCC Movie Fellowship - Spring 2019 Next Movie is "Bride Flight" - Feb. 22

CUCC Movie Fellowship - Spring 2019
Next Movie is "Bride Flight" - Feb. 22

The opening film "Kitchen Stories" shown on Jan. 11 drew 17 people from our mailing list as well as a few walk-ins following a UU event down the street. Upon polling the audience for this first film, we found that some have conflicts on 2nd Fridays. This led to the decision to depart from the initial plan to schedule movies on the 2nd Friday of each month. The upcoming film is scheduled for the 4th Friday of February.

I'm pleased to announce that the 2nd movie is "Bride Flight", scheduled for February 22.

This Dutch film (English subtitles) first circulated in the United States in 2011. The context for the film is a KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) flight from Amsterdam to Christ Church, New Zealand which took place in 1953. This flight has long been known in Dutch history as the "Bride Flight" because the passengers were largely women who were emigrating to New Zealand in order to find or rejoin a husband. The flight was one of the last great commercial airline races and lasted 37 hours. The story that comprises the movie relates the lives of 3 women who met on that flight and whose lives became permanently enmeshed.

Reviews and more info about the movie is found at the website for this fellowship movie series: