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Welcoming Weekend September 12 & 13

September 12 from 6-7pm Saturday Night Zoom Fun & Games

  • Make a New Friend Contest
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Prizes!

You heard right - “Make" a New Friend out of a watermelon (like Pastor Lacey’s new friend Gertrude, or my new friend Mel) and introduce him/her/them to your church friends. The evening will be fun for all ages and stages; really anyone who wants to laugh. As our collective isolation drags into the fall, let’s get silly together. These days, the fact that we’re talking to the fruits and vegetables can be a helpful activity in our evolving mental health tool kit. Can’t wait to see your new friend and hear how they’re speaking to you. It’s only a contest because contests are fun. You do you!

September 13 10:30am Worship featuring Stories of Welcome

Stay after for a bit of fellowship fun 

September 13 between 3-5pm  Popsicle Pop Up Blessing on the grounds

Meet Pastor Lacey in the Dixie Trail parking lot. Cars will line up on Dixie Trail facing Wade Avenue (northbound) anytime between 3-5 and swing through the parking lot, receiving a blessing and popsicle through your car window. A refreshing treat for wanderers who thirst to be together again at our church home!

Meet Mel.
They have seen better days, is now in a tough spot,
but still provides sweetness occasionally.