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Life & Faith topic and location for Feb. 12

Looking for an informal group of people who don't have all the answers but enjoy sharing the questions?  Drop in on Life & Faith, CUCC's monthly, "whoever shows up" gathering at local pubs and breweries.  Look for the red Life & Faith comma at our table.

February 12 Life & Faith meets at Wilson’s Eatery, the restaurant in a free-standing building which shares the parking lot with (and beers from) Lynnwood Brewing Concern. (Address:  1053 East Whitaker Mill Road).  As usual, arrive at 6:30PM to order your drinks and/or meal at the counter; conversation begins at 7:00.  There is a large parking lot, plenty of seating at Wilson's and, when I checked it out two weeks ago, we should be able to hear one another talk.

For our 2019 theme, I had requested that people send me verses, stories or passages from scripture that are speaking to your life right now - perhaps getting under your skin or inspiring you or puzzling you. Our verse of scripture this month is suggested by Marty (capitalization is hers):   "All things work together for good TO THOSE WHO LOVE THE LORD.” (part of Romans 8:28)  If you want to read the partial verse in context, try Romans 8:28-30 or even 8:26-39.  In Romans 8, Paul is trying to help the folks in Rome figure out how to think about the fact that “becoming a believer” doesn’t automatically make us perfect.  This verse is part of his reasoning.

Questions?  Contact Jane Smith, convener.