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Pastor Letter

Eastertide / Watered by Sarah Are

Every plant needs three things to grow: 
Soil, light, and water. 
I wish I could be so simple. 
I need a space to belong, and space to plant roots. 
I need stars to wonder at 
And sunsets to make me feel small. 
I need hands to hold, 
And another heartbeat to fall in rhythm with. 
I need music like I need air,
And air that smells like trees. 
I need food that tastes like home, 
And a home that feels like Sabbath. 
I need a place at the table, 
And a table to remind me of my 
Place in this world. 
So water me with the stories of Jesus.
Cover me in hope, which looks like light,
And bury me in the promise that love is stronger than death.
For with those three things, I am sure to bloom.
Maybe it is just that simple.