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Thank you, work day volunteers!

A big “thank you” to the 17 volunteers who braved a rainy day on April 13 to get the church buildings and grounds in great shape for Holy Week.  Several areas were mulched, pine straw was raked and redistributed, windows, tables and blinds were cleaned, the tool area in the  Pilgrim House basement was organized, fresh paint spruced up bathroom doors, pine cones and limbs were removed from the children’s playground, the trash enclosure was swept out and the mold washed off the walls, the church sign’s spotlights were protected from the lawnmower, and several decades of dirt was removed from the women’s restroom fan.

If you missed the work day and would like to take on a project as your time allows, please contact Property Ministry chair Merrilee Jacobson (919-274-4539).  Please mark your calendar for Saturday, June 8 when we’ll tackle the rest of our “to do” list!